Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Guitars
If there is something I would love to learn it is how to play the guitar. Bass, Acoustic, Electric, I don’t care what one I learn as long as I do. But obviously I want to be like a rock god and learn the electric guitar! But with so many cool designs to choose from which one should I go for? Well, I am a nerd after all, so one of these will be the right choice for me…
Top 10 Images of Cats Playing Musical Instruments
It seems that there just isn’t anything that cats can’t do! With the power of the internet, I have seen cats flying, cats doing the washing and even cats talking! But of course, those are all fakes and cats don’t really have those skills.But this blog is all about cats being caught on camera playing a music instrument! There and no “Photoshop”, video edited fakes here, just good timing from the photographer and some very playful cats. So without further ado it is time to find out if we can find enough musical cats to form a band….