Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Painted Eggs
When I was little I can remember that I hated Easter. But not because my family couldn’t afford chocolate eggs because although we couldn’t we always got some off neighbours and relatives that were better off. No, I hated it because it was that time of year I was forced by the school art teacher into painting an Easter inspired egg! News Flash!!! I have no art skill at all! Not one bit. My eggs would always be the class laughing-stock. But looking back it seems I just needed to be a bit more of a nerd! Then maybe I might have been able to pull off one of these bad boys… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual Novelty Egg Cups
My mum always had some funny names for certain things (don’t all mums!) and one that will stick with me forever is “boiled egg with toast fingers” that my mum always called “puppy egg and soldiers” (I have no idea why) and so every year on Easter Sunday that is what we would have to eat. But now I am a lot older and in need of a lot more stimulation in life, so I have decided to get myself a brand new egg cup for Easter, but sadly for me it seems to be a lot harder than I thought, especially as have┬áthis lot to choose from… Custom Search