Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Gift Wrapping Paper
I will never, ever forget my little boys first Christmas for a couple of reasons. The first was because he is my only child, it was a magical time for both him and myself, the 2nd reason is because he paid more attention to the wrapping paper than the actual present under it! So maybe this year I should try to get the best wrapping paper I can… Custom Search
Top 10 Funniest Images of Gift Wrapped Cats
Let’s face it, the internet is cat crazy! Over this first year of my blog, we have seen them dressed as Sushi, painted, boxed and generally treated rather badly for our own amusement. Sadly for our feline friends Christmas time is not that much different because today we are taking a little peek into the crazy trend of cat wrapping… Custom Search
Top 10 Recipes and Designs for Christmas Cupcakes
Christmas if not a time of year to be thinking about what you are eating. From the turkey, puddings, drinks and all the sweets there is to eat it can be next to impossible to resist it. So I say let the festive food commence and I thought we would start with these… Custom Search
Top 10 Easy to Guess Christmas Presents
If there is one thing I am not very good at it is wrapping presents. How on earth are you supposed to wrap up a bottle without making it look like it is nothing more than a bottle? And don’t even start me on the stupid shapes some of my little boy’s toys come in, utterly ridiculous. Well here is the truth as I see it, it is pointless wrapping some things… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Animals in Santa Hats
It is that time of year when everyone walks around with a face like a fish has been slapped on it, and of course ┬ápeople start to wear Santa hats everywhere. I have nothing against people wearing them, but if you do like wearing one then please cheer up! Don’t play the “bah humbug” card, put that frown upside down and enjoy wearing it! It seems animals are much the same when they wear one… Custom Search
Top 10 Unconventional and Unusual Christmas Trees
Some people have real ones, some have plastic ones and some people (like myself) even have fakes ones with built-in lights! I am of course talking about Christmas trees! We all think out own trees are works of art, but some people like to make a nice festive tree out of anything they can find, so I would like to show you… Custom Search
Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Christmas Lights
Day 2 of December and I have already got most my presents that I am going to give out, and even started to think about putting up the Christmas tree! But first I need to have a think about that I will be hanging on the tree and in the small garden display I like to put up. So to get some ideas and slip into the Christmas mood we need to start with the bare Christmas essentials… Custom Search
Top 10 Christmas Themed Hairstyles
At Christmas time, some people do seem to go a little bit mad. From decorating their whole house to shopping for half the world. And there are also some people who love to have Christmas or holiday themed hairstyles, so what we have here is just 10 of the very best festive dramatic hairstyles you will ever see… Custom Search