Top 10 Unusual Deep Fried Desserts

Chip Shops in the UK are not so much a food restaurant more a way of life. This blog post all started while I was on holiday in Scotland and I saw something on the menu that repulsed me. For the grand total of £0.60, you could have a deep-fried Cadbury’s Creme Egg! I was horrified at the mere thought of it! But was I a little too quick to judge it as disgusting?! For all, I know it could have been a taste sensation! Maybe I need to give them a chance, so help me decide which one you think I should try as I bring you…


Top 10 Unusual Deep Fried Desserts


Deep Fried Cadburys Creme Eggs
Deep Fried Cadburys Creme Eggs

10 – Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

Now, this is where it all started so I kind of had to include it. This image doesn’t make it look so bad and with a fantastic recipe and step by step making guide in the link, this just might be worth a try after all.

Deep Fried Oreo's
Deep Fried Oreo’s

9 – Oreo’s

Now these really do look quite nice indeed. If you like Oreo’s even half as much as I do, then why not try these with me! With a full recipe and making guide again, it means there is nothing left to chance when it comes to making these tasty looking deep-fried snacks.

Deep Fried Mexican Chocolate Cake
Deep Fried Mexican Chocolate Cake

8 – Mexican Chocolate Cake

Now this is just plain wrong! Why on earth would you eat a chocolate cake that has been deep-fried?!? Well, I have to think about trying one no matter how weird it seems. The link has a great guide to making them provided you are brave enough.

Homemade Deep Fried Bananas
Homemade Deep Fried Bananas

7 – Bananas

It seems that even fruit can’t escape the deep-fried phenomenon! And it has to be questioned just how healthy a deep-fried banana could be as well as a question if taste. If you fancy making one then the link does have a great guide to making them.

Deep Fried Watermelon
Deep Fried Watermelon

6 – Watermelon

It has to be said that this does actually look quite tasty! But there is also something rather wrong about a deep-fried watermelon that I can’t quite put my finger on (or should I say tongue) Well if you fancy making some there is a simple recipe in the link.

Deep Fried Ice Cream
Deep Fried Ice Cream

5 – Ice Cream

I had to read the description of what this is several times! Believe it or not, people really do enjoy deep-fried ice-cream! How on earth does this even work!??

Deep Fried Coke
Deep Fried Coke

4 – Coca-Cola

Yes, you read that right, what you are looking at really is deep-fried Coca-Cola that has been turned into a sort of snack dessert drink type thing. In reality, it is nothing more than Coca-Cola flavoured batter with some whipped cream on top.

Deep fried mars bar
Deep fried mars bar

3 – Mars Bar

Once again we walk the path of the weird with this sickly looking deep-fried Mars bar! This was one of the fist chocolate bars that people started deep-frying and still one of the strangest.

Deep fried Butternut Squash
Deep fried Butternut Squash

2 – Butternut Squash

Once again it has to be said that these don’t sound so bad at all! Sadly if you fancy trying to make some of these you will have to experiment yourself as the original link is no longer available.

Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Balls
Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Balls

1 – Rice Balls

It seems that we may finally have a deep-fried dessert that not only looks nice but is also rather traditional! Wiki tells us that this dessert can be traced back to the Tang dynasty as a palace food in Chang’an! That proves that this really is a fried dessert fit for a king!

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  2. Thanks you for taking the time to comment, and you tried the fried pickle wrapped in bacon, but avoided the watermelon? *LOL* I think most of them are far too disgusting for words.

  3. I know this an old article but I was browsing to find some recipes/places besides getting them at the county fair. Well, I’ve tried the fried oreos, bananas well plantains in a different form, and ice cream. All were delicious. Rice balls are famous in the Asian country. The mars bar should be the treated the same way as the snickers bar. Saw the fried watermelon at the county fair and totally afraid to try that. Any way others I’ve tried were the twinky, cookie dough, red velvet cake, and if you count the bacon part only of a fried pickle wrapped in bacon, lol (tasted like pastrami).

  4. Not long ago tried deep-fried Oreos at a coffee shop. The entire cookie turns into a gooey chocolate center in this cdecadent confection. Wonderful!

  5. Reading reading this post is clogging my arteries. Although I would not mind trying a deep fried cany bar sometimes. Some of the woman I work with swear by deep fried pickles but I have never tried them. Maybe now I will and let you know what i think.

  6. Ok I’ve to admit that I’ve eaten #1, 5. 7. Fried bananas are actually really common here, as are the rice balls. They are really yummy too (the rice balls are like little airy puffs). If you think about it the Japanese deep fry mint leaves (in tempura), and they are in fact quite delicious 😉

  7. Reblogged this on dreamer and commented:
    Looking at this makes me hungry… and leaves me wanting to try some of these! I’ve actually seen deep fried oreos on sale near Wall Street in America, and wanted so badly to try them but didn’t get a chance to! Deep-fried watermelon sounds nice, is anyone up for a deep fried challenge with me one day? We could go deep-frying together 🙂

  8. Deep fried ice cream is flashfried-super quick so the ice cream doesn’t have time to melt. It’s really kind of boring, as fried stuff goes. The fried rice balls (we call them sesame balls here) are FANTASTIC. Crunchy on the outside, sweet and gooey (but not terribly sweet) on the inside. Deep fried anything is a county/state fair staple here in the US. We even have (if you can imagine) Deep Fried Butter. I’ve never tried it, but only because I value my arteries.

  9. I’ve tried the deep fried bananas and the glutinous rice balls and would love to try most of the desserts featured here but I will most definitely be giving the deep fried watermelon a miss. You’re right – there’s something not right about frying a watermelon.

  10. Wise man, there’s so many more delish things to curry!

    I confess I DID hope it would be good but yeah no .. 😉 Let’s stick to mars bars!

  11. The bananas might be tasty, but watermelon? The very thought of warm watermelon makes my mouth pucker. It’s a summer fruit and should be icy cold–at least in my world it is. As usual, thanks for an intriguing post.

  12. I went to England and wanted to find the deep fried Mars bar. Found it and tasted it. It was ok but I was waiting for my heart to go into cardiac arrest. On a side note, the guy who invented Mars Bars was from Canada, in my province and my city.

  13. had deep-fried ice cream a couple of time at Mexican restaurants … It’s so delicious! … it only stays in the deep-frier for a couple of seconds … fun post!

  14. It’s breakfast here’s the banana would have to satisfy. I’ve had the ice cream at a Chinese restaurant, and there are places in Hobart that do the mars bar. I have yet to try it and am not really sure I want to. I’ll be giving most of these a miss I think.

  15. I had deep fried Oreos at Mongolian BBQ restaurant. It tasted sooooo good. The deep fried Mexican chocolate cake, bananas, and ice cream all sound good. Deep fried watermelon? Never had it, never will. It don’t look or sound like something I would like.

  16. I once went to the fair and sampled every deep fried treat there. Twinkies, Snickers, Cheesecake. I realized it is not for me. But oh my goodness, that deep fried Cadbury egg might have changed my mind.

    There are no calories in those, right?

  17. You’ve never heard of deep fried ice cream?? It’s a standard item on the menus of Chinese restaurants here and it’s really delicious. Probably not healthy, but delicious all the same. I made it once, but it’s very fiddly and time consuming.

  18. the look delicious esp. the squash ones I LOVE squash lol… you have the coolest top ten by far my favorite blog to follow

  19. I’ve eaten both the deep fried rice balls and deep fried squash and they are too yummy! I could do without all the already sweet and fat filled goodies like Mars bars and the Cadbury Eggs. Mind you, I could make an exception for the ice cream!

  20. I’ve had the deep fried rice balls. In addition to possessing artery-clogging powers, they also glue your teeth together! They don’t taste bad though!

  21. We had deep fried pickles recently which were actually quite good. The butternut squash just makes me think of tempura which is yummy.

  22. Now the watermelon one took me by surprise and deep fried coke, but it looks yummy. They pretty much all do except for the squash and rice balls. Those two I can do without.

  23. It’s just before lunch and I am hungry, but none of them appeal to me except maybe the banana. Now the fried Coco Cola is rather interesting, wonder if it really tastes like Coke? As for fried ice cream, they serve it in Mexican restaurants here. Feels to heavy for me.

  24. I’m a nail blogger, so as long as we don’t start deep-frying fingernails- then I am okay with all of the above dishes! lol They look nommy!

  25. ice cream was always a favorite. Watermelon is my only yuck here. Some things just were not made to be turned into a donut.

  26. Don’t we just love deep fried things, huh? I actually don’t mind quite a few of them above, especially mars bar! Always get one when I’m down in Edinburgh – its a tradition! Well, watermelon and coke sounded yucky though 🙂

  27. I once had a bite of a deep-fried Mars bar. One bite was all I could handle. Have you ever heard of deep-fried butter? It’s a thing. No, I haven’t tried it, and no, I never will. Bleeeeeeeh!

    (And deep-fried watermelon? That’s practically blasphemy! Watermelon is the most perfect, refreshing, delicious-yet-healthy thing EVER! I can’t imagine it hot… or battered)

  28. Not too sure on this, I am not a fan of deep fried, but maybe the watermelon is a taste sensation. I stick to the traditional. But this was a fascinating read, what next are we going to discover. Ivan.

  29. Deep fried pickles, cheese curds, deep fried “hot-dish” on a stick, deep fried candy bars (you had those)…the ultimate (in name) is “beer-on-a-stick”- conjures up lovely images, does it not? In truth it is a short wooden paddle created by a local brewery with three small holes to fit sampler cups. One can purchase and then roam about with your beer-on-stick samples…

  30. Oh my! There is so much ‘fodder’ here for the Minnesota State Fair- please look up- it is tradition to coat and fry something new every year- on a stick, not on a stick, what-have-you. You have uncovered some unique items not yet explored in the realm of the state fair!!!

  31. Eewwww…. I can honestly say this is the grossest (is that even a word – looks weird!) Top Ten post I’ve ever seen! 🙂 Haha……

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