Top 10 Creative and Best DIY Swimming Pools

We all have our goals in life. And one of mine is to one day own a house and garden big enough to have my very own swimming pool in. Sure it is a big goal to have, but if I work hard enough and save long enough maybe I will get there. But it seems some people can’t be bothered with all that saving and waiting for nonsense and just make their own…

Top 10 Creative and Best DIY Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Made With a Refuse Skip
Swimming Pool Made With a Refuse Skip

10 – Looks Rubbish

You probably all remember this idea from my post “Top 10 Things Made With Refuse Skips” it is still a great idea and one of the best home-made swimming pools you will ever see. But I suspect it would be a lot harder to make than it looks.

Swimming Pool Made With a Waterproof Sheet
Swimming Pool Made With a Waterproof Sheet

9 – Living the Dream!

I don’t know what I love most about this image, the fact that it is deadly simple to make ourselves, or the fact that the guy relaxing in it has a glass of wine! He certainly feels he is living it up large, but in reality just looks like a posh tramp.

Swimming Pool Made With a Pick-up Truck
Swimming Pool Made With a Pick-up Truck

8 – The World’s first mobile swimming pool

There are loads of variations on this idea, but they are all essentially the same thing. Get an open top van, place a waterproof sheet inside it and fill. This idea would be amazing if only you really could drive around with it already filled up and ready to go. But sadly you can’t.

Swimming Pool Made With a Drain
Swimming Pool Made With a Drain

7 – Much like my own ideas

Now why on earth would you use a storm drain as a makeshift swimming pool! Well, it does make for a cheap build, but also a rather dangerous one. Don’t try this at home!

Swimming Pool Made With a Cooler Box
Swimming Pool Made With a Cooler Box

6 – Keep it cool in the cooler box!

Sure it is simple, but this is not a bad idea for keeping the little ones cool over summer at all, just grab an old cooler box, fill it with water and make some rather happy memories.

Swimming Pool Made With a Wheeley Bin
Swimming Pool Made With a Wheeley Bin

5 – Standing room only

What I loved about this image was that it goes to show that a DIY swimming pool can offer some happy memories no matter how poor you might be. They will all grow up to remember that happy day and know that no-one or anything can ever take that away.

Swimming Pool Made With Water Proof Sheets and Beer Crates
Swimming Pool Made With Water Proof Sheets and Beer Crates

4– The pool that beer built

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, this swimming pool made from beer crates is very well made indeed and dare I say…a touch of genius! I have no idea how many bottles of beer are in each crate, but you are definitely going to have to destroy a liver or two to have enough.

Swimming Pool Made With an Army Truck
Swimming Pool Made With an Army Truck

3 – Trailer Water Park

Now this in all seriousness is not a bad idea at all. Just secure an old car trailer somewhere that is even ground, place a thick ground sheet into it and bingo! You have yourself a nice sized pool for the back garden. If this had been buried in the ground it would have been so much better, but still a good idea.

Swimming Pool Made With a Boat
Swimming Pool Made With a Boat

2 – Maritime Memories

Fed up with it being hot and not having enough money to repair his boat, Eddie decided to turn it into a little swimming pool for the local kids! Not only is this a good idea, it is a great idea! Shame I don’t have an old boat really.

Swimming Pool Made With a Waterproof Sheet and Chicken Wire
Swimming Pool Made With a Waterproof Sheet and Chicken Wire

1 – The Ghetto Pool

Made from what looks like a chicken fence and a waterproof ground sheet this is the perfect DIY pool and while the image link doesn’t contain a making guide it does contain some amazing images showing how happy the kids were and how something as simple as a home-made pool can make many happy memories for all of them.

97 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative and Best DIY Swimming Pools”

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  2. Now those are happy memories. Something so simple, but yet the work of a genius to come up with it. Well done to you and I can only hope other people copy your idea and make their very own pool and memories. .

  3. A little late to the game, but I just found this post. I’m the person that built the Ghetto Pool. It was a VERY hot day and the next door neighbor and her friends were all trying to figure out how to cool off. The reason they are all in their clothes is because they weren’t prepared for a “pool”. I offered to make them a Ghetto Pool. What’s a Ghetto Pool, they asked. It’s when you live in the Ghetto and can’t afford a real pool. We live in East Oakland (i.e. The Hood).

    It was easy to construct. It’s just one of those folding pet fences attached at both ends to the chainlink fence. We then used ropes through the existing holes in the tarp to attach it to the fencing. Finally we filled it up with water. We started with the hose, but the water was very cold. So we ran a hose from the laundry room hookup and filled it with slightly warmer water. It was a very comfortable temperature.

    Because we were having fun, I tossed in a whole bottle of bubble bath while I was filling it up. That created it’s own fun on top of the cooling effects of the “pool”. The girls hung out in the pool for HOURS that day. And yes, once I finished taking pictures I climbed right in with them. Later that evening, after the kids were in bed, her parents went out and sat in it for a while. So all in all it got a LOT of use. When it was time to tear it down, I hooked up a sump pump to a hose and we used the water on the landscaping. Waste not, want not.

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  8. You have shared some great pictures. I think these pools are an example of great creativity. I really like it.

  9. These are some very nice swimming pool ideas… The one with the beer crates is my favorite… obviously hehehe…

  10. Well I have always wondered. To be honest it just seems to be find a big whole (or make one) and fill it with water! Surly we can do much better that a trash can.

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  12. I remember we used big plastic basin as a pool when we were little here in Ph. Can I repost this? thanks!

  13. I once saw a family on tv that made a truck pool, like #8.
    The dad would get in the driver’s seat, and drive it slightly forward and back to make waves for the kids 😀

  14. Cutting a hole into might be easy but doing it must hurt as waterbeds are pricey. But hey, one have to make sacrifices for some luxury. 🙂

  15. I should add the pothole was almost 2 metres deep and filled with sewage from a leaking pipe (which caused the pothole in the first place). Just another day in SA, I’m afraid.

    I’ve seen pictures of people swimming in one (in the suburbs, not rural areas) and I’ve read in the paper of people planting trees in them as a protest against the government for not fixing the roads. Could be a future topic for you? World’s top 10 worst potholes or top 10 best uses for potholes.

  16. Great DIY pools for sure Russell and I agree, if it’s hot our there you make the best of it to cool down! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  17. The boat pool even has a lifeguard on duty. Now those guys really thought it through.

    Here in SA we just use potholes in the rainy season. (seriously, in my town we had a drowning in a pothole last year. It was over two metres deep, right next to a road)

  18. What a great topic. I agree it would be nice to have a pool someday, but I wouldn’t want to have to take care of it. The weather is too unpredictable in Chicago to get good use of one. I hope you do make your dream a reality and get yourself a pool someday. You deserve it! 🙂

  19. Laughed through them all, great to see the inventiveness and desperation, all good ideas.
    That last one though called Ghetto Pool has got a pricey fill. Looks like milk not water, and pre-teens getting a beauty bath!

  20. some very interesting pools there. necessity is the mother of all invention after all. pity its winter here, i feel rather chilly looking at them.

  21. Now that is what I call a comment! Thank you Robert, it is nice of you to take the time to not only write that comment, but take the time to express your opinion on each one, so thanks.

  22. I’m cringing at the e-coli and hepatitis and scurvy and polio germs festering in these gaping cesspools. Except for the Heineken crates. That’s genius.

  23. And… here are my thoughts on today’s 10 best DIY swimming pools:

    #10: I agree that it is probably harder to make than it looks, but it really does look like a ‘cool’ idea!

    #9: It appears to me to be a guy floating happily with his wine glass, enjoying the after work soak. The construction though leave a lot of room for improvement… I’m thinking that a bit more water would be all it takes to bring this project collapsing down around him.

    #8: Seriously… where do people get the plastic just the right size to fit the vehicle; which looks like a Chevrolet ‘El Camino’. The other cars in the rest of the picture puts it in the right period of time. On a somewhat related note: I was in Chicago once on the 4th of July and I saw a stretch limousine with a hot tub and a small pool in the back of it! It was crazy how long the limousine was!

    #7: “DANGER, DANGER WILL ROBINSON!” Seriously that looks like a really bad idea to me.

    #6: Brr! When I think of how cold the water in our cooler was, it gives me the heeby-jeebies to think of sitting in it. I’m sure the water she is in is nice and warm though. The size of course is of some concern. Not a lot of room to stretch out as it were.

    #5: Kinda like a really, really small hot tub. I think I would have to take a pass on that one.

    #4: Ah… my favorite of all the entries in this count down! I am thinking that the crates still have bottles of beer in them, you can see a neck-band peaking out from two of the crates in the closest corner. If they are not, then perhaps full of sand of something of the sort. You’d need something heavy in them or the walls would be pushed away from the pressure of the water. From the amount of empty bottles seen in the pictures, I’m thinking sand.

    #3: Probably one of the easiest ones to make… just grab enough blue plastic tarp and away you go. As it sits now, it’s conceivable that the wagon could be moved; but if it were buried you’d lose that ability for sure. And… it would probably take a ton of hard work to bury the thing.

    #2: A bit on the smallish side, but eminently usable. That’s one boat that isn’t going anywhere!


    #1: After exploring the other pictures (from the link) that go with this idea, I am thinking it’s more of a bathtub than a pool. And those silly children have all of their clothes on!

    Another great list Russell!

  24. Rub a dub there is a duck in my pool. Excellent post. Sure looks a lot easier to maintain than the real thing. How amazing are some people in making do with what they have Ivan

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