Top 10 Images of Cats Avoiding The Rain
Once again it has started to pour down with rain, (as it does quite often here) and while I was looking out the window I saw a cat run very fast for shelter to avoid the impending downpour. But I felt kind of sorry for it after all cats hate water, so obviously hate the rain, in fact, they will do anything to avoid it… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Dogs in The Wind
As a young child, you never see the danger in doing certain things. When I was a small boy I loved travelling via train and whenever there was a pull down window in the door of the train I would stand there leaning out of the train window enjoying the views before me and the wind hitting my face and it seems that dogs feel exactly the same way… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Images of Cats in The Snow
It’s Winter time and for many people and that often means snow (not us here in the UK though). If you have ever seen a cat playing in the snow, you will know that they can look very funny indeed. Some try to hunt, some just try to walk in it and some even avoid it at all costs. So let’s turn those winter blues upside down and bring you something to make you smile… Custom Search