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Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Top 10 Best St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and all across the world (But mostly Ireland) people will be celebrating by drinking Guinness and drinking the night away. But as well as all that going on there will be a lot of people who will be having St. Patrick’s day parties! So what better thing to have at a party than cupcakes…

Top 10 Best St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes


Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Irish Whiskey Chocolate Cupcakes

10 –Irish Whiskey Chocolate Cupcakes? Oh, go on then why don’t ya!

You just know that these St Patrick’s Day inspired Cupcakes are going to taste divine and the best bit is there is a step-by-step guide on how to make them in the image link.

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes

9 – Touch the Cupcake Rainbow

These just look amazing, but it has to be said that they are in fact rather simple to make! Perfect for the little ones while the adults might well enjoy a nibble on them as well.

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheese Frosting

8 – Black Gold!

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with some cupcake made with real Guinness! But I have not how they would taste but I would imagine it would not be bad at all. Fancy making some? Well click on the image link now and get making! Then come back here and tell me how they taste.

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Grasshopper Mint Cupcakes

7 – Minted to the Max

It doesn’t necessarily have to have booze or rainbows in it to still be the perfect Cupcake for St Patrick’s day, these “Grasshopper Mint Cupcakes” might just be the perfect answer for those that don’t like Rainbows or alcohol! While there is a step-by-step guide to making them in the image link I will say that the baking skill level is still quite high.

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Irish Coffee Cupcakes

6 – Settle down for a nice warm Irish Coffee

How many Cupcakes does it take to be over the alcohol limit? Well, if you are talking these ones then not a lot. But if you fancy trying to find out then just follow the simple recipe in the image link (UPDATE: this has sadly been removed), but I wouldn’t pass them around at work or to the little ones.

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Shamrock Cupcakes

5 – I say balls to cupcakes!!! …Well, Marbles anyway.

The best bit about these is how you make an actual Shamrock shaped cupcakes! No special mould needed just round cakes tins and a few Marbles! Just check out the first class making guide and recipe by clicking on the image

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Fondant Shamrock Cupcakes

4 – The lucky Shamrock

You just don’t need to make anything complicated to make an amazing St Patrick’s Day cupcake, these are just normal  chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream top and a fondant shamrock to finish it off! Simple but looks amazing.

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Lucky Charms Cupcakes

3 – All the luck of my charms

These amazing “Lucky Charms” cupcakes are simply perfect for St Patrick’s Day and not that hard to make! So stop reading and get clicking on the image link!

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Bottoms Up! Irish Cream Hot Fudge Cupcakes

2 – Down the Hatch!

You just know that these bad boys are not family friendly to eat but for all the mums and dads that are celebrating St Patrick’s day these just might well make things very jolly indeed and rather quickly, so get clicking on the image link and knock a batch up!

Top 10 Best St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes

1 – Some….where…over the..NOM!

You can say what you like about how these don’t really capture the true spirit of St Patricks day and it is just Stereotyping  but it looks nothing short of perfect and most probably tastes much the same way, add to that the easy to follow step-by-step guide in the image link is one of the best I have seen! The perfect St Patrick’s Day Cupcake in my opinion.


  1. Dieter Covey says:

    I have never seen so many Irish stereotypes in one post!

  2. Baking requires you be precise and when I cook it’s a little of this, a dash of that; so I’m a bit put off baking for that reason.
    When highly motivated, I CAN bake, as long as it is not too complicated.

  3. Bailey’s eh! There should be a law to prevent such amazing cupcakes ever being made.

  4. Mariajose says:

    The Bailey’s one & the lucky charms one look delish! yum yum. :p

  5. You have a first class blog that is well worth following, so no problem and thank you so much for visiting mine.

  6. Love this! What a cool blog idea you have. Thanks for stopping by WellGirl!

  7. Look at the source link on number 5 and you will get it. But oh yes the Irish Cream would go down quite nicely.

  8. I don’t get the shamrock cupcake (5), but apart from that all of them look really cool, plus I would totally love the one with the Irish cream!

  9. “end of a long rain storm” That is a mega idea! good to hear you enjoyed it as well.

  10. Why not try and make your own? Or are you like me now baking skills at all.

  11. Lesley Buse says:

    Typically I don’t care for rainbow colored food, (when the body finishes with it…well you get my point) but the rainbow inspired cupcake is fandamntastic! And my feeling is why wait for a dead saint’s birthday to give it a try. I can tell my kiddos i made them to celebrate the end of a long rain storm, to eat while watching The Wizard of Oz, or while we wait to hear who won the latest Powerball jackpot! It’s early and I may be over thinking this! But loved this top ten!

  12. And then there’s the blasted shipping charges. No worries, I got through the crisis by eating toast with blueberry jam. :-)

  13. That’s OK you took the time to read it and I really appreciate that so THANK YOU.

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