Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Refrigerators
Have you ever wondered why most major kitchen utilities only come in white? Well in this top 10 I am looking more at the fridges and refrigerators of this World. They are often big white things that take up far too much room, look intrusive, but are essential to any kitchen environment. But it seems that they only come in a rather boring range of colours that could never match the décor of the kitchen! Well, times are changing as I show you… Custom Search
Top 10 Creative and Unusual Bunk Beds
For me, the excitement of seeing my first ever bunk bed was a joyous moment. Maybe it is because I grew up a single child and never got to see one, or maybe I just really do find bunk beds a lot of fun. But today I wanted to try to find out just what is the very best of these types of beds so I thought I would bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Sofas
Is it wrong to hate sofas? Sure they are comfortable and after a few years you get your own little “bum grove” in them that fits as snug as a bug in a rug. But there are just too many downsides for me. One of the main things is that they eat things! Remote controls, food crumbs, toys and enough loose change to be able to buy all those things that it ate in the first place!  And another is that when you change your decor in the living room suddenly your sofa looks out-of-place and completely random! So I was thinking that the next time I buy a sofa I will get one that is already completely random and stands out in the first place… Custom Search
Top 10 Of The Worlds Most Amazing and Unusual Aquariums
I am one of those people who can sit down and watch a fish tank/aquarium for hours on end. The countless hours inside Sea-Life centres looking at all the amazing sea life just swimming around and going about their daily lives. But what brings us here today is a very special breed of people who love watching fish far, far more than me. So much in fact that they have decided to incorporate aquariums in the most unusual places I ever thought I would see. It brings me great pleasure to bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 DIY Pallet Tables
This blog post all started last summer when my neighbour came round to my house to ask if he could have an old wooden pallet I had in the back garden (used to deliver some concrete the year before) of course I said “yes, please do take it!” For me it was just a piece of rotting wood in the back garden, but to him it seems it was a coffee table that he made using the pallet! And while I don’t have any pictures of my neighbours I have decided to bring you… Custom Search