Top 10 Creepy Halloween String Lights
While we don’t really go over the top to celebrate Halloween here in the UK more and more people are making a bit of an effort. Just last year I saw several homes hanging scary themed string lights, so I thought I would get some of my own… Custom Search
Top 10 Funniest Cats Dressed as Pumpkins
Halloween might now be a distant memory for most of us. The kids are still shaking from their sugar comas, the pumpkin is starting to rot on the porch and the Halloween costume is already hung up for another year. So it is that time of the year when you have to put those embarrassing consume pictures online, and cats everywhere are doing exactly the same thing… Custom Search
Top 10 Recipes for Healthy Halloween Treats
Halloween is sadly not a time of year to be talking about healthy treats and diets. But if you are looking to stop kids knocking on your door offer them fruit rather than sweets! But for those of us that are having our own Halloween parties, these might just go down a treat rather than a trick… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Designs for Pumpkin Planters
Who says you have to put a light inside a pumpkin to make it look cool. Some of the best pumpkin designs I have ever seen have been simple painting or non-light carvings. So this post is about something else that a growing trend of people are doing. These are just 10 of the very best… Custom Search
Top 10 Animals in Pumpkins
About this time last year I was looking at “Animal Themed Pumpkins” but when I do a Wednesday animal post I think most people expect some real animals rather than ones make of pumpkins. So what about some cute and scary animals that are actually inside the pumpkins! Can I really find 10 different animals that are inside them? Well lets find out… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Light Painted Skeletons
All of the amazing neon skeletons you are about to see are all painted with an LED light and a camera with super long exposure. No photoshop, no after effects just a real photo taken over several minuets. There are lots of different artists who make these types of images but I have done my very best to credit them to the correct artist… Custom Search
Top 10 Scary Halloween Ice Cube Trays
If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party this year it is those all important drinks that will make or break a party. Having the right drinks is all well and fine, but what about the ice-cubes? What’s that!? You have gone for the normal cube style ones! Well shame on you, because there are all these amazing ice-cube trays to choose from… Custom Search
Top 10 Awkward Family Halloween Photos
With next week being Halloween themed posts I think it is the perfect Sunday guest post to have. I am of course talking about┬á “The World’s Top 10 Awkward Family Halloween Photos” and it sure puts the emphasis on awkward. So click on that link and get reading! Custom Search
Top 10 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Pumpkins (Halloween Special)
Today is Halloween! (Otherwise known as All Hallows’Eve) and it was an easy choice on what to post today. The pumpkins are carved, candles lit and the kids are trying to put themselves into a sugar coma. But what I will be trying to answer today is this: What are the best things you can do with a pumpkin after Halloween?!? Well, check these ideas out… Custom Search