Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
I hold my hands up here, I am not a fan of motorbikes at all, I just find them too loud, too scary and overall just dangerous in every way! But maybe I am judging a book by its cover after all these days motorbikes are very safe and the safety laws you have to follow to ride them are second to none! Maybe it is just the look of these powerful bikes that I don’t like, maybe if they were a bit nerdier I would find them more amazing… Custom Search
Top 10 Strange and Unusual Golf carts
Golf is not one of those sports I have had the pleasure of playing. Despite having many different golf courses that are local to me, I have just not had any want or will to play it. But that was before I heard about the joys of “Golf Carts” You see I just didn’t fancy lugging all those gold clubs around in that heavy-looking back and can’t afford to hire my own caddy. But I might well be encouraged to join a local club if I get to drive around the course in one of these bad boys… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Volkswagen Beetles in Gardens
The first ever film I went to see in the Cinema was “Herbie Goes Bananas” way back in 1980 (yes, I really am that old and I was 5 when I watched that!) Anyway my point is that I understand some people’s fondness over their VW Beetles. Some people still drive them, some still race them and there are even people who see them as a perfect garden ornament. I intend to find out whether placing a Volkswagen beetle in the garden is madness or something that is in fact rather beautiful, as I bring you…. Custom Search
Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Limousines
It is time for that “big event” and whether it’s a dance, prom, birthday party, wedding or just a big night out there is nothing like adding just a little touch of luxury and hiring a limousine to make it that extra bit special. But why settle for “The Norm” when these  are available to hire… Custom Search
Top 10 Nerdy, Amazing and Unusual Scooters
The motorised scooter has come a long way since it days of the Mod gang and general Quadrophenia inspired shenanigans. But its age is a lot older than that, in fact when it comes to the Vespas it was originally manufactured in 1946 in Italy and believe it or not still is! But this is not all about them, this is about the classic modified scooters from various manufacturers, because it is these ones that the fans modify the most… Custom Search