Top 10 Best Images of Shoe Planters

This might just be me, but as a kid I hated just one single thing more than the dentist, and that was shopping for school shoes! Boring shops, full of boring shoes, with boring people fitting them, and boring conversions about why that shoe I was trying on isn’t “quite right for him” boring, boring, boring. And to be honest, I still hate shoe shopping! But I do have to wonder what ever happened to my old school shoes. The truth is they had become worn out and had to be thrown away, but maybe, just maybe someone picked them up from the top of the dustbin and did something very special with them indeed…

Top 10 Best Images of Shoe Planters

A purple shoe planter
A purple shoe planter

10 – Succulent success

For me this kind of shoe are called “Crocks” but I get the feeling that people call them all sorts of things, whatever you call them this is a great way to keep them long after your feet have grown too big for them.

Childs Trainer shoe planter
Childs Trainer shoe planter

9 – You will grow into them!

Whenever I got new shoes my mum would always say “They are too big because you will grow into them!”, well, it seems someone took that saying literally and grew an entire plant from a hole in the bottom of it, growing right through and out the top! Absolutely Amazing!

Purple Flip Flop Wall planter
Purple Flip Flop Wall planter

8 – The green-fingered flip-flop

Over here in the UK we call these “Flip-Flops” because of the sound they make, well they won’t be making that sound anymore because they have now been turned into these amazing plant holders! Great idea and the best thing for them I say because I hate flip-flops!

Old boot planters on a small wooden ladder
Old boot planters on a small wooden ladder

7 – Ladder Safety: Always wear the right shoes when using a garden ladder!

Not only a great use of old shoes, but a great use of an old ladder to stack them on! Double recycling and double the pleasure it brings.

High Heal Shoe Planter
High Heal Shoe Planter

6 – The living shoe

What you are looking at is a shoe that is wrapped in cabbage leaves then left for the succulents to grow over! While this one does require a much higher skill set to make it does look like it has grown into this shape! Truly amazing if you ask me.

 Work Boots Shoe Planter
Work Boots Shoe Planter

5 – The working boots retire.

What a great use of some old steel toe capped working boots! Just some simple succulents inserted into each boot and Bob’s your uncle you have an awesome looking Shoe planter!

Small child's shoe Planter
Small child’s shoe Planter

4 – Baby first steps in the garden!

For me, this is what it is all about, some old shoes used to great effect and what better shoes to use than the ones our little ones have grown out of! So many happy memories and they are easy to turn into something beautiful for you to remember every time you see them.

Old trainers turned into shoe planter
Old trainers turned into shoe planter

3 – The Urban Effect!

I think it is the fact that these are just sat on the brick floor of a house that could be yours, mine or anyone’s  Simple, Urban and deadly beautiful, exactly the sort of thing I want to make myself.

Old trainers all in a line turned into a shoe planter
Old trainers all in a line turned into a shoe planter

2 – Just about Borderline

WOW! That is just about all I can think of saying about this amazing grass/garden border made from old tennis shoes! Not only a great idea but nothing short of stunning to look at as well. (Might have to have a go at this one myself..but I might need to take up tennis first)

Old rubber boots planter
Old rubber boots planter

1 – Wellington’s Victory!

This for me is the clear winner, colourful rubber boots filled with colourful plants, it just doesn’t get any better than this and it’s a great idea to try with the kids old wellies.

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  4. I know exactly the boots I am going to use, providing my hubby isn’t’ wearing them anymore! I will for sure share when the time comes.

  5. I posted that photo on my blog; called it “if these shoes could talk”. Added a little shout out to your site and referenced that post. Have a nice Sunday.

  6. Haha! That would be fun. I confess I typed “toilet” into the search bar on your blog site and learned you hadn’t yet covered that particular topic. 😉 Looking forward to reading that future post.

  7. This made me smile! It actually reminded me of a tiny town we drove through recently (here in Oregon) where I saw a collection of toilets in the front yard of a house being used as planters. Beautiful flower arrangements growing out of toilets. Not even joking! Haha!:D Anyway, fun post!

  8. Reblogged this on Sexy Geeky Life and commented:
    Okay this post makes me want to garden but then many things make me want to garden. Seriously this is a great idea and I have bunch of dead shoes that I was going to be tossing this weekend so now I will be planting instead. Thank you for this post!

  9. And there was me thinking what am I going to do with all-too-small-already shoes -First and all others steps baby garden sounds like a good plan.Not sure if they will last though -we are not quite blessed with the weather here;)

  10. Sadly I haven’t taken any despite the first ever one (which I can’t find) and one of wilting flowers today (just taken), but I can’t seem to post it!

  11. Love this one and I agree with you that the Wellies are the best! I am the odd woman that doesn’t like to shop (online, all the way)! I’m pretty sure that was the deal maker when we got married:) My husband actually has anxiety attacks if he’s in a store too long. His mother made him go shopping every weekend when he was a little boy. He had to sit and behave in the women’s department. Can you imagine?

  12. I wonder if they were filled with something different, maybe more colorful. Otherwise it looks as if something otherworldly is growing, ready to take over the planet.

  13. Once again, you had to put in a ladder photo and it is such a cool idea! I love the cabbage leaf show, that is amazing! Yet for some reason I find the urban trainers interesting but a bit creepy – not sure why. I think it is a great way to keep old shoes out of the garbage and landfills because they will take eons to break down.

    New shoes were always a literal pain for me, I had to wear bandaids on my heels or I would get bad blisters. By the time they were soft enough without bandaids, it was time for a new pair. An endless cycle.

  14. I thought it was just me that did this! Whenever I get a bunch of flowers, it’s straight into the wellies they go. Started with not owning a vase, but now it’s tradition. Love this!

  15. I have a photo of my brothers size 15 monsters with succulents in them. I’ll try to find it. Great approach to this post in your opener. I might use the baby shoe idea for a grandparent gift. The living shoe is pretty awesome.

  16. I’m sure my vision manifested from a million tiny screams of ” OMG! Did they plant us in the Junior High Boy’s Locker Room? – Quick – get the air scrubber capabilities pushed to the max!”

    It has to be so – – – I mean, you’ve seen the plants that learn to dance, right? 🙂

  17. I just have to ask, because I’m getting a vision from the plant world – –
    “Who the heck put us here without putting in the odor eaters first? Gads! Thought I’d die from the smell the first week or so….”
    Glad I didn’t get around to tossing out the bag of old child-unit shoes quite yet – new plans for the garden – – and shoes – – and odor eaters….

  18. Agree with #1 pic of the rubber boots – because the kids grow out of them so quickly and it doesn’t seem right to throw them away. Nice reminder of when they were smaller and sweeter.

  19. At last! A use for Crocs! What lambrain thinks clourful plastic shoes are suitable footwear fron ayone over 10 years of age? Crocks indeed.
    I love the living stiletto shoe.

  20. Pretty sure I’ve posted it on my main blog, under the title ‘flowerpot, as seen by an American’ or something like that… It’s really cool. If its not there I’ll do another post for you. 🙂

  21. my mom says I’m not natural, now you talk about a shopper! whew! she is a shopper extraordinaire

  22. I love gardening, flowers, bird watching out my patio door. I love nature. oh yeah, I hated shopping for school shoes too. 🙂

  23. 1 is my favorite, it’s so colorful and cheerful. We call them galoshes here in canada or …..wait for it…..’rubbers’ ( not sure that is canadian, it might just be me)….hahaha! seriously though they are so cute.

  24. That is one of the nicest comments I have ever read so thank you. And it is so great to hear when you enjoy them because it really does motivate me to go on with this no matter how hard it is some days.

  25. In Australia we call flip flops thongs. I have a friend who emigrated from England to Australia and before she came she met an Australian woman in a shop who told her that in the Summer all we wear is thongs! You can imagine her confusion and understandable horror! (And I only wear thongs in the garden so I don’t know where that lady came from.)

  26. Reblogged this on Transformed as Clay and commented: I have always been a fan of re purposing, and this just makes me smile. 🙂 Might have to try this in the garden this year.

  27. Very cool, there is something so natural about plants in shoes. I have a picture here somewhere of a really really old boot full of moss and stuff.

  28. If you haven’t read “Alexander’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” you should. It’s a children’s book, but one of my favorites. The book is the first thing I thought of when I started to read your post.
    My favorites in this blog are the Crocs and the “living shoe.” BEAUTIFUL. (We call them Crocs here in U.S.A., too, BTW … that’s the brand name (named after crocodiles).

  29. *LOL* Yeah I have a great family and I spend hours playing with my little boy because he loves football. But I do work hard so I play hard as well, my family will always come first before this blog any time to make sure they get valuable time.

  30. Loved the flip-flops. We call them that on this side of the pond as well. Good job. (Tell me, though, do you have a life outside of all this? When do you have time for it??)

  31. very unique! be sure to check out plants in painted tires on pinterest, which is also very cute

  32. Love these especially 6 and 1. Thank you for the smiles. I think my legally wedded has some grotty old shoes I might purloin…

  33. I’m with you on this one. I hated shoe shopping as a kid. I remember the relief I felt as an adult when I knew my shoe size would never change again!

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