Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Plastic Milk Bottles

We all have to go through disappointments in life because it is what makes us stronger and appreciate the better times in life even more. But one moment will be with me forever and never to be forgotten. You see, while on holiday in Devon, UK once I got the chance to try fresh cows milk straight from the cow. Let me tell you that if ever you get the chance to do the same…DON’T!!! It was awful and I was so disappointed because I really thought it would have been much better than milk from a carton. So I think I should try to find some uses for all those empty milk cartons I will make over the years, so without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Plastic Milk Bottles

 Bird Feeder Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle
Bird Feeder Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle

10 – Make a Bird Feeder

Nothing too complicated here, just a good recycling idea that will be great fun to make with the little ones. And best off all is the link has an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Skeleton Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles
Skeleton Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles

9 – Make a Halloween Decoration

This looks amazing and while it will require a fair old amount of time, effort and skill to pull it off I think it would be well worth it, and there is also a great step-by-step guide to making it.

Watering can Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle
Watering can Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle

8 – Make a watering jug

What you see on the end of the milk jug is a “Sprout” and is the work of Evan Gant. It is intended to help gardeners and upcycle their empty milk jugs into watering cans. Do visit the link and take a better look at this rather amazing concept idea.

Storm Trooper Helmet Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles
Storm Trooper Helmet Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles

7 – Make a Storm Trooper Helmet

While this will require a fair old amount of time and skill, it has to be said that it is an idea made from a pure genius, not only does it look great, make for a great recycling idea as well as those 2 things there is also a step-by-step guide to making one as well! What more could you ask for?!

Spirit Jugs Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles
Spirit Jugs Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles

6 – Make a Milk Carton Ghost

Not only do these look great, but they are also very easy to replicate. In fact, I would go so far as to say that even I will try to make some of these for Halloween. And let’s face it if I can make it anyone can!

Dust scooper Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle
Dust scooper Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle

5 – Make a Dustpan.

Now this is what I call pure genius, just cut along the lines of the plastic milk jug it shows in the image and you have yourself a good replacement for a broken dustpan!

Wall Planter Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle
Wall Planter Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle

4 – Make a Planter

This simple looking milk bottle planter brought a smile to my face the moment I saw it, so I knew it would have to be in this top 10 and I for one think it is a great idea. No making guide in thelink, but it wouldn’t be too hard to copy it.

Penny Jar Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle
Penny Jar Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle

3 – Make a Penny Jar

This idea is so simple it hurts, just clean out an old plastic milk carton and use it as a penny fund for saving towards a day out or new gadgets, provided it is left alone (harder said than done) it will build up quite nicely indeed and there is no making guide required.

White Elephant Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles
White Elephant Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles

2 – Make an Elephant

Sadly this would require more plastic milk cartons than I will ever drink in my lifetime, but this White Elephant seen at Glastonbury Festival one year is a sight to behold and a real showcase of how big Peoples creativity can be given a simple plastic milk bottle.

Stationery Organiser Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles
Stationery Organiser Made With Empty Plastic Milk Bottles

1 – Make some pencil holders

I don’t know what I like more about this idea, maybe it is because it makes organised coloured pencils look amazing, or maybe that it just doesn’t need a making guide of any kind, because it is quite clear what you have to do to the milk cartons.

160 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Plastic Milk Bottles”

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  24. Yeah some of my post can be a little random, but I like to bring as many things to the table as I can. So great comments like yours are always welcome, thank you.

  25. I always look forward to your top tens. And sometimes it goes from what I think are the strangest, funniest, to the most creative ones! In this particular one I will definitely do the dust scooper, penny jar, and watering can. Fun things to do for the summer!

  26. It would take a lot of coins to fill a milk bottle. I love that organised pencil idea. I wonder if it would work in my class room. We always have lost pencils whose owners have apparently disappeared off the face of the earth: maybe we could make some lost pencil holders.

  27. Absolutely fantastic the creativity of the human mind. I am in awe of the elephant – wonder what kind of plan or blueprint they used. The others are so creative as well, I was reading the comments on the blog with Sprout – if the inventor ever gets it into production, he will certain sell a lot. I’d like one myself. The neat thing about the planter is that one can have any kind of face – especially eye bombing. That one can really express the inner person.

  28. They are mostly what has inspired me each day, maybe it was something I saw, or maybe thought about, all sorts of things, and what I am seeing more and more is posts inspired by peoples comments!

  29. I have to say that making a igloo is very impressive. I did see a igloo made from milk cartoons, but I thought it was over the top! Seems I as very wrong indeed.

  30. You are very welcome Russell and you are doing a great job my friend. It’s not an easy job to keep me amused. 😛

  31. I love the milk jug feeder and the watering can and the dustpan and the bottle planter and the penny jar… oh I love them all! 😀
    Great post Russell!

  32. I think #10 and #6 are the best. My daughter thinks #1 is cool. You can always find ways to reuse thing if you look hard enough. 🙂

  33. I use my old milk cartons for slow watering my garden, just poke a hole in a bottom corner and fill it up and place next to a thirsty plant. Great for deep watering plants like tomatoes.

  34. Because politicians are nuts. Oh, did I just write that on a public blog? Here’s a short summary of the Florida Statute:

    Raw milk sales for human consumption are illegal. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services interprets the definition of “sell” in the state administrative code to extend the ban on raw milk sales to any cowshare agreements as well.

    Department of Agriculture policy permits the sale of raw milk for animal consumption even though there is no state law that covers this issue. The state permits raw milk sales for animal consumption either on the farm or in retail stores. Containers should have a label clearly stating that the raw milk is for animal consumption only.

    ‘Scuse me while I roll my eyes…

  35. the skeletons are absolutely my favs. i made a giant igloo out of them in my classroom once. recruited parents and kids to help build, one parent said it was by far the most fun they’d ever had in a classroom. collateral joy ) ‘i coulda been a contender…!’

  36. I know right, It’s easier said than done but with focus and determination you will just find yourself doing it, just like how one never forget to drink water. 🙂

  37. People are just so clever. I’ve had raw milk which is just unpasteurized milk and loved it. It’s not legal here for human consumption but I used to buy it for my animals when I could get it. wink wink! I must do the dustpan thing. I need more than one around here with 7 animals! And that elephant is amazing. I would never have the patience….

  38. I love this. I don’t drink milk but I do sometimes buy tea in containers and this gives me ideas. I think laundry detergent bottles could be substituted for some of these, too. Thanks for posting.

  39. I swear when I move out to decorate my place I’m referring to your page. Have I said that before ? @@ too bad I only drink almond milk now. I probably drank enough to make half the elephant when I first discovered it.
    Apparently though, chinas bottled milk is much worse according to my sister :0 not asking anyone to verify

  40. I like number 3. That is about as artistic I would get with them. They won’t break like the glass water jugs.

  41. I enjoy raw milk from the farm but do prefer it chilled. Milk doesn’t come in that kind of container here in Brittany. Those are some handy ideas though.

  42. Love them all. So many ingenious ideas.
    We had regular fresh milk from cows when I was growing up, still warm, and I have to disagree with you. It was awesome. Probably not so much now though, as I only drink skim milk. My kids tried fresh cows milk recently – my sister lives on a dairy farm – and they hated it.

  43. of course :), you always collect the best ones together; thank you for your creative top 10

  44. Well… You can’t see the bottom. hahaha I raid my bank often. Maybe I should use the lid.

  45. I was thinking about number 1, then I thought maybe the edges would be a bit sharp to do this. Maybe needs a bit of tape or rubber on them. (little hands = big cuts)

  46. I must be honest, I am very partial to the pencil holder. Neat and each colour has a home, suits my compulsive obsessive, everything must be in order and a home, kind of behavior I have. Ivan

Which one did you like?