Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Barbed Wire

Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Barbed Wire
Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Barbed Wire

Today I am the unhappy owner of a bruised knee. I got it because while out walking the dog and I tripped over some hidden barbed wire and had a soft landing on my knee. But don’t worry, it really isn’t all that bad at all, but I did have to wonder if there was a better use of barbed wire other than being left to be tripped over! Well, it turns out that in people can make some rather amazing things with it! So without further ado, I bring you…


Top 10 Creative and Best Repurposed Barbed Wire


Spider Webs made from Barbed Wire
Spider Webs made from Barbed Wire

10 – That is one tough spider!

These rather amazing spider-webs are not only made from barbed wire but also available to buy! So why not bring a touch of style and art to a party this coming Halloween.

Votive Candle Holder made from Barbed Wire
Votive Candle Holder made from Barbed Wire

9 – Not one to reach for in the dark!

This whole top 10 is likely to divide opinions, and none more so than these candle holders made with everyone’s favourite spiky wire. I like these but like said opinions will be split.

Trellis made from Barbed Wire
Trellis made from Barbed Wire

8 – From Garden Fences to Garden Beauties

Have you ever fancied owning a little bit of art? Well, why not get one of these amazing Trellis artworks made with nothing but barbed wire! While not get if you have kids I think they would make a fantastic talking point and well worth the money.

Chandelier made from Barbed Wire
Chandelier made from Barbed Wire

7 – You wouldn’t want to change the light bulb!

This rather scary looking chandelier is located at G.A.D Stockholm and is kind of cool, but also kind of dangerous looking! Made it is the fact that they have used brand new barbed wire to make it. I do like it, but I just wouldn’t want it in my home.

Ring made from Barbed Wire
Ring made from Barbed Wire

6 – On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Five golden Barbs!!!

Kind of odd but also rather beautiful is where we find this gold-plated bit of barbed wire shaped like a ring! Not the best idea to propose with it, but for a gift it ranks right up there!

Heart Statue made from Barbed Wire
Heart Statue made from Barbed Wire

5 – The Tale of Two City’s

Located in Hviezdoslavovo square in Bratislava is this rather amazing statue called “The Heart of Europe” and is in memory of the Velvet Revolution. What is even more amazing is that the statue is said to a made from barbed wire cut from the actual fence that divided Czechoslovakia from western Europe! Cool and also very moving.

Hat made from Barbed Wire
Hat made from Barbed Wire

4 – Ride em Cowboy!

This rather painful cowboys hat can be seen at the Devil’s Rope Museum in Texas and while it is not wearable it is still really cool. I wonder how long it took them to make it?!?

Necklace made from Barbed Wire
Necklace made from Barbed Wire

3 – Punknam Style

A bit too punk rock for my liking but still a great item if you are in touch with your darker side. The barbed wire is made of rawhide and it comes with 3 evil-looking cast resin skulls.

Birds Nest made from Barbed Wire
Birds Nest made from Barbed Wire

2 – Rusty Little Birds

This incredible piece of garden art made by Bob Pool is one of the best uses of otherwise useless rusty garden tools and barbed wire you will ever see. With the baby birds being made from old pliers and a barbed wire nest, it is just a joy to look at.

Garden Furniture made from Barbed Wire
Garden Furniture made from Barbed Wire

1 –  The Worlds Most Pointless Garden Furniture

These incredible and also rather pointless garden chairs (and the mat under them) are made from 100% zinc coated barbed wire. Made by wire sculpture artist ‘Benni Efrat’ from Israeli it was seen at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Fancy trying them out? You first!

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  16. Thanks for the ideas. On our farm we have a lot of rusted wire. Actually I have asked one of the workers to create a boabab tree for me. Oh he is so creative. He actually cut out “leaves” from a 2liter green sprite bottle and added onto the branches. I have also a big rusted cup and saucer and 2 plain rusted bins. Its a pitty you are not in South Africa. I am looking for someone who can have more use of it than us.

  17. I beg to differ. Couple of those I would love to make actually. The smaller stuff like the candles since there is unused barbed wire in the barn though not much of it. But then I live out where the stuff is so easy to come by.

  18. What a great post. My favorite has to be the heart statue. I am of Czechoslovakian descent and very proud to know that this exists. I also think the ring is beautiful and very romantic. I hope your knee is doing well. I walk two dogs and it is always an adventure! 🙂

  19. I have miles of the stuff to get rid of in the next few years, and none of these are the least bit appealing. Lol! Into the recycling it goes cause I don’t want to have handle the stuff again. Pulling it from the ground, and from fences over grown by brush is not fun,

  20. I love the trellises, they would look great with climbing plants. I admire the creativity of the chairs, the jewelry, etc. but I would have to buy it if I liked it because I can’t see myself making them. An oddball post but fascinating.

  21. Stunning images Russell! Love that ring! 😀
    Totally agree on the remark you made re the garden chairs. I think I’ll sit on the ground thanks..hehehehe
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 *hugs*

  22. I like n°10 and especially n°8 because I think climbing plants would easilyr find what they need to hang on.

    Now I have to tell you one of my husband’s jokes: Scientists crossed the earthworm with the hedgehog and got a meter of barbed wire.

  23. The trellis and the birds nest are my favorites, but the chairs and mat of #1 and the cowboy hat are super cool. But as you pointed out–quite pointless. HA HA HA you’re such a punny person.

  24. Russell! You’ve done it again! This is one of your best postings!

    # 10: Very nicely made, with the barbs mostly out of harming way. I would love to have spider webs like those on my windows.

    # 9: I think not! It would be far too easy to grab one when you wanted to move the candle.

    #8: Aside from looking great, those trellis’ might keep unwanted pests away too.

    #7: Eh… I don’t like it really. Those tiny bulbs… meh.

    #6: An exceptionally lovely way to re-purpose the pointy wire!

    #5: I vaguely remember the part about the wire being made from that fence, and I’m almost sure I’ve seen this picture before. It’s a bit ugly though, don’t you think?

    #4: A really well made piece of art. A quick look at the picture and you would think it was made of braided fabric before you brain caught up to your eyes, warning you to look and not touch. I think it’s really very well done.

    #3: Meh.

    #2: I like it! At first blush it does look like chicks in the nest. Bob Pool has a great imagination!

    #1: Well… what can you say? As an Art installation, it’s brilliant to my mind. Wonder if anyone actually touches a part of a chair, just to see if it’s a sharp as it looks!

  25. aha. the year the berlin wall fell. well, one month is a brief revolution, barely enough time to sing the beatles’ “revolution.”

Which one did you like?