Top 10 Creative and Unusual Bonsai Trees

Over the years of my life, I have tried to do as many different things as I could. From trying all sorts of foods from around the World to trying most sorts of sport and hobbies, I even joined a knitting class once, just to say I had tried it. Something I did try once is the art of Chinese penjing (or Bonsai as it is currently known) and I loved it! But only for a while as I got bored rather quickly because these trees are like a baby, they need constant attention and caring. But maybe I would enjoy one of these a lot more…


Top 10 Creative and Unusual Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Tree Covered in Ice
Bonsai Tree Covered in Ice

10 – Tree Flavoured Popsicle.

This amazing example of ‘botanical art’ by Makoto Azuma really is quite impressive indeed. There was this one you see above and another bonsai tree that didn’t quite make it into my top 10 that has been suspended by wires!

Bonsai Tree Turned into Miniature Art
Bonsai Tree Turned into Miniature Art

9 – Crash Test Tree

Now this is clever. What you are looking at is, in fact, a toy car! Called ‘CrashBonsai’ it is the work of an amazing John Rooney an artist that makes amazing images of car crashes with trees, but all done with toy cars and bonsai trees!

Bonsai Tree Grown Underwater
Bonsai Tree Grown Underwater

8 – The Scuba Diving Tree

It seems Makoto Azuma (from image 10) is at it again, but this time with a rather amazing underwater bonsai tree! It was made to show people the natural flow of the tree and how the air it breathes is solely down to the vines that grow into the ground rather than the leaves at the ends of the plant. Weird yes, but also kind of cool.

Bonsai Tree Made from Mirror Leafs
Bonsai Tree Made from Mirror Leafs

7 – The Tree Charger

What you are looking at above is, in fact, a solar-powered phone charger that is shaped like a bonsai tree! It was going to be mass-produced but sadly failed to get backing which is a real shame because I think it is a thing a pure beauty.

World's Smallest Bonsai Tree
World’s Smallest Bonsai Tree

6 – Tiny, tiny, tiny trees!

As if a bonsai tree wasn’t small enough, this Japanese maple tree has been described as the Worlds smallest Bonsai tree and I wouldn’t disagree with that, it’s microscopic!

Bonsai Trees Grown on Slanted Rock
Bonsai Trees Grown on Slanted Rock

5 – The Mountain View

The incredible slanting Juniper bonsai tree is inspired by a Japanese mountainside and was made by Peter Ebensperger.

Bonsai Trees Made From Wire
Bonsai Trees Made From Wire

4 – Is that tree wired?!?

These tiny bonsai trees are in fact made with copper wire and the work of the incredibly talented artist Ken To. And best of all is if you have a few hundred pounds going spare you can, in fact, buy one!

Bonsai Tree Turned into a Living World
Bonsai Tree Turned into a Living World

3 – The Worlds Smallest Tree House

You are looking at the mind-blowing work of artist Takanori Aiba because he makes these amazing bonsai ‘dioramas’  that are all made to look like tree houses that are fit for an emperor. The detail is nothing short of jaw dropping and they are well worth checking out.

Bonsai Tree Turned into Lego
Bonsai Tree Turned into Lego

2 – Bonsai trees are not toys! ..but this one on the other hand is a whole different story!

For this rather unusual bonsai tree, we welcome back Makoto Azuma (as seen in post 10&8)  because once again we are seeing what is supposed to represent how the building block of a normal bonsai tree can’t really be seen until we as close as we can be to them.

Bonsai Tree Turned into Hobbit House
Bonsai Tree Turned into Hobbit House

1 – The Lord of the Trees.

It just doesn’t get any better than this amazing bonsai tree inspired by the Lord of the Rings set design of Bilbo Baggins’ house! The little wooden picket fence just finishes it off beautifully and a real showcase of what a true Bonsai master can achieve.

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  4. The teeny tiny bonsai was my favorite, but the Hobbit hose came in a close second. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wel fair play to them, they take a lot of care, time and patience something that I had none of at the time I tried to do it. I love the sound of the 800yr old one, might have to try and find an image of it.

  6. I love bonsai trees, they’re so cool. My hubby used to tend to them as well and now my mom even has one (I think she may even have a second, not too sure). At Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens here in Cape Town, there was a bonsai exhibition recently which was really awesome. One of the trees was about 800years old! But the trees you’ve posted are something else! Great find 🙂

  7. Most of the plants I own die, even cactuses. But I’m sure the tree charger will survive. I’m sort of big on environment, green stuff and animals, so I want that thing very much. I’d probably want it anyway, though. The design mesmerises.

  8. Not a clue in the world. I’ve started to buy my own little Bonsai on numerous occasions but keep putting off. I did buy one once on eBay that was made of colored stones. Kitties liked it too much! LOL

  9. Thank you, it means a lot to share these posts with others it is like you are giving my blog a big thumbs up by being willing to share it with other people so thanks.

  10. He’s not back from the comp yet, but I will let you know what he thinks in a couple of weeks. My nephew is a Dr Who fanatic and I sent him the link to the tardis inspired furniture. He loved it!

  11. These are all quite amazing (love your comment on not being into top ten’s!) 🙂 The tree house is a favourite but I’d have to agree with you on the No.1 choice… I would love to live in a hobbit hole like Bilbo’s one, it’s excellent! 🙂

  12. I like them all but the miniature wire one is so cool. I remember one of my teachers in jr. high had us make one out of telephone wire, the old kind that had all the different colors of wire in them. (Yea, I probably dated myself!)

  13. Totally awesome! I think the tree house is my favorite. Everyone needs a tree house!

  14. Not sure I would have the patience but love to look. I love the tiny tree house. Now that I can appreciate! 🙂

  15. yeeeaaahh, right!!! I Love that movie, I watched too many times..hehehe .. you are so funny XD

  16. Amazing indeed Russell! I LOVE 1 – The Lord of the Trees.. It’s so cute! 😀
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. the worlds smallest tree house is sooo cool … wish if it was real so I can live in it lol 😀

  18. Sometimes it’s happened to me and it works if you try a different browser.
    With regards to the likes, I mean. I love the post

  19. Lord of the Ring bonsai! Great! Number 3 reminds me of the elves’ tree home, so in my mind, there are two for the Lord of the Rings! Great post, and your captions are as much fun as the pics!

  20. The tree house one is definitely my favorite. How can you say you are a nerd when you have tried so many different things. I am the nerd, one who stays home and works and doesn’t try new things. I don’t think a nerd could do a blog as beautifully and creatively as you do. Your captions alone show your great talent. 🙂

  21. Had a good chuckle at your comment number 5. Not into top tens. Great post and I must say the best we have done with a Bonsai is nearly killed it with too much water, however it’s now found a home and thrives in our one bathroom. With the correct light and water they are amazing but lots of fine work in keeping it well trimmed. Thanks for a very interesting post and I learnt a lot. Ivan

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