Top 10 DIY Pallet Tables

This blog post all started last summer when my neighbour came round to my house to ask if he could have an old wooden pallet I had in the back garden (used to deliver some concrete the year before) of course I said “yes, please do take it!” For me it was just a piece of rotting wood in the back garden, but to him it seems it was a coffee table that he made using the pallet! And while I don’t have any pictures of my neighbours I have decided to bring you…

Top 10 DIY Pallet Tables

Green Coffee Table Made From Pallets
Green Coffee Table Made From Pallets

10 – So mean in green!

Simple, handy and great looking. For me, that is how I sum up this vibrant green pallet coffee table that just looks like it would fit well in the living room of any modern home.

Black Breakfast Table Made From Pallets
Black Breakfast Table Made From Pallets

9 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This charcoal black breakfast table made from 6 bulk standard pallets just goes to show how easy it is to make these! After all the are mostly just attached to each other with very little effort or work needed.

Coffee Table With Mosaic Glass Made From Pallets
Coffee Table With Mosaic Glass Made From Pallets

8 – ” Make sure you put a coaster down so you don’t stain the glass!”

The amazing polished effect on the wood, the simplicity of the pallet not being altered or cut in anyway, or the stunning stained glass in the gaps together all those things make this pallet table nothing sort on an EPIC WIN!

Union Jack Coffee Table Made From Pallets
Union Jack Coffee Table Made From Pallets

7 – God Save The Queen!

Featuring the flag of your own country on top of one of these is a great way to make it unique, while this one is the GB flag it doesn’t matter where you are from, painting a flag onto a pallet table like this looks amazing, but some flags are easier to paint than others.

Oblong Coffee Table Made From Pallets
Oblong Coffee Table Made From Pallets

6 – All but myself!

While these shipping pallets look stunning and have certainly been sanded down and polished to within an inch of their lives, the metal sides and shipping logos are all that was on it before it was touched! Not only stunning looking, but you can buy them via the image link!

Picnic Table Made From Pallets
Picnic Table Made From Pallets

5 – DIY 101.

Simple, amazing and not just a table, but a picnic one! This very simple and easy to copy design makes this one of the best ones I have ever seen. If it had been given a lick of paint and this might have been a lot higher placed, but still very good indeed.

Test Card Coffee Table Made From Pallets
Test Card Coffee Table Made From Pallets

4 – Testing, testing

Whether it is the test card style paint job on top of it, or the easy to follow design, or maybe the fact that it showcases the pallet gaps used as a handy storage area I just don’t know. The only thing I do know is that it looks amazing and I love it!

Wine Storage Coffee Table Made From Pallets
Wine Storage Coffee Table Made From Pallets

3 – The high end of design

While it might be hard to imagine this incredible wine/bottle rack/coffee table being a old wooden pallet originally (apart from the basic layout of it) it really was and goes to show what a lot of effort and a lot of time and skill can do for you when it comes to making pallet tables.

Queen of Hearts Playing Card Coffee Table Made From Pallets
Queen of Hearts Playing Card Coffee Table Made From Pallets

2 – Fit for a Queen indeed!

While it might be basic the oblong shape makes it perfect for a playing card paint job to be placed on it and that is exactly what this one has had done to it. Simple, stunning and well worth a go at trying to make your own!

Outdoor Dining Table With Succulent Planter Made From Pallets
Outdoor Dining Table With Succulent Planter Made From Pallets

1 – Going Natural

Not only is the top of this table made with recycled pallets, but the designer/maker has also used the gaps in the side of the pallet to make a small middle row just wide enough to insert some succulents! For me, this one was just nothing short of beautiful.

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  3. Just a quick bit of advice to everyone, to say that some of the blue “CHEP” pallets are treated with various chemicals that would make them unsuitable for being a table.

  4. Hmm, I tend to think I have DIY skills until I get about half way through a project, and then I have second thoughts. So we’ll see!

  5. #9, #8, and #3. I’ll take one of each. The local bike dealer in my area let’s me take the pallets from behind the store. They deal weight machines too so some of them are 6 feet long and made of hardwood. I made a greenhouse with them and reclaimed windows, which can be seen at my blog, , my washer and dryer sit on a pair of them, and this year I’m doing a fence around the garden with them. Great work and a great top 10.

  6. hi
    Really glad that you enjoyed my creation (table 8 with mosaic inlay), really proud that my table in is your top 10 ! THANKS
    Is it possible for you to put my website :

    Thanks for all! 🙂

  7. Hi
    The number 8 is one of my creation…. REALLY proud to be in your Top 10 🙂 thanks!!
    Glad that you enjoyed my work and share it !
    PS is it possible for you to mention my website : as Source?
    Thanks !

  8. You bet! I’ll take plenty of notes and pictures. This should be a fun challenge, I’ll do the pictorial for those among us (myself included) that are “power tool challenged.” The only power tool I own is a drill. BUT, I have a crow bar!

  9. I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award! Check out my latest post and copy the questions I’ve posted onto your blog and basically copy what I did 😀

  10. One good thing about trying to do something with converting something old is if you screw up you may not feel as bad as if you messed up using new materials.

  11. My dad has old pallets sitting around. I was going to use some as the floor of a greenhouse I am hoping to make out of the kid’s old swing set. These ideas look cooler though but maybe beyond my skills.

  12. Talk about a timely post! I am getting three discarded pallets donated to me tomorrow. Can’t decide which design to rip off here. Might have to be the picnic table. Just love it. Russell, you remind me of ‘The Count’ in Sesame Street. Why? Because you just love to count things, of course!

  13. All you need is banish wheels and tools. It doesn’t take that much to make something amazing out of simple pieces of wood. I saw some on the street the other day and I was SO tempted.

  14. #6 has to be my favorite. That’s stunning. I’ve always wanted a coffee table make out of pallets. You should see the bed frames they make out of them too.

  15. Thanks for this, you sure have done lots of research on a simple object that can re reborn to a form of art. Number 6 has for me is what I would get, and you could make it into a table with the same design. Very interesting. Thanks

  16. This is a easy one, the “treated” ones are all blue (although some can be orange) But the general rule is that if it is coloured keep it out, it it’s natural looking keep it in! Not so hard to tell when you follow that rule, and I will be expecting an blog post about making it and a step by step guide for us DIY fails.

  17. My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he’s building a workspace pallet table for me. Already have the plans. 🙂 I scour Craigslist all the time for free pallets. I keep reading that I should not use treated pallets indoors because of toxins. Wondering if anyone knows how to tell if they are treated? Nice blog – Joanne

  18. My husband has a ton of these pallets stacked in the back of his warehouse…
    little does he know what he’s sitting on???
    oodles of ‘pallet tables’ in larvae stage…
    can’t wait to show him your post 😉

  19. Just wanted to let you know I’m nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger Award because I’ve enjoyed your lovely blog.

  20. Call me patriotic, but I like the good old Union Jack table. My brothers whom I can speak for would easily choose the wine one. Some of these are quite gorgeous!

  21. Hey! You like it, you don’t like it, you took the time to view it and no matter what you do or think about it I really appreciated you taking the time to view it. And you have a great blog that I will keep enjoying for a long time to come I am sure.

  22. I liked your blogpost very much Russel, it’s wicked, but I’m not going to click on any icons. If I do that, it changes the character of my page, which is styled to fit the actual post, which is right now about fathers & sons, and mothers, for the next 2weeks. But I will do two things: I will make a note of this post so I can like it later. And I can feature it in the February issue of ‘dodging rainbows,’ when I recommend to 2-4 blogposts with comic content or soul. This has soul, and the capacity to make people smile or laugh, should satisfy the readers palates! The response to Issue1 was good. It could be going somewhere. Be a pioneer. Cheers.

    p.s. my page is a little complicated, I’ll make a post/page soon to explain it all.

  23. I think they all rock! But I especially love the one with the succulents in the middle. But wait, then I loved that stained glass one. How fun finding all of these. Thanks for the inspiration. Next time I see a skid, I’m grabbing it with delight! LOVE your blog!!

  24. I want the number 1. I would actually put it in my living room, plants and all as I have a very bright and sunny room. I love the concept!

  25. And my mother wanted to rip those pallets she found into firewood chunks – she has been emailed a link, so she knows what she’s missing! LOL 🙂

  26. I love #8! I am trying to get my husband to make one of these or a table made out of crates. I can’t wait to show him!

  27. Totally amazing – I couldn’t stop scrolling down, wondering what would be coming next. Repurposing pallets – the only limit it seems is related to one’s level of ingenuity.

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