Top 10 Strange and Unusual Sleeping Bags

I hate camping! Sleeping in a tent, bugs crawling all over you, cold hard floor, I couldn’t think of anything worse! Maybe it was just the lack of a father figure to take me on those camping trips or maybe I am just far too fussy. Maybe I need to “Man up!” and give camping one more try. Well, if I am going to do this I will need a sleeping bag, and why should I settle for a boring normal one when I could have any of this little lot…

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Sleeping Bags

Shark Sleeping Bag
Shark Sleeping Bag

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The main problem I have with camping is that something will always end up biting me, bugs, fleas and maybe sharks!!! OK, that last one isn’t very likely, but it would be if you have this rather scary looking “Shark Attack” sleeping bag.

Eaten By A Bear sleeping bag
Eaten By A Bear sleeping bag

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And that surprise it a sleeping bag that makes it look like a Grizzly Bear has eaten you while you slept! Although it has to be said that this one would probably keep you quite warm and cosy inside due to the fur effect.

Sleeping Bag Chair
Sleeping Bag Chair

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Well, one of my complaints about camping is that I will have to sleep on the cold lumpy floor or some forest, well that might not be the case with this awesome looking chair that is, in fact, a sleeping bag! Making camping just like falling asleep in front the TV. (as I always do)

Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag
Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag

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Why? Why-o-why would you want to own this, let alone sleep in it! Well despite how strange it really is I just had to include it because it is one of the most unusual sleeping bags you will ever see, and, to be honest, I do think it is quite awesome as well.

Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

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Said Han Solo But let’s just say you have decided that this Ice Planet they call “Hoth” was the perfect place to camp!?! Well, if you did you might well need this sleeping bag that is made to look just like a Tauntaun! It comes with saddle, internal intestines and glow in the dark lightsaber zip pull, and as a bonus, you can use the creature’s head as a pillow!

Cadaver Sleeping Bag
Cadaver Sleeping Bag

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Are you dead tired after hard days camping and spending 4hrs putting that 90 person tent up? Well, this just might well be the sleeping bag for you because it makes you look like you are in fact a corpse! Strange one for sure, but it might get a few laughs.

Horse Sleeping Bag
Horse Sleeping Bag

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Sadly they don’t make these in adult size but for the little ones this just might be one of the best sleeping bags ever! And this had to be included because see that cuddly plush horse? Oh yes!!! That really is the pillow that goes with it. (sometimes being an adult sucks)

Lego Sleeping Bag
Lego Sleeping Bag

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Now this is rather cool, this handmade Lego sleeping bag just brings a smile to the face and makes a great talking point, but I do have to wonder just how comfortable that Lego brick pillow is.

Jabba The Hut Sleeping Bag
Jabba The Hut Sleeping Bag

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What better way to hide from all the bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins and bodyguards out there than inside this rather comfortable looking Jabba the Hut sleeping bag! Apparently, it was supposed to be sold as a costume but was later re-marketed as the sleeping bag you see before you. Maybe this camping thing isn’t too bad after all!

slice of pizza sleeping bag
slice of pizza sleeping bag

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WIN! That is how I feel about this amazing Pizza slice that is, in fact, a rather comfortable sleeping bag with the “crust” being a rather comfortable looking pillow! I am was ever to go camping it would have to be in this for sure!

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  3. I go camping every year with my cadets and I am so tempted to get one of these just to surprise them all! Love it!

  4. Reading your blog always brightens my day! You find the most interesting things..with that being said, my favorite out of this top ten would be the bear. I would pick that one in hopes to scare all of the other little critters away if I ever went camping.

  5. Your sleeping bag imagery gave me much needed smiles after another tough day. Thanks for following me and I’ll keep an eye on you as well. I enjoy your blog very much.

  6. bahahahah!!! This is a great post! Who knew sleeping bags could be so awesome:) my favs are the bear and the anatomical one. Could really get into trouble wearing the bear bag on a camping trip:)

  7. comments do not get much better than that! Thank you so, so much! I am at work at the moment, but I will take a look at the award when I get home. (seriously thanks!!!)

  8. LOL…I loved this post and shared it on the Facebook and hope it goes VIRAL! In the meantime, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! For more information:

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  10. My button for the next and previous post are images that I made myself with Microsoft paint, so very easy and nothing special as I have no art skill at all. And thank you so much for the very kind words I really do appreciate them.

  11. Thanks yes I saw that latter and consumed whole tips page.Nice Tips. thanks for that. I’ll visit often to see more.
    Keen to figure out how did you customized green arrow buttons for next posts. 🙄 I used to do some customization on bloggers but on wordpress I can’t find except some normal widgets, facebook button,text box etc.but these are quite simple or common. what do you say?
    Anyways you are doin’ a great job.Keep it up!
    Best Wishes 🙂

  12. Awesome :rol: dude I really admire your skills and your choice! You really pick unique things , they are like a feast to ones eyes ….. keep it up! though I’m quite new here on wordpress. Wish if you could some tips and suggestions.
    All the Best!

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  14. *LOL* Well first off my spelling sucks big time! And the grammar police are always on my back, but I do my best and that is all I can do. And it is so great to hear that I am not alone in my hate for camping. Thank you for sharing as well, as it means a lot. (well it does in fact pay my bills!)

  15. I LOVE this site! I knew from the first line in your sleeping bag post that we could be friends – I hate camping too. And I DID have a father figure who gave it his all attempting to create great family memories under the stars, toasting marshmallows around a campfire…It was awful. One thing, though, I noticed you mentioned that you are the best looking nerd in the UK and, while you are quite good looking…ummm…how to put this delicately…you need to work on your spelling. Honour?? Organisation?? Your UK-ness is showing. It’s honor & organization. I should know. I’m from Chicago, so…yeah. Kidding. I will definitely share this site with friends 🙂

  16. Well apparently the chair one just folds down into a normal sleeping bag sized bag! But I have no idea if that is true, and yes some of them really would give anyone nightmares, particularly if you come across them in the middle of the night!

  17. I like the pizza sleeping bag. Looks comfy! The anatomical bag looks a little creepy. And since we are on the topic of sleeping bags, this is not the most unique but still very cute:

  18. The first thing I thought of when I saw the bear was – will I wake up in the middle of night with a real bear wanting to hump me or just cuddle up. I too am not a fan of camping – we used to tent camp and I didn’t like finding my air mattress had lost air and I could feel the rocks under it.
    I love my mod cons too much – the roughest I would go is an RV hooked up to water and electricity. Personally I will take hotel room over camping. The anatomical one just seems to invite creatures to come and have a gnaw – there is a road map to all the juicy bits with none of the work.

  19. So that’s what jabba the hut looks like. Don’t know if I should be more intrigued to watch Star Wars.. the shark and the bear were definitely winners for me. At the least I know I’d be some fierce fight of a meal.

  20. omg hahaha.. I love the pizza slice one! also… did you ever wrote a “top 10 craziest body modification” blog? … 🙂

  21. I agree that they are all wonderfully unusual, but I think most of them would give me nightmares rather than a good night’s sleep! The sleeper chair is an interesting idea, though perhaps not easy to pack into a rucksack for a camping trip?

  22. What a fabulous list. its nice to add a little twist to the old sleeping routine. Although I disagree with you about camping, I will say in a jabba the hutt, bear or shark sleeping bag all the creepy crawlers will be scared of you!

  23. I WANT THE BEAR ONE! I love it! I would love to walk into my lessons tomorrow in that. *snorts*.

  24. I like this post because so far, it is the strangest one I have seen. And you aren’t “fussy” – you just like to be “comfortable”, at least that is what my friend tells me when I refuse to go tent camping. It was fun when we were in scouts, eh, not so much any more!

  25. I hate camping also. Well when I was younger I did a lot of camping, but I still refused to sleep on the ground! no no no! I had a cot…haha cheating right? Now I want my hot shower and my own bed. But I do admit I love the pizza one…….I wonder though, will it make me hungry in the middle of the night?? lol

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  27. I was an avid tent camper. No RV for me! Now, of course, I’m older, want some comfort. That sleeping bag chair looks like it fits the comfort bill! And, yes…I love the bear! Once I got around those teeth, I imagine I could get a good, comfy-warm night’s sleep in “Mr. Cuddles!”

  28. Oh my god! I love the bear sleeping bag! Nobody would disturb me if I had one like that XD
    The anatomical model sleeping bag is for medecine students who have to study even when they sleep? Aha, that’s awesome~~ =D

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