Top 10 Images of Animals Getting Married
Some people treat their pets like they are their human children. I always remember my dad calling these type of people DINKS (Dual Income, No Kids) but that is not politically correct, nowadays these people are just eccentric, playful, slightly odd. But the art of pet marriage still goes on! Yes, people really do marry their pets to other people’s pets, sort of like an arranged marriage. Why? Because everyone loves a good wedding, no matter what species you are… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Today I have been to a wedding of a close friend. But not in a Church, and it wasn’t a registry office wedding! No, this was in his back garden. I am no expert on the costs of decent wedding venues, but surely there are better places to get married than your own back garden and it was not like he had a big garden to accommodate us all. If I was in charge of the venue I would definitely have picked one of these… Custom Search
Top 10 Nerdy, Creative and Unusual Ring Boxes
When it comes to that special day that you propose to your loved one nothing should be overlooked. But for us men often forget that women can “pop” the question as well! Traditionally it’s on the twenty-ninth of February (a leap year), but I think it’s becoming more popular for women to bite the bullet and ask anytime they like. But what sort of box should people (men and women) present the rings in? Well, if you are proposing to a nerd like me, one of these would go down rather nicely…. Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Today guest post if from Emma: Greetings all – my name is Emma and I blog about all things bridal at (though to be honest, my interpretation of what counts as bridal is pretty fluid…) Anyway, I heard a story at the weekend which got me thinking – what’s the best top 10 Bridezilla behaviors? Let’s start with my story. Custom Search