Top 10 Things To Make With Old Bicycles

About a year ago now, I and my little boy had great plans to go cycling every day and to have fun exploring the Welsh countryside with our bikes. So I got myself a bicycle and one that attached to the back of mine that my little boy could ride. But sadly my boy is now into football! He hates going for rides and just wants to play ball all day. But what about mine and his bikes? What am I suppose to do with them? Well, it seems they might not be the only bikes that will never be used again…

Top 10 Things To Make With Old Bicycles

Bicycle Repurposed as gate
Bicycle Repurposed as gate

10 – A no cycling gate

Now this is impressive, this is a wrought iron gate made from an old bicycle! While much like mine it well never is ridden again it does indeed look amazing.

Bicycle Repurposed as Moss Display
Bicycle Repurposed as Moss Display

9 – “You’ll look sweet, Upon the seat, Of a bicycle built for moss!”

I love the ability of some people to graffiti moss onto almost anything. And that same sort of moss painting is what we have here and it turns an unused bicycle into a rather amazing garden ornament.

Bicycle Repurposed as an Outdoor Fountain
Bicycle Repurposed as an Outdoor Fountain

8 – Ride and Squirt!

If you are looking for ways to re-purpose an old cycle, this has to be one of the strangest. Seen in a park in Klagenfurt, Austria it sure is rather amazing! But in an odd kind of way.

Bicycle Repurposed as knitting Art
Bicycle Repurposed as knitting Art

7 – I won’t let art get away with this!!!

What you are looking at is not some guerilla knitting granny’s group but it is in fact called “Yarnbombed” and is done by an artist know as Olek. Well, it does kind of look cool and it is certainly not going to ridden again for a very long time at least.

Bicycle Repurposed as a stool
Bicycle Repurposed as a stool

6 – Ride thru restaurant.

A company called “D-Bodhi” has decided to make some rather amazing stools from old children’s trike’s and unicycles, attach some cool blue neon lights to the bottom of the main eating bar and you have a cycle that will never be ridden again, but looks brilliant.

Bicycle Repurposed as a hand basin
Bicycle Repurposed as a hand basin

5 – Wash ‘N’ ride

If you have been following this blog for a while you will know that I do love a bit of upcycling, and it looks like Benjamin Bullins does as well because he has created this rather amazing bathroom sink and best of all used the front shopping basket to a towel holder!

Bicycle Repurposed as a Garden Display
Bicycle Repurposed as a Garden Display

4 – A cycle block planter?!?

Now this is more my cup of tea, nothing too complicated but yet the results of hanging an old bike on the garden fence then attaching a few hanging plants looks nothing short of stunning and such a simple idea to replicate. I wonder if it would work with a mountain bike!?

Bicycle Repurposed as a Christmas tree
Bicycle Repurposed as a Christmas tree

3 – O Christmas Bike, O Christmas Bike!

Appropriately called the ‘Tree-Cycle’ this amazing Christmas tree is made from over 100 old bikes donated by a local recycling company. I might not have a hundred of them to make this Christmas tree myself, but I still think this is amazing.

Bicycle Repurposed as a fence
Bicycle Repurposed as a fence

2 – Don’t fence me in!

There are many great examples of old bicycles made into fences but for me, this is the best one, such a fairly simple idea but it just looks incredible, thought to look at it, it will not stop anything from getting into the garden, or out of it.

Bicycle Repurposed as Wall Art
Bicycle Repurposed as Wall Art

1 – “The kids rode me up the wall today, I wouldn’t mind, but I was on my bike at the time!”

When Peter Horstmann moved from Canada to Germany he wanted to open up a bicycle shop. But when customers brought in their old bikes for new he didn’t just recycle them he made clever use of them by attaching them to his shop! Not only did images of the shop go viral but it is also a very, very clever piece of advertising as the shop is now quite famous.

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  1. The green planter was the sweetest but the caterpillar thing was truly awesome… I wonder if it happened overnight. Poor bicycle owner.

  2. I’m reading a book about the life of an early American boy and it showed a fence made from uprooted tree stumps! It said they were difficult to burn so they just lined them up on their sides together and they had a great fence! So clever.

  3. Very clever posts indeed. I have seen the “Bicycle Wall” image before, but the others were new to me. Loved the planter, the bathroom sink (not my thing, but big points for cleverness), and the bar stools were AWESOME.

  4. Come on Russ, tell your little boy who runs the family when mommy is not around. Tell him he WILL go cycling with pop and that will be the end of the

  5. It is. But interesting. I remember seeing them for the first time wondering what they were in Cleveland. Then the next one had a plaque that explained it.

  6. wow love this post! so funny and amazing what states these bicycles ended up in. The caterpillar webbed one makes me squirm a bit tho lol – I have a bicycle and thankfully it’s foldable so I can keep it indoors in the cupboard 😉
    Will have to check out the other posts now 🙂

  7. lol…..just when we wonder what you’ll come up with next… go and find something interesting! 🙂 gotta love the bicycle fence!

  8. If I had a bike I would probably throw it into a carefully selected tree in my backyard because I don’t like bike riding ;p lol

  9. It was the caterpillars wasn’t it! I knew that would be a little too weird for some people. And thank you for the very kind words. Peace and Blessings to yourself.

  10. These are fun! Number 8 is a hair bit creepy! As a Portlander (Oregon), I can tell you #4 would most certainly be a Portlandia fave. 😉 Though we do have a smaller yet similar bike structure to # 3:

  11. Oh, if I’d only known. I could have sent you pics of our bikes that have been collecting rust and dust in our garage for probably 15 years. Should I even admit that? But you have given me some ideas!

  12. Hahah, wow I never thought of using a bike for a table, plant pots or as a tree. How creative! Great post :p

  13. This is a really cool blog! After looking at some of these images of bicycles I’m not sure I will ride again without thinking about your ten best. Some were kind of creepy, others made me smile and a couple were rather fascinating Thanks for liking my blog. Peace and Blessings!

  14. Those Caterpillars are amazing… they once took over a whole section in a graveyard locally, the trees & benches & gravestones were turned white with the web, it looked very eerie! I’ve got pictures somewhere… 🙂

  15. The bar stools are pretty cool – gives a whole new meaning to a bikers’ bar. And we can exercise too! All these pictures are amazing!

  16. I love the caterpillar one. Wow! Even nature makes art!
    Maybe you could do a top 10 of spide webs – without the spiders. The webs are amazing.

  17. I like three. But I am not a bicycle girl. I am a motorcycle girl here. Lazy in the cardio arena.

  18. Eww caterpillars. I don’t even like butterflies. Anyways but the bike converted into a sink is pretty cool.

  19. What a clever bunch of ideas for recycling bikes. I notice the bar stools don’t have bicycle seats – the round ones are much more comfortable. I like the one on the fence with hanging plants – but the moss one feels a little creepy, too much like kudzu in the winter with just branches that look like snakes. I think the Christmas tree is amazing, looks so cool in the dark with the lights on. #2 reminds me of the guy out in the Midwest somewhere who has planted cars on his property. We usually have a year when tent caterpillars come out in full force, even creepier than the moss. I really like the shop with bikes all over, no signs but you are in no doubt what kind of shop it is.

  20. Like with many of these “guerilla crocheting” (is that the correct cord?) a couple of people work on the project at the same time, so it couldn’t have taken that long 😉

  21. LOVE THOSE STOOLS! I’ve thought about having pedals on stools before, because I can’t sit still, and I’m convinced pedaling nowhere will sate my need to move around.

    For the bikes on the building facade, do you think that also helps ivy grow? Like the same principle behind manmade reefs, but on land?

  22. Canadian are not that imaginative. Amazing what people do with the bikes. Do you have a small camera for your son so can look for treasures to photograph along the way. You could post some and get him started. My niece got her daughter started at 3.

  23. So you would NOT be the one to ask to come kill the huge one staring at me at this present moment on my kitchen ceiling….got it!! 🙂 Glad you found my blog…looking forward to yours! Great concept.

  24. Someone else said that, and I will tell you what I told them:”A top 10 spiders is something you will never see in my blog of that I promise you” I hate them myself.

  25. Reblogged this on Write here, Joel. and commented:
    I love this because the shots are both unusual and of bicycles (a stupendous combination). At the same time they make me a little sad, because I hate the idea of a bicycle not being ridden again.

  26. Wow amazing what can be done with a bicycle, I am very partial to the bathroom one, however what a better way of branding you business with old bicycles. Great post as always. Hope you and your son will go biking soon… Ivan

  27. Yeah the one covered in silk? TOTALLY thought that was spiderwebs and I almost jumped about 3 feet away from my computer screen…

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