Top 10 Strange and Unusual Ways to Fill a Hole
What I loved about my post “Top 10 Lego Wall Repairs” is that replacing house bricks with Lego ones kind of made sense! Concrete bricks, Lego bricks it is all roughly the same shape. Call it art, call it crazy, call it whatever you like, but filling a hole with something other than what it should be is fun… Custom Search
Top 10 Images showing the Height of Laziness
We can all be a little lazy now and again because sometimes it is nice to be so. There is nothing quite like a lazy Sunday lay in to make you feel you are winning in life. But this post is all about the people who have gone too far, have been far too relaxed and complacent, these people need a kick up the rear because they are 10 of the laziest people on earth… Custom Search
Top 10 Things no Person With a OCD Should see
My poor neighbour has what is commonly known as a OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and their garden is a great showcase of it. Every colour together, Every ornament has 2 of each and nor more or no less. But this post is inspired by the fact that he gets upset about the floor tiles in our local shop. You see one of them is yellow and all the rest are black! Don’t worry, he does see the funny side of it and it is that side I which to show you all today. Not so much making fun of OCD, more sharing the anger… Custom Search
Top 10 DIY Disasters and Lazy Life Hacks
“how much?!?” That is normally the response people react with when told the price it will cost them for a genuine replacement part for their item. Be it a car, phone, house, boat, whatever, people will go to extreme lengths to find a cheaper alternative. So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search