Top 10 Most Expensive Casinos Ever Built
We all know that casinos can bring an awful lot of money to their owners, but did you know that some of them cost a fortune to build? Well, you do now and here are the ten most expensive casino buildings every built so far… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Car Parks
Can you judge a city or town on the quality of its car parks? That might sound like a weird thing to say, but what if that car park was made from award winning architecture… Custom Search
Top 10 Colourful Bolivian Mansions (Cholets)
There is an architectural phenomenon growing in Bolivia that is well worth seeing. These luxury mansions are called, “cholets” and in a city of poorer buildings of brick and concrete they are a welcome sight for sore eyes… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Examples of Brutalist Architecture
Most buildings that are Brutalist in style were made in the 70’s. This gray, raw concrete effect is not for everyone’s tastes, but I believe there are some amazing buildings to see that capture the style in a beautiful way… Custom Search
Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats
All over the world there are lots of animal shaped buildings (like these ones in my post: Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Animals) but I thought it might be fun to look at buildings that are only built to look like cats! This isn’t Caturday, it is build-like-a-cat-day… Custom Search
Top 10 Homes Built From Recycled Materials
As I get older I have noticed myself becoming more and more eco-aware. From making sure I recycle properly to making sure I don’t over-heat my home. While I really do love the look of the ten houses and buildings you are about to see, I am not about to start making my own. But I thought it would be fun to look at them anyway… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Upside Down Buildings
Over the weeks and months of doing this blog, we have all seen some rather odd, but also rather cool thing, places and animals. But in truth it is not that hard to find those sorts of things because, in this crazy upside down world, there is crazy upside down things! Before this opening, text starts to sound more like a Lewis Carroll novel I had better get it started… Custom Search
Top 10 Narrowest, Thinnest And Super Skinny Buildings
I am not a rich person, but I am a happy one. I have a great family and a roof over my head, for me that is more than I could have asked for. But one day I hope to buy my own house! One that I can call my own, one that is my very own piece of land! Given that I am rather tall maybe I should have own one of these houses… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Buildings That Look Like Animals
People ask me how I come up with these seemingly random top 10’s each and every day. Well, the truth is that it can often be easier than you think. You see the other day I did a post called “Top 10 Best Buildings With Faces” and one of the most popular images was my number 1 choice, the house that looked like a dogs face. So I got wondering how many other buildings and homes wherein the shape of animals! (see I told you it was easy) So without further ado I bring you a post inspired by all of you reading this… Custom Search
Top 10 Funny and Unusual Buildings With Faces
We all like to think that (be it good or bad) our homes have a lot of personalities. If buildings could talk I am sure that most of them would be very loving towards their owners or renters. But that is just silly talk because homes don’t have mouths, flats can’t show emotions and bungalows can’t smile! But yet, some of them do… Top 10 Funny and Unusual Buildings With Faces BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Best Quotes About a Happy Home .. 10 – “What do you mean I look like Boris Johnson?!?” Zig Ziglar once said: ”People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace.” 9 – “Sssssoooo…..moving into me eh?!?” Helen Rowland once said: …
Top 10 Images of Houses Covered in Something
For me, it is what is inside a house that makes it special. My own family home is fairly small and it looks like every other house on my street, but the things inside both me and my partner picked, designed, in fact, the whole inside of the house has the look and feel of our own personalities. But more and more people have started to express themselves by covering the outside of their houses with something. Wall vines, paint and whatever else you can think of that helps them be just as expressive as the inside. Here are just some of the best ideas… Custom Search