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Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

I can’t be the only one that has eaten a whole bag of Gummy bears in one sitting. Those tasty, colourful little bears are a retro joy sweet from the past and still very much loved by kids nowadays. So today I am looking at some gummy bear gift ideas for people who just can’t get enough of the sweet bear stuff…

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas


Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Clear Gummy Bear Nightlight

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What a perfect way for kids to have a night-light than with this rather beautiful gummy bear clear lamp! With a nice range of colours, there is one that is sure to match the rooms decor and put your child (or yourself) at ease.

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

World’s Largest Giant Gummy Bear

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Being over 1400 regular-sized bears in size this is one super bite indeed! With a nice range of colours and flavours, they are sure to delights someone and most probably make then very ill indeed. Best to share it I think. (Not that I would, it would be all mine!)

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Muddy Bears: Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

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Ever fancied eating Gummy bears made from chocolate? Well it turns out they have been available for a while now and have just been hiding in the shelves disguised as “Muddy Bears”, but the really good news is if you don’t fancy buying them by clicking on the image above you could just make your very own with the gift idea below!

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

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Fancy making some super cute ice cubes or maybe some really cute and tasty gummy bear chocolates, smelly soaps and candles?!? Then you are going to need one of these amazing silicon mould trays. The more trays you have the more things you can make!

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Scented Gummy Bear Headphones

6 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

While it does indeed say “ear buds” on the packet, these are called headphones to us here in the UK, but it doesn’t matter what you call then they are still cool. The only thing I do have to wonder about is how long the “scented” aspect of them will last when placed in and out the ear. Not very long I would imagine.

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Gummy Bear Sweater

5 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

This very vivid looking sweet sweater is perfect if you like standing out from the crowd. But let us hope it is not flavoured, otherwise you might have people licking you in the street! Or even worst, taking a bite out of you!

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Retro Gummy Bear Earrings

4 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

With a massive range of colours and styles to choose from Gummy bear inspired jewellery is a common sight, but for me these earrings stood out from the crowd. Best of all is that most of these are cheap as chips because it is often just costume jewellery! Although I have seen some in both silver and gold.

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Gummy Bear Red Flask / Bottle

3 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

This is probably one of the strangest gummy bears inspired things you will ever see. Being advertised as a “boozy” flask, I just think they are perfect for kids drinks and would make for a fantastic picnic in the woods idea. Or you can just put booze inside of them!

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Gummy Bears Military Dog Tag

2 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Yet again another rather odd gift to give someone, but for some reason one I really liked! If you were looking for a small inexpensive gift for someone who loves gummy bears, this would be the one for them. Saying that I would like one as well!

Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas

Gummy Bears Glass Oven Splashback

1 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

For me, it just didn’t get any better than this. The splashback is something that people use to protect the back wall of their ovens to stop the “splashback” of pots and pans from staining the wall. And this very colourful Gummy bear one is perfect for any kitchen.


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