The Top 10 Most Common Elements in the Entire Known Universe
While most people will know that hydrogen makes up around 75% of the entire universe, what you might not know is some of these other common elements that are still essential life and each one has it’s own vital role to play in our us humans, animals, plants, planet Earth and even the universe itself is shaped… Custom Search
The Top 10 Largest Bodies in Our Solar System
You might think it is pretty simple to work out the ten largest bodies in our solar system, but due to planets not being totally spherical it is harder than you think to work out their maximum diameter, so one or two from this list might well surprise you… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Rhubarb Recipes and Ideas
When it comes to puddings nothing brings waves of nostalgia more than a nice hot bowl of Rhubarb and Custard. The very thought of it makes my mouth drool and happy memories of free school dinners. But as you will read in the facts below the Rhubarb plant is a very complicated plant and you really need to know not only how to cool it, but what part to cook. Well for this post I am going to presume that you already know, and so we can now get on with the tasty recipes… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Cats Dressed as Food
Some of the earliest evidence shows that our pre-human ancestors were eating meat as early as 1.5 million years ago! So is eating meat so bad? Am I hypocritical if I tell you I love eating meat (cows, chickens, sheep) but sickened at the thought of eat dog or cat!? Well maybe I am, but for me a cat is a pet no matter what it looks like… Custom Search
Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
It is sometimes harder to make these top 10’s than you might think, not only do I have to find something to add to them all, but I also have to find the images and make as sure as I can that I am allowed to use the images! The other month I did the post “Top 10 Animals Dressed as Spider-Man” and it was a bit of a fail, some were clearly fake, some statues and others just not funny at all. But I intend to make up for it by bringing you… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Miniature Sculptures
They can take an average of eight weeks to complete, the average size is just 0.005mm each and it is both mentally and physically challenging to make them because the artist has to control his nervous system and breathing to ensure he does not make even the tiniest movement. This is the World of miniature sculptures, art so small it fits into the head of needle, and the master of them is Willard Wigan Custom Search
Top 10 Animals Dressed Like Superman
MY dog is nothing more than a pet to me. Sure I love him and treat him as a member of the family, but he is just a pet. To some, their pets / animals are so much more. Charities like don’t just show people how loving animals can be, but use them as doctors, therapist and treatments! These are the Super Animals, ready and willing to save people who are ill or in trouble, people who need them the most… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Cats and Dragons
All over Wales today people will be celebrating Saint David’s Day (Welsh: Dydd Gŵyl Dewi), and while I do understand that most people will not, and indeed even heard of it I would like to try and bring you something related to it. So today I have decided to bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Mermaid Cats
Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat!” well maybe there is some truth in it. I eat everything and anything and I get on with everyone and anyone! My dog eats meat making him a hunting animal, sadly he only hunts the postman. So does that make cats half fish? Like a furry mermaid?!? Let’s find out… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Dogs Wearing Monocles
In posts gone by we have seen that dogs look rather silly in funny glasses in “Top 10 Dogs Wearing Silly Glasses” but I think it is time to show you that dogs are not always silly, some even have jobs, a social life and they even get to go on holidays, and some are just far too debonair for words! So today we are taking a look at the finer dogs in life… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Cosplay Superhero Cats
Are you in trouble? Being held captive by an evil overlord? Maybe you have overheard someone explaining a plan to overtake the World! Well, don’t worry because cats are here! But there are not your normal house-bound kitty cats, these are the special ones, the choose ones, the ones that have super powers! Without further delay, I bring you… Custom Search