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Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Before learning to blog, I thought I might just be able to start my own cupcake shop because my cupcakes looked OK and tasted not that bad at all. But when I found Pinterest I realized that I would have been a very small fish in a cut-throat World. Anyone who runs a cupcake business has my total respect because you need to step it up every day. Can you make those cookie monster cupcakes? What about some with art designs on them? Well, if you can you are already too far behind to catch up with the rest because there is a new cupcake walking the streets and I am about to bring you the best of them…

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes


Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Black High Heels Cupcakes

10 – Better in Black

While there isn’t a recipe of making guide in the image link, they do look amazing and are a great example of things to come. I am not into ladies High Heels, but I am into cupcakes!

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Purple High Heels Cupcakes

9 – Those are some tasty looking heels!

With a chocolate wafer heel, these have a small recipe and making guide to them but yet again nothing perfect. But what are perfect are these cupcakes because they wouldn’t be going on my feet that are for sure they would be going on my tongue!

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Red High Heels Cupcakes

8 – Is Red The Best?!?

Not only do these amazing red high heel cupcake shoes look incredible  but they also have both a recipe and making guide in the image link, so we can all have a little go at making them. Although I do suspect the skill level needed is well above my own.

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Pink High Heels Cupcakes

7 – The Pink Muncher.

No making guide or recipe with these but they do look amazing none the less, and just about the only pink high heels I will be willing to try. I have to wonder what the shoes “sole” is made from, the shoe=cupcake, the heel=wafer stick, but the sole?!? I have no idea.

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Brown High Heels Cupcakes

6 – Chocolate shoes? Yes, please!

Now this one really does look very tasty indeed, but yet again no recipe of making guide in the source link! It is like no-one wants us to know how to make them, or I am getting some sense of just how cut throat the cupcake World really is?!?

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Pink High Heels Cupcakes

5 – The Crystal Slipper

These rather tasty pink ones were done for a birthday party, but I would l just like to try one as a snack! Anyway, sadly there is no recipe or making guide again but it is still right up there in my top 10 because it looks so tasty!

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Yellow High Heels Cupcakes

4 – Mellow Yellow

I think the yellow hundreds and thousands of toppings really makes this one stand out of the crowd and while once again it doesn’t have a making guide or recipe in the image link it does look so tasty it makes my mouth drool

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Spotty High Heels Cupcakes

3 – The Worlds most Glamorous High Heel Cupcakes

You will not see a much more impressive cupcake shoe that these ones, with an incredible hundreds and thousands, finish to it these are in a whole new class of their own and with a fairly good making guide I think they could well be worth a go.

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Light Blue High Heels Cupcakes

2 – Blue Suede Shoes

Well it is more icing than suede, but while they look amazing of that I am in no doubt, that is not the reason they are my number 2, the main reason is the first class, step-by-step making guide with FULL images and recipe! See it is not so had to do a cupcake blog right if you try hard enough.

Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Light Green High Heels Cupcakes

1 – The Minty Fresh Shoe

Sadly once again there is not making guide of recipe with this cupcake, but I gave it my number 1 spot for a couple of reasons, the first being that it looks like the tastiest shoe I will ever see in my life, and the second was that there are loads of different styles of it in the image link. So why it doesn’t have a guide it does offer loads of inspiration.


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  6. Judson Chavez says:

    Cupcakes made to look like high heels, whatever next.

  7. Duane Shelly says:

    I will be making some of these for my daughters hen party, the green ones look like the ones for me. (and her)

  8. I will keep an eye out for some of those dalek cucakes then, but yes these are rather cool if a little complicated.

Which one did you like?

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