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Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Having been a child in the 80’s means that I got to play some of the very first Videogames that ALL others are made from. Pacman, Super Mario and of course Space Invaders. The amount of hours I spent in the arcade playing it, and shoving 10p coins down it’s mouth makes me wonder how I ever got any education whatsoever! But I did and I am very happy and grateful for the time spent playing those classic videogames, the eduction I received and life path Atari helped me to discover. I have been so inspired in-fact by the nostalgia I am feeling by the memories of those times that I thought I would bring you..

The World’s Top 10 Best Space Invaders Gift Ideas


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Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders Soap

10 – The Clean run through

What a great little product this is, perfect for any retro gamers bathroom these handmade Vegan soaps are a great little gift and hardly cost the earth. It says on the page you can choose any fragrance you like! So it could be tailored to the person you are giving it to.

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders Chess Set

9 – A/3 Base to invader C/4.

Why has it taken someone so long to come up with this? The Space Invaders were always going to make a great chess set, and this one made from acrylic plastic is the ultimate set and an absolute bargain for the price. The seller isn’t finished making the first lot of them yet but by bookmarking the image link you will be able to keep an eye on them.

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders Ice-Cubes

8 – Stay cool under fire

These amazing ice-cube molds were first seen in my post “Top 10 Ice Cube Molds” but since then the price has dropped to make them even cheaper. I think the price getting lower makes them a great kitchen gadget and a ‘must buy’ for fans of the game.

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders car decals

7 – Invade my car!

What you are looking at is a Mini Cooper that has been covered bonnet to boot in Space Invaders car stickers! The image link here goes to the news story about when this car above was first seen, but if you would like to do the same to your car you can buy the coloured stickers you need for just over £20 from here-> (CLICK HERE)

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders juice cartoons

6 – Gotta Juice!

It seems that a firm called “New Movement” has the same happy memories of Taito’s Space Invaders that I do, because they have made these rather creative “Juice Invaders” drinks cartoons!  Whilst they are not realised yet they are on their way so it will be worth keeping an eye out in the shops and super markets for them.

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

5 – Space Time!

Do people even use alarm clocks any more?!? Well if you do you could do far worst than this one that is shaped like a classic Space Invader. This is not that expensive anyway so why not stop using your mobile to make you up and go for the classic ways.

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders inspired couch

4 – The Space Sofa

Now these are impressive, if you have a rather steep 5K lying around and fancy a new sofa you could do a lot worst than this crazy looking Space Invaders inspired one. 8-bit quality never looked so good!

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders salt and pepper holders

3 – Salt and Pepa’s here, and they want you to push it good! …ask your parents

Way back in the 80’s Salt and Pepa where the rap group to listen to, so it comes as no surprise to me to find some rather cool retro salt and pepper shakers shaped like the other 80’s hit Space Invaders!

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders Chocolates

2 – Stomach  Invaders

Fancy having some vintage Video-game treats while you fire up the Atari 2600 and play Space Invaders for one last time?!? Well why not make your own chocolate space invaders! There is not that much too it as the step-by-step guide in the image link will deal with most questions and then all you need is the ice-cube tray from number ‘8’.

Top 10 Unusual Space Invaders Gift Ideas

Space Invaders watch

1 –”Time to blast those suckers back to where they came from!

Wrist-watches do not get ANY more epic than this one. Class, style and designer made by Romain Jerome this really is the ultimate watch for us fans of the game, and if I had enough money I would definitely get one, but sadly it is a little bit out of my price range.

  • Jonathan Greathouse

    These are great ideas, I do love a bit of retro videogaming.

  • Edison Courtney

    Thanks for posting these, I now know the perfect gift for my B/F.

  • Lee Kaplanian

    I meant Space Invaders. he probably drove his parents nuts when he came home for the visit.

  • Russell Deasley

    Very much Pac-Man. Seems since we were little Videogames have come a very long way indeed.

  • Lee Kaplanian

    PAC MAN! If I never hear that sound again it will be such a relief. My godson came from Australia in 80 or 81 for 6 weeks – first thing he bought was a hand held PacMan. He played it all the time and even began playing it with his feet. Damn near drove me crazy! I abstain from this one.

  • Russell Deasley

    Tell me about the work part! But it is all worth it to keep on putting food on the table, and that is all that matters.

  • eacnovak

    You bring back good memories of my younger days. I loved Pac-Man, Super Mario and Space Invaders too. I wasn’t bad at the last two, but Pac-Man was my favorite and I was terrible at it. Those ghosts got me every time! If only I could go back to those carefree days when there was no worries or responsibilities. Now it is just work work work…

  • Russell Deasley

    Thank you so much raidaforeva, very kind of you to say that.

  • raidaforeva

    loved Space Invaders, and love this blog – top work

  • Russell Deasley

    that was my plan when playing the game, hide and shoot. It does have a habit of bring back some very cool memoires indeed.

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    That’s a great idea! :) Thanks!

  • Jade Reyner

    Love the salt and pepper pots. I remember when space invaders could be beaten if you hid under the shelter and fired through it. As long as you were quick! Memories, memories…

  • sexykim06

    Reblogged this on Kims Cupcakes and commented:
    Like the chocolate mould one

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