Top 10 Animal Themed Pumpkins (Halloween Special)
It is Wednesday, time for an animal post, and it is Halloween week. Let us be honest here, the possibilities are endless! But in the end, I decided to go for animal themed pumpkins. Why you may ask!? Because I suck at carving pumpkins, I can’t do it, they never look as good as everyone else’s, so what I need is some top 10 pumpkin ideas that are easy to make, with little or no carving at all. OK, some of these need a lot, but here it is anyway… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Pumpkin Sculptures (Halloween Special)
It is Tuesday, Halloween week and I needed to come up with an art themed top 10. Now here is my problem, I could do top 10 pumpkins post that would consist of images most you have seen a thousand times before, or I can risk posting something more unusual. Let us hope this was worth the risk… Custom Search
Top 10 Gift Ideas For an Axe Murderer (Halloween Special)
With Halloween coming thick and fast, maybe it is the time we think about decorating the halls with some scary products. The problem I have is that spiders, ghosts and skeletons are all very well, but not really that scary. Now an axe, on the other hand, is something to fear! So ditch the ghouls and goblins, and get some of these instead… Custom Search