Top 10 Most Amazing Mushrooms

Wiki says that a mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. But did you know they can be rather beautiful and amazing!? Well if you are not a fan of mushrooms I might be about to change your mind….

Top 10 Most Amazing Mushrooms

Pennsylvania.  (Boletus campestris)
Pennsylvania. (Boletus campestris)

10 – Pennsylvania. (Boletus campestris)

These mushrooms grow in late spring and summer on the ground in the upland woods, often at the edges of trails. Often seen after late spring and summer rains and despite being quite a vivid colour and look are in fact edible! Much like the entoloma hochstetteri edible means 100% edible so even the stalk can be eaten!

Lactarius indigo
Lactarius indigo

9 – Toronto. (Lactarius indigo)

This amazing Mushroom that is often called blue milk mushroom is mostly seen growing in North America, East Asia, and Central America. And once again despite the amazingly vivid colours that often warning of how poisonous it is, it’s is in fact completely edible! But these are not to be confused with the sky blue mushroom entoloma hochstetteri that is in fact poisonous.

Clathrus ruber
Clathrus ruber

8 – Mexico. (Clathrus ruber)

Often called “the football mushroom” you wouldn’t want to kick it to a friend because the interior surfaces are all coated with a foul-smelling slime that attracts flies and other insects and if this is sprayed over someone they would be like an instant lunch for insects. You don’t need me to tell you this but they are 100% non-edible. There are some amazing fungi in the world that is for sure.

Laccaria amethystina
Laccaria amethystina

7 – North Wales (Laccaria amethystina)

Sounding like some sort of assassin the “Amethyst Deceiver” is a small brightly coloured mushroom that grows in deciduous as well as coniferous forests. Because its bright amethyst colour fades with age and weathering, it is very difficult to identify it and sadly that is how it gets its name ‘Deceiver’. But despite the deadly name the top of it is, in fact, edible and makes an amazing mushroom sauce, but not the stalk which is quite bitter to the taste.

Hydnellum peckii
Hydnellum peckii

6 – Arizona. (Hydnellum peckii)

Often called “The Bleeding Tooth mushroom” Hydnellum peckii is a hydnoid species, producing spores on the surface of vertical spines or tooth-like projections that hang from the underbelly of the main stalk It is found in North America, South America, Europe and was recently discovered in Iran. And you hardly need me to tell you this one but they are VERY deadly even to touch and 100% non-edible

Macrocybe Titans
Macrocybe Titans

5 – Central America. (Macrocybe Titans)

Macrocybe titans is a species of mushroom that had the claim to fame of being called “The World’s biggest Mushroom” it grows in mostly grassy areas in tropical and subtropical habitats and the best bit is that it’s 100% edible! There are even stories I have read that say that this is used as an amazing mushroom toy.

Hygrocybe helobia
Hygrocybe helobia

4 – UK (Hygrocybe helobia)

These amazing brightly coloured shiny mushrooms are often described as the orchids of the fungi world. They are found on lawns and grassy churchyards or most normally grass that has never had any artificial fertilisers applied to it and are 100% non-edible so no looking for any amazing mushroom recipe for this one!

Dictyophora indusiata
Dictyophora indusiata

3 – Africa. (Dictyophora indusiata)

Often called “The Veiled Lady” the fruit body of the fungus is characterised by a conical to bell-shaped cap on a stalk and a delicate “lace skirt” that hangs from beneath the cap and reaches nearly to the ground. Once again you don’t really need me to tell you that this is deadly to touch and should never be eaten.

Entoloma hochstetteri
Entoloma hochstetteri

2 – New Zealand. (Entoloma hochstetteri)

This stunning species of mushroom can be found in New Zealand and India and is a very distinctive bright blue colour, while the gills have a slight reddish tint from the spores! This Mushroom is in fact so famous it was featured on the back of a $50 NZ bank-note! You know this already but it is 100% non-edible

Neonothopanus gardneri
Neonothopanus gardneri

1 – Borneo. (Neonothopanus gardneri)

Found In a forest in Brazil researchers only recently (2008) found a glow-in-the-dark mushroom not seen since 1840! The long-forgotten fungus had to be reclassified, but scientists are still trying to determine just what makes the mysterious mushroom glow but they do know that it is 100% non-edible. But imagine an amazing mushroom soup that glows in the dark!!! Now that would be cool.

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  4. There is some real hate on the comments here. Lighten up people, it is just someone’s opinion of what makes a Mushroom amazing!

  5. Some errata for #6: Hydnellum peckii. NO mushroom is deadly to touch – you simply can’t poison yourself without eating them. You can safely handle any mushroom in the world (including the actual deadly ones, such as Amanita phalloides) so long as you don’t put them in your mouth and swallow. I handle Hydnellum all the time – the red exude stains your hands orange, but that’s about it. Definitely not “very deadly,” just inedible.

  6. Actually number 4 – UK (Hygrocybe helobia) also known as the stinkhorn, is not totally inedible,when it is still young and in it’s egg like form, its is edible and actually a delicacy in Germany and France. Just don’t eat mature ones!

  7. Normally I can follow a blog back across the top bar, but I don’t seem to be able to do this on your blog. Can you help? Thanks Tim

  8. Amethyst deceiver – find them in the woods near here sometimes. Never even seen a photo of the football one before. Pretty stunning.
    And thanks for checking out my cattery blog. Cats DON’T eat mushrooms. But some eat cabbage.

  9. How could I not follow! Cats fans united and all that. And No, I don’t take the pictures, but all credit is linked to the original photographer.

  10. Thanks for following my cat blog! These pictures are incredible!! I am fascinated by mushrooms although I don’t like to eat them. They pop up in unexpected places and have interesting shapes – and colors, as you’ve shown here! Did you take these pictures? My file of “mushroom pictures” is not nearly as impressive as these specimens – I took them mainly in Wisconsin and Illinois, where I live. Still, I’ve been amazed by the variety I have found, just taking a walk in the woods.

  11. We have some glow-in-the-dark fungi in Australia (plus lots of other weird and wonderful kinds).
    I once had one on the kitchen window sill, where it was bright enough to pass as a night light. we probably should have left in the ‘bush’ where it belonged.

  12. oh dear I think you may have ruined button mushrooms for me for all eternity! how am I to eat another one without thinking what it could have been… Although the Hydnellum peckii looks to be awesome inspiration for icing and strawberry jam goodies 🙂

  13. What an interesting collection of shrooms! So so weird looking! Thanks for looking at my poem ‘12,000,000,000 milles above work’. Some of these mushrooms even look like toys I reckon! Especially the football one and the luminous green at 10… I’m writing a short story with some fantasy elements in at the min, and these images are very inspiring- so thanks again!

  14. Reblogged this on Cloud Eight and a Half and commented:
    I found this today and couldn’t help but get overwhelmed by the beauty of these mushrooms! Just another weird tidbit about me, I love mushrooms. Always have, always will. Just not to eat. In that case they’re gross. But seriously, check this out!

  15. These are SO amazing. It’s good to know someone else shares my fascination with mushrooms! 🙂 Most people tell me it’s gross, but I can’t help it, these are beautiful!

  16. You are a star, thanks so much. Have been watching it for several years and it grows larger and the surface is hard to touch, almost like wood. It is wedged into a tree trunk. Wonderful of you to let me know. Appreciated. x

  17. Fabulous photos and so interesting. I posted a photo of a mushroom.toad stool in my blog last year asking if anyone could ID it for me…perhaps you can? Thanks for liking my post by the way. Thanks for the lovely blog you run, love it.

  18. It won’t let me like it because of the security features on my browser but I do, nice pictures and great research!

  19. True. the one I enjoyed the most was the “bleeding” one. I had never known that even existed. That one got my attention! Fascinating.

  20. HA HA HA HA! Awesome finds man! Those are some trippy looking fungi! Holy hell lookit that size of that one…..(Macrocybe Titans)….100% edible!? count me in!

  21. Ha now you just need to write a top 10 diet coke designs post and you’ll offically be my favourite person in the world (i’m easily swayed)

  22. The poisonous ones aren’t good for you, however all other mushrooms are super healthy. They’re known as a Super Food; go organic if you can for the full health benefits. Shiitake mushrooms also have a funny name! *giggle snort guffaw*

  23. 😀 it is a surprising discovery for me. I especially love the shiitake mushroom. If anyone put a mushroom in front of me, I will eat without question. Thanks to your post, I start to be wary in the mushroom I eat next time.

  24. Wow, I enjoy reading about mushrooms because I love to eat mushrooms. Shockingly, the seventh mushroom you mention is not completely edible. XO It is right to be named deceiver because the stalk is poisonous. If I don’t know, I will eat its stalk.

    Thank you for liking my poetry ‘Striking A Pose’.

  25. Wow, I love mushrooms so much so this is awesome!!!! Even better number 7 is in North Wales which is where I live! Mushrooms grow alot in the nearby forest so I will deffiantly be hunting soon and will let you know if I find them!
    Thank you so much for this post 🙂

    Addicted x

  26. We’ve got a lot of mushrooms here in Colo. and we were always yelled at as kids not to eat them because they WILL KILL YOU! <–parental yelling. I now have a healthy fear of mushrooms and will only eat what is given to me at the grocery store or the Chinese restaurant, the latter because I like to live dangerously in a safe way.

  27. No. I didn’t. My friend told me not to so I just took ten bajillion pictures. But it was ridiculously adorable.
    And you’re welcome. Thank YOU for coming to peek over at my blog!

  28. Oh! Oh! I have a picture that I took my very own self of the little red UK mushroom! Mine was in Scotland.
    Mushrooms are so cute! Thank you for compiling these!

  29. *LOL* Yes it is all me.I do all my own research and ALWAYS give credit to where the image or product is from. I just post what I find amazing and hope other people feel the same way about it.

  30. i think whoever compiled this is amazing. to research and hunt out these pics and all the other top 10s u have featured takes some serious searching. is it you? if so, u are amazing.

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