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Top 10 Things To Make With Bottle Corks

Top 10 Things To Make With Bottle Corks

While round a friend’s house the other day we got talking about upcycling and the creative and amazing things people recycle things into. It seems that with each passing year more and more amazing and more useful things are created. It was while looking at these sorts of images that my friend asked me what I thought she should make with a draw full of corks! (I didn’t ask how she ended up with a whole drawer full) but I thought I would go one step better and bring her 10 ideas. But in my opinion, these are the World’s best….

Top 10 Things To Make With Bottle Corks


Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Chess set made from old corks

10 – Cork Mate!

Not only are all the pieces made with cork but so is the board and best of all it folds in half to make a carry case for the pieces as well!  This is a great use of corks, but I would imagine it would take a rather high craft skill level to make it.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

cork planters

9 – Tiny Gardens

Fancy a little indoor garden? Well, why not grow a micro herb garden made with upcycled corks!?! Not only do these look amazing they are also great recycling. You can buy a set of 4 of them in the image link, but it would also not be too hard to make your own.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Jewellery holder made with old corks

8 – Pin it up and don’t forget it

Nothing too hard to make here, just glue lines of old corks to a board and you have yourself a rather handy jewellery holder/pin board. Make a few of these and they would look fantastic hung on a bedroom wall.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Portraits made with corks

7 – Cork Portraits

When I was shown a drawer full of corks I thought the best idea would be to throw them away, but when Scott Gundersen sees a drawer full of corks he sees works of art, facial portraits in fact and whilst us mere mortals could only dream of making this sort of thing with corks it does just go to show what could be created if we try hard enough.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Bath mat made from old Corks

6 – Use the super soaker

Why not make great use of the corks ability to soak up water like it was the thirstiest camel in the World by upcycling them into a rather cool looking bath mat! Not only is it non-slip but it also looks great!

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Coffee table made with corks

5 – The coffee table that is happy to drink any spills!

Once again making great use of the corks ability to soak up liquids of almost any sort is this inspiring coffee table that is made from old corks and twigs! Not only very creative but also rather beautiful even if I do think so myself.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Basket made with Recycled Corks

4 – “Aye Boo Boo”…”Yes, Yogi?”

Well you might well want to hang on to this picnic basket because by using the easy to follow, step-by-step guide in the image link it shows you in great detail how to make your very own sandwich basket from recycled corks! Not only does it not look too hard to do it also look fantastic! I think even Moses would have liked this one.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Birdhouse made from old wine Corks

3 – My birds house smells of wine!

Now this is very impressive indeed. But what is even more impressive than this single image is that in the image link you will get to see loads of these bird houses made from corks, showing all sorts of styles and shapes. And even better than that is a great guide that shows you how to make your own, and it is not as hard as you might think.

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Suit made with Recycle Wine Corks

2 – Suits you Sir!

OK, this is a little too odd for words but it is a good use of corks and would certainly make you the talk of the party. But best of all is that if someone accidentally spilled their wine on you, the corks will soak it right up!

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Corks

Chairs made with Corks

1 – We all deserve a rest

If you had more than a draw full of them (thousands in fact) you could make what someone called “Gabriel Wiese” from German does with them because these amazing pieces of furniture are both made with nothing but corks! I have to wonder if I spilt a drink on one of those chairs would it drink it like a normal cork does?!?


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  4. Callum Smorgon says:

    Who and indeed how is anyone going to get enough corks to make any of this stuff??

  5. Deloras Veilleux says:

    Nice Recycling ideas, I only have a few corks so I had better get saving.

  6. gus22m says:

    Well that is good to hear, I will be looking forward to that blog post.

  7. They’ve given me some ideas for the used corks!

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