Top 10 Things to do With Under Stairs Spaces

Today’s post comes about because I am annoyed. The reason I am annoyed is because for the hundredth time I have bumped my head on the small space underneath the stairs trying to get my shoes for work! I seem to do it every time, but surely there is something better to do with all that empty space! After a little bit of searching, I found lots of amazing things that people have done with that annoying little gap. So here are the best of them…

Top 10 Things to do With Under Stairs Spaces

Harry Potter Style Under the Stairs Bedroom
Harry Potter Style Under the Stairs Bedroom

10 – No Movie Magic needed!

Located in the Dursley household, at 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey is “The cupboard under the stairs” and is the bedroom of Harry Potter. But the idea behind it is a sound one, and a great use of the otherwise unused space.

Office under the stairs
Office under the stairs

9 – The Business plan

If much like me you have your office space in the corner of a room, you might want to have some of your own space, so this under stairs office could well be the answer we are looking for. Well, I liked it anyway.

Book Case under the stairs
Book Case under the stairs

8 – Stair Worm

For those of us that are bookworms (like myself) why not turn that under the stairs space into a tidy looking book shelf! Not only neat and tidy, but also cool and amazing.

Wine storage under the stairs
Wine storage under the stairs

7 – The Booze hole!

For those people who like wine I give you the ultimate in wine bottle under the stairs storage. What I liked about this particular one (because there are a lot of wine racks under the stairs ideas out there) is that it was neat, tidy and can be store lots of different things.

White goods under the stairs
White goods under the stairs

6 – keep things cool!

White goods like the big fridge, washing machine and dryer are those sorts of things that don’t really fit anywhere. So why not hide them under the stairs! It looks great and is a fantastic use of the otherwise dead space.

Bathroom under the stairs
Bathroom under the stairs

5 – The spare restroom.

While I could never make it in a million years, the idea of turning the under stairs space into a bathroom is one of the best there is! But it is a fairly complicated DIY job for sure.

Aquarium under the stairs
Aquarium under the stairs

4 – Fish Stairs!

Well, it didn’t get into my post “Top 10 Unique Aquariums” but it is still a great idea for that under stairs space. shame I have no idea how to build an aquarium!

Storage idea under the stairs
Storage idea under the stairs

3 – The ultimate space saver

With the under stairs area of my own home being a sort of dumping ground for coats and shoes, this storage space not only looks amazing but also looks like the perfect idea!

Playhouse under the stairs
Playhouse under the stairs

2 – Suitable for little people.

I think I need to hide this amazing idea from my little one because I am sure he would love me to turn the under the stairs area into a play den.

Doghouse under the stairs
Doghouse under the stairs

1 –  In the dog house.

For myself there is no batter thing to do than turn that annoying gap under the stairs into a nice bit of quiet space for my dog. Not only will he like it, but I think I will enjoy making it.

134 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to do With Under Stairs Spaces”

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  7. Theses are amazing space saving ideas, the pull out show shelves are stunning and a great DIY design makeover.

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  11. I think I’ll be buying a house with a staircase just so I can have that bookshelf!!! I am almost all outta room for my books.

    And the Harry Potter reference? Nice work 🙂

  12. Hehe, I thought about Harry Potter’s cupboard when reading the title! And then it comes as number 10, so funny! I liked the bookshelves idea, play house and dog house most!

  13. It is definitely cool on our hot days – I have been known to sleep there when I am too hot upstairs. The stairway is very plain, I love the staircases on your post.

  14. This is a great post. Under my stairs to the second floor are my basement stairs. I do have a nice pantry under my basement stairs however. I love the idea of the desk, I think it would be so cool to be in a central location yet have your own space. My huge desk is in my living room. I also like the bookshelves and the storage bins. Almost makes me wish I had an under the stairs I could utilize. This post made my week. Thanks 🙂

  15. I love these ideas, now if I just had a cool stairway. I have basement stairs filled with spiders and I have no idea what else – it goes into the closet in the bedroom down there. So not practical or possible. Shoot!!!

  16. Aaaaah! This is timely. I’ve been pondering what to do with the deadspace under the stairs in my entry way since we moved in a year ago. Sending this to my hubby.

  17. #6 – While in theory, this is pretty sweet, in practice… do you really want to lug your dirty/clean dishes from your kitchen to your stairs, and the food to and from the fridge?

    #5- A friend of mine actually has this in her home, and it’s really awesome (except the light is always broken!). They’ve painted the walls to look like a stone wall around a garden… it’s awesome, you feel like you’re in a secret little space. Makes you feel like a kid again. I have another friend with a bathroom here too, and don’t ask me how, but it’s HUGE!

    #3- I call winner here. I *need* more cubby-holes, and this is stellar!

  18. The shower was right under the stairs, and the tiny sink and toilet were next to that. Talk about cramped!

  19. If I had a staircase, I would totally turn the space below it into a bathroom. I loved all of the rest of them too.

  20. The office and bathroom, while awesome ideas, would still have the issue of banging the noggin I would have thought. Love them all. Especially the cupboard space. No room for a traditional hall cupboard, but you have stairs… Love them all otherwise 🙂 I want a house full of stairs now to utilise them. How many sets would be classed as too much.

  21. Reblogged this on kayukblog and commented: I love every one of these incredibly innovative and space-saving ideas, but I’m particularly partial to the office, book shelves, and the storage system. What great ideas!

  22. Currently looking for a new house. I’ll just have to make sure it has stairs, LOL! Would love to try out the office or the library.

  23. Excellent post, one of the great ideas we can use for space of lack of. I think that aquarium may be simpler than you think. Read your prior comment. It’s just tricky to clean it I think. All of them are excellent. Ivan

  24. Interestingly enough, I knew someone who rented a basement apartment that actually did have a bathroom under the stairs!

  25. oh no. If there are other piglets running around the Hotel Thompson, I won’t be the only piglet which means less loving on my part. Make sense to you? Snorts. I don’t think I have enough mommy to share with other piggies. I’m jealous like that 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  26. Awww well thank you very much! I will try to brighten your day more often. 🙂 As you always brighten mine.

  27. These are so cool!! If this little piggy didn’t have an entire room already to himself, I would certainly want a room under the stairs 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  28. I did have, but no more as I moved this past may. Wish I would have seen this when I lived at the other house! Nice to be heard from too. 😉

  29. Yeah but I would love not to have stairs, the truth is with under stair spaces that nothing fits, and nothing ever looks good. These are good ideas, but way beyond my DIY skills.

  30. Now this is some seriously cool ideas! I love the office space and storage. As for the #1 for me is the dog house. That is so clever! Thanks Russell. 🙂

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