Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails

I don’t really go for all this “Big Brother, the World is watching you” way of thinking. After all if they want to watch my boring life, I will happily let them! Sadly for all of us, regardless of what country we live in, there are bad people trying to do bad things, so security is always something we should all take very seriously. But when it comes to keeping things secure people don’t always get it right…

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails

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Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails

10 – I know times are tough, but come on! Cheap Security or just plain bad security?!?

FACT: At the end of 2012 there were 37 million CCTV cameras in operation worldwide, with 2.5 million of those right here in the UK!

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Electric Fence Fail

9 – The only shocking thing here is the low-quality wood that has been used!

FACT:It is often believed that the average citizen is caught on CCTV cameras roughly 300 times a day, but that is only if you live in the bigger cities, some people who live in tiny rural villages are not seen by 1 of them because there simply isn’t any! In fact, it is thought that as of the end of 2012 there are still over 10,000+ villages in the UK with no CCTV or security cameras at all!

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Gate Lock Fail

8 – Stops 99% of all people with very short arms.  …unless they have a stick.

FACT: The concept of “Big Brother” watching your every move is not new at all, in the past people didn’t misbehave because they thought God was watching them! So have things really changed that much?!?

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Security Gate Fail

7 – No Security pass? No Problem!

FACT:99% of all cash machines in the World uses CCTV to record you making your transaction! Some of these cameras are so small they have pinhole sized lenses, but they can still record in full HD!

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Bike Lock Fail

6 – I hope that sign weighs a lot more than it looks like it does!

FACT: Here in the UK we have more CCTV cameras per head of population than any other place in the World. This works out to about 1 camera for every 14 people!

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails

5 – You steal this monitor and BAM! you will get caught!

FACT: Here in the UK it is Home Office guidelines that say for an identification by CCTV to be permissible in a court of law it has to be FULL HD (1080P) and no less!

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Scooter Locking Fail

4 – I have had my moped stolen by really tiny people in the past, that stops now!

FACT: Harrods in London has in excess of 500 CCTV cameras installed! This is because most things are only for the super-rich.

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Gate Fail

3 – That will stop the dog from getting to the postman!

FACT: The largest CCTV single building security system in the World is located at Singapore Airport and it has a total of 3,453 cameras !!!!

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
ATM Fail

2 – Enter your 4 digit pin then remove the tape on the side and remove the amount requested!

Some things can’t be fixed with duct tape

FACT: Is is believed that by the year 2020 all CCTV will take place via aerial spy drones, and cameras attached to buildings will be a thing of the past thanks to 3D plane cameras.

Top 10 Funny Bad Security Fails
Chain Lock Fail

1 –  Damn! I brought my bolt cutters but forgot a craft knife.

FACT: in 2014 two supermarket chains (Tesco and Walmart) will be using the Worlds first age and sex recognition CCTV cameras to deliver targeted ads to people via TV screen billboards! Watch Minority Report to see what this looks like, because it is basically the same thing as in that film. So is this another bad security invasion, or is it the future of ad boards?!?

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