Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
The title of this post might be a little deceiving. You see these are not 10 games that were made but got cancelled or scraped, these games never existed! All these Nintendo 64 games you are about to see are made by fan, and are the games they would have loved to have seen. So let’s get a little bit retro as we take a look at… Custom Search
Top 10 Video Game Themed Cars
Not so much these days, but I used to love playing videogames. The excitement, thrill of a new shoot-em-up or fighting game would always filly me with happiness. I think the furthest I ever went with a video game was to put up a wall full of Zelda posters, but some people make whole cars in the style of their favourite games… Custom Search
Top 10 Super Mario Party Food Ideas and Recipes
Both me and my little boy as massive fans of the Italian plumber in red (and often his brother as well.) so it comes as no surprise to me that my little one is looking forward to having some Super Mario Themed party foods at his birthday party. But what to have, what to make?!? Well I thought I would make this post while trying to find out. Custom Search
Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Tetris Gift Ideas
If it wasn’t for Alexey Pajitnov my childhood might have been very different indeed because he is the creator of Tetris! But sadly I had one small problem: I was never very good at it! All my friends were, and their friends! But not me, I was always more of a Mario fan. But when it comes to seeing Tetris inspired products I always go glassy-eyed and full of nostalgia, so with that in mind I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Examples of Video Game Street Art
Over the months of doing these art themed posts, we have seen some amazing things. From things made with recycled CD’s to some incredible crop art. But as I look back on them all I start to see a pattern forming, almost all styles of art have at some point been inspired by Video games! So with that in mind I think we need to take a look at some amazing art that is directly inspired by Videogames and see if it is just as good… Custom Search
Top 10 Novelty and Unusual Pac-Man Gift Ideas
Is it wrong to love your own blog posts? Well, I do, and now and again reading them back to myself before launching them motivates me into yet another top 10 in another direction! Today’s top 10 come about because I really enjoyed the Pac-Man lolly in the post “Top 10 Most Amazing Lollipops“, I wondered what the best things inspired by Pac-Man himself I could find, and what I found is well worth a look… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas
Having been a child in the 80’s means that I got to play some of the very first Videogames that ALL others are made from. Pacman, Super Mario and, of course, Space Invaders. The number of hours I spent in the arcade playing it, and shoving 10p coins down its mouth makes me wonder how I ever got any education whatsoever! But I did and I am very happy and grateful for the time spent playing those classic video games, the education I received and life path Atari helped me to discover. I have been so inspired in fact by the nostalgia I am feeling by the memories of those times that I thought I would bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Lakitu: Super Mario Gift Ideas
Here is a comment that will start a nerd fight…”I think super Mario would have been a no-one without Lakitu! Yep, that cute, fluffy cloud that follows him around should get a lot of the credit for making Mario look so good! After all Super Mario 64 only looked as good as the camera angle. So maybe we so take 5 mins to show some respect for Videogames only well-known cameraman as we take a look at…. Custom Search
Top 10 Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Gift Ideas
I think that when it comes to the Triforce Ganondorf said it best: “It can only be called fate… That here, I would again gather the three with the crests… That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder. When power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down… The power of the gods… The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!” So I suggest you get your wishes in order because without further ado I bring you some of the best Triforce gift ideas money can buy… Custom Search
Top 10 Portal 2 Companion Cube Gift ideas
Wiki says that Portal is a 2007 single-player first-person puzzle-platform video game developed by Valve Corporation. The game was released in a bundle package called The Orange Box for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 on October 9, 2007 but a standalone version called Portal: Still Alive was released on the Xbox Live and then on-wards and up-wards to the popular levels the videogame now enjoys off its own name. And with fame comes people want to make things inspired by what they love. So anyway without further ado I bring you… Custom Search