Top 10 Best Images of Creepy Cats

I have a slight confession to tell you all. You see despite my love of cats and all the fun I have seeing them and reading about them in all our Caturday posts, I am in fact quite afraid of them!  Kittens particularly scare me, but not because anything bad that happened to me as a kid, no, nothing like that, it is the unpredictability of them. Some people would call this post “top 10 ‘soon’ memes” but I like to call them…

Top 10 Best Images of Creepy Cats

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Creepy Cat Behind a Net Curtain
Creepy Cat Behind a Net Curtain

10 – “my skin rots where you touch it, so I will stay behind this if you don’t mind”

Kesha once said: ”I love creepy old dudes. I love that they have so much self-confidence, despite having no evidence whatsoever to back it up.”

Creepy Cat Looking Through a Hole in the Door
Creepy Cat Looking Through a Hole in the Door

9 – “Heeeeeeres Kitty!”

Douglas Coupland once said: ”Is there anything in the world more annoyingly creepy than an unspoken dress code?”

Creepy Cat Looking Through Window at a Bird
Creepy Cat Looking Through Window at a Bird

8 – “Oh boy, I need some Texas style dip right now.”

Penn Jillette once said: ”We knew that we were kind of odd and creepy, and we wanted to do odd, creepy stuff for people who wanted to see that.”

Scary cat looking over the sofa
Scary cat looking over the sofa

7 – “If you roll your eyes at me one more time, I’m going to knock them out of your head.”

Carrie Underwood once said: ”I’m a private person, and I don’t want people knowing what kind of underwear I like. It’s creepy!”

Creepy Cat Poking Head Through Sofa
Creepy Cat Poking Head Through Sofa

6 – “You’re Going to Need Glasses if You Keep Staring at me like that!”

Harry Connick, Jr. once said: ”There are people who can’t stand me, they say, ‘God, he makes me sick’, or, ‘He’s creepy’, but it doesn’t affect me too badly.”

Creepy Cat Climbing a Wall Ready to Attack
Creepy Cat Climbing a Wall Ready to Attack

5 – “See my finger, see my thumb, see me pounce, you’d better run!”

Chuck Jones once said: ” Us human beings will line up for miles to buy buckets full of catastrophes, but don’t try selling sunshine and light – you’ll go broke.”

Creepy Cat Looking Through Window
Creepy Cat Looking Through Window

4 – “If you don’t open this door soon your shoes will become my kitty tray.”

Olivia Wilde once said: ”I am so saddened and grossed out by young women who look like creepy, old aliens because of their new Barbie noses and lips. Is that a smile or a grimace?”

Creepy Cat Poking Out From Under a Laptop
Creepy Cat Poking Out From Under a Laptop

3 – “Can’t feed me because you’re too busy!? Well, be prepared to talk in a high pitch tone.”

George A. Romero once said: ”I don’t think you need to spend $40 million to be creepy. The best horror films are the ones that are much less endowed.”

Creepy Cat Looking Through gap in the Window Blinds
Creepy Cat Looking Through gap in the Window Blinds

2 – “Can I interest you in some blinds? Or maybe me making you blind!”

Crispin Glover once said: ”It’s like, you can’t have any fun, and if you do have fun, if you do your own thing, you’re considered crazy and should be in a mental institution. Now, that’s what I find creepy. I’m eccentric. I am not messed up.”

Creepy Cat Poking out of a Vase
Creepy Cat Poking out of a Vase

1 “I’m the genie of the vase and your be wishing you never saw me!”

Sean Parker once said: ”Look – There’s good creepy and there’s bad creepy. Today’s creepy is tomorrow’s necessity.”

142 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Images of Creepy Cats”

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  2. I got scratched in the face once and have never liked cats since, so to me they are all scary.

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  4. haha I laughed so hard. you really have such an awesome blog xD
    Anyway, my cat ever did #3, and it was scary haha.

  5. Admittedly, I am definitely not a cat fan, but love the pics, especially #3!!! lmbo

  6. Well it seems this really is becoming a must read family blog, I am so happy that on that first day I decided to make this blog because it is comments like yours that make it all worth while.

  7. I won’t buy me any vase from now =)) haha ,what a nice way to start my day!

    Happy Caturday and the coming sunday ,RD ^ – ^

  8. So many “bad” faces…the word my mother always used when one of the cats was burning with mischievousness. I didn’t smile at these. I laughed like a mindless fool. You’ve filled my Caturday with delight once again! Thank you.

  9. I’ve actually known quite a few people who were afraid of cats; mainly the thought that the cats might suddenly jump on them or scratch them. At my house that would probably be true…

  10. Reblogged this on blueribbonfair and commented:
    This is a must see for the funny bone. But do not click on and read if: 1. You hate cats, 2. Have a feline phobia, 3. Have a bird phobia-wish I knew the names for these phobias- or 4. Just hate to laugh. These are just so funny.

    Have a merry heart moment:

  11. Yes, cats are unpredictable, but so are dogs – I am afraid of dogs and their teeth. No doubt because I was bitten on the jar when I was 5 or 6. I think the dog saw something and I was in the way. I hate those yappy little ones that go for the feet. I will go for a cat any day.

    #8 and #4 are scary, #10 is hilarious and so is #5 – but #1 is something else entirely.
    Yippee for Caturday!

  12. I like number 5. Over the door ready to pounce. So is saturaday your cat ritual day?!?!?!?

  13. It isn’t on my blog but I will happily send it to you if you message me an email from my contact me page, feel free to use it 🙂

  14. I do not know. She was home-schooled and had never seen live fish. She said that repeatedly. I said, “Shelly, you’d never watched TV before, but you’re not afraid of it!” She wanted me to get rid of my fish. I told her to grow up. She would not cross to my side of the room on account of my very scary goldfish. *shrugs*

  15. I get the strangest of feelings no-one stuck that cat inside the vase it did it its self. But I am with you on the invisibility cat, it is just scary.

  16. I might be more afraid of the owner who stuck his cat in a ceramic pot, but that first one behind the drapes is priceless. Here’s to Caturday!

  17. That IS surprising! I had a neighbor who was afraid of cats, as well. She was a Nebraska farm girl, and had never known anyone who kept cats in their house. Nothing beats my roommate in college who was terrified of goldfish, though!

  18. I do often wonder what are cats are thinking…….stuff that Alfred Hitchcock could make movies about! Thanks for giving us Caturday! Gotta love it!

  19. Oh no, no, no… The Egyptians revered cats..took them to their graves. I think you harbor deep respect for cats. These photos actually represent cats protecting/ watching out for their people… 🙂 LOVE the one peaking through the bent door shade!!!!!!

  20. Number 7 made me really LOL! My cat looks just like that, so when she pulls that face again at least I’ll know what she’s thinking!

  21. #5 needs a Spidey outfit…
    (Cue Music…) “It’s Spidey-Kitty!”
    #3 might concern me more if I were a guy…
    But #4 reminds me of the worst boss I ever worked for..

  22. Hilarious!

    I love cats myself, but I absolutely hate it when they stare at you for a very long time, completely freaks me out!

  23. All very cute but Love no.1 and that one of the cat between the guys legs… Of course there are plenty of other things today there, but this is a family page.

  24. Brilliant! I have a photograph of my cat that would scare you ha. I used to have re-occurring dreams about cats and was very scared of them until I actually got one my self. Wraps me around her finger she does! 🙂

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