Top 10 Amazing Dog Sculptures
These amazing sculptures are all made from various things. Chains, keys even mechanical gears! Made from various artists I have done my best to name the person who deserves the credit and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do… Custom Search
Top 10 Scary Works of Art by Shi Jinsong
There is a dark side to artist Shi Jinsong. For all his talents he turns soft, safe things like children’s play toys, buggies and beds into the darkest of art forms featuring hard metal and dangerous spikes. But strangely there is also something beautiful about them… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Pictures Of Exploding Food
Using little more than a high-speed air rifle & high-speed shutter camera professional photographer Alan Sailer creates some of the most amazing images of food that seems to be exploding. These images you are about to see were captured in one-millionth of a second… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Lifelike Animal Rock Art
Paining pebbles and rocks to look like animals can be fun for the whole family. But some of the worlds more talented artists have been doing the same and creating the most lifelike looking animals that are nothing more than rocks and pebbles… Custom Search
Top 10 Sickening Examples of Intolerable Beauty
This photo series by professional photographer Chris Jordan is called “Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption” and is all about the dumps and piles of our mass consumption. Capturing the pure magnitude of our consumerism and its impact on our environment is what this is all about and the photos that show it really are an intolerable beauty… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Examples of 3D Art in Lifts (Elevators)
When it comes to people’s fear of elevators (we call them lifts here in the UK) it is not so much the lift its self, more what is beneath the lift. Well, what if they had something more interesting to look at? “Top floor please” as we ride the lifts to see what some artists have been terrorising people with… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Examples of Fuel Tank Art
They are often ugly, boring coloured things that blight the landscape of gardens and fields everywhere. But some people have been trying to make the world a more colourful place and adding a touch of colour to them. I am talking about fuel tanks, and some of them look beautiful… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Examples of Rock Balancing Art
It was the Summer of 2008 when Michael Grab started to experiment with rock balancing. After doing just a few, he noticed the unique effect his creations had on both himself and others who saw them. So stand by for a sense of magic and peace as we push the boundaries of what is possible but looks impossible… Custom Search
Top 10 Fake Islands of Solitude (Digital Art)
One of the main things people do with photoshop is to make an original photo better. Be it a model with flawed skin, or maybe the lighting is all wrong. So when you take a photo of a rock and stick a house or build on top of it the results look even better than real life… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Tiny Street Art by Slinkachu
I’m not really sure why I find smaller art so fascinating. Maybe it is the time and dedication that people have to make it, or the fact that you could walk right past it and never notice it, or maybe I imagine it being made by little people… Custom Search
Top 10 Slow Moving, Creative Graffiti snails
While it is not hard to catch a snail and paint on it, there is some skill to getting detail onto their shells. All these works of art are totally real and done using non-toxic paint so it is harmless for the snails. And some are painted for a very good reason indeed… Custom Search