Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes

Don’t get confused here, because this isn’t a blog post about Zebra shaped cakes, it is about a dessert cake that people just happen to call “Zebra cakes” (Or Icebox cakes if you are elsewhere in the world) apparently the first ever Zebra cakes where just a slight deviation from a trifle! But I only found out about these the other day when someone posted a picture of one they had made on their Pinterest wall, it looked so amazing it inspired me to do this post! So come with me and grab a dessert spoon because you are going to want to try some of these…

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes


Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
That famous chocolate icebox cake

10 – Chocolate Wafers to heaven and back

The best bit about this amazing Zebra cake is how simple it is (click on the image for recipe) nothing hard, something amazing to look at and you just know it tastes divine. Pass me a plate because I am going in!

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Chocolate Coffee Icebox Cake

9 – Coffee for one!

Despite the fact that I love coffee I don’t actually like coffee flavour cakes, but I am more than willing to make an exception when it comes to this Zebra cake masterpiece. So why are you still reading this? Click on that image and start making one!

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Strawberries and Cream Icebox Cake

8 – Strawberries and drool!

mouth-watering just doesn’t even start to describe how amazing this Strawberries and cream Zebra Cake really is. Please don’t read any more of my stupid ramblings, click on the image link and make something wonderful! …and then send it to me.

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Lemon Lavender Icebox Cake

7 – Some Zebra cakes look nice, others look nothing short of beautiful!

And beautiful is exactly what this one is for sure. Even its name “Lemon Lavender” sounds amazing let alone how it tastes! It might well look like a super posh, high-end Zebra cake, but if you look at the ingredients in the image link you will see that it is not that difficult to make at all, meaning that even the rubbish bakers like me can make something incredible.

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Icebox Cake (homemade chocolate wafers with caramel cream)

6 – Piece by Piece

The best bit about this one isn’t how amazing it looks or how good it most probably tastes, but how much detail has gone into the step-by-step guide in the source link! It really really is such a simple guide to making Zebra cakes that even I am very tempted to have a go, and I can burn water!

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Icebox Cake

5 – Monkey Magic!

Much like a Monkey I love Bananas! And what better way to eat them than on top of this amazing chocolate peanut butter & banana Zebra cake! Nothing else to say other than click on that image link and away you go! …Oh! And please make me one as well.

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cake

4 – “We No Speak Americano”

I have no idea if it really is an original Mexican dessert cake, but who cares! It looks incredible, and with the amazing guide in the source link, it is also simple to replicate!

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
chocolate mint icebox cake.

3 – Minted!

For me it is the green mint flavoured cream that really makes this one so special, so what you like you know this is going to taste epic and with fairly easy instructions to make on in the image link! For me, this is one amazing looking Zebra cake for sure!

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Chocolate Raspberry Icebox Cake

2 – The sophisticated Zebra cake

I just can’t imagine how good this would taste! And you just know it is going to be right up there with the best of them, the colours, the cream the drool that is dripping down my screen! Now please just stop reading this, click on that picture and make one!

Top 10 Best Icebox Cake Recipes
Strawberry Icebox Cake

1 – It started with a dribble!

And it all started with this one that someone had pinned on their wall and so it should end with the same one. You can just imagine that when I saw this I just had to discover more about it, what it was, how to make them and more importantly what they tasted like. I have done the hard work in finding the recipe for this in the link, so now all I have to do is to find out how they taste! And maybe make me one as well.

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