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Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Growing up for me consisted of going to pubs, clubs and various tournament venues because both my parents were dart players and fans of the game. So I would always be dragged along to the games and competitions, but it also means I grew up with a certain passion for the sport. While I don’t drink, I do love a game of darts (although I am rubbish at it) so it brings me great pleasure to bring you….

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas


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Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Giant inflatable dart board

10 –Inflatable Dart Board

It is said that darts is one of the best pub games there is. So why not super size it and pay it outside! Well that is exactly what one company did with this rather impressive outdoor game that can be played by the whole family.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Dart Board Tie

9 – Dartboard Tie

Perfect for then you have a darts tournament and want to look that extra bit special is this mesmerizing dartboard inspire tie! Go there looking like a winner and you are sure to be one, or maybe just wear it around the office to shoe people your love of the sport.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Dart Board Flower Arrangement

8 – Dartboard made from flowers

Perfect as a reef to remember a loved dart player, or maybe just as a great gift to celebrate a darts league win, this amazing dartboard made from flowers can do it all.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Chinese Zodiac Wheel Custom Dartboard

7 – Chinese Zodiac Wheel Custom Dartboard

“And all you need for the win is the Double Ram!” Why not play darts and predict your future with this amazing looking Zodiac themed dartboard that doesn’t cost half as much as you might think and who knows it’s predictions might come true!

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Dart Board Cufflinks

6 – Vintage Dartboard Cufflinks

If you are looking for the ‘double top’ of dartboard inspired gifts then this is the one for you. These stainless steel cuff-links not only look incredible but for the price they are well worth getting to give to a dart player and make them very happy indeed.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Dartboard jewellery

5 – Dartboard inspired craft jewellery.

This amazing looking jewellery set inspired by the humble dartboard put an instant smile on my face and in my opinion would make any dart fan or player smile from ear to ear.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Golf Course Dartboard

4 – Golf Game Dartboard

Is it too cold or wet outside for a game of golf? Then why not bring the golf indoors with this incredible golf game inspired dartboard. The only handicap you would have was if you couldn’t play darts.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Snooker Dartboard

3 – Snooker Game Dartboard

I felt that the sheer amount of fun this would be to play made it worthwhile alone including in this list let alone the fact that you really can buy it! Love snooker, love darts?!? Then this product has just made you shout out “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!”

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Neon Clock Dart Board

2 – Neon Clock Dart Board

Do you have time for a quick game or darts? No! Well what about giving yourself more time by getting this neon surrounded dart board clock! Great looking and not too expensive makes this the prefect gift for a darts player or fan.

Top 10 Darts Gift Ideas

Zombie Dartboard

1 – Zombie Practice Dartboard

Surviving the upcoming Zombie apocalypse is going to boil down to one thing. And that is preparation! And what better way to prepare for it than to practise those Zombie killing skills with this quite frankly epic looking Un-dead dartboard because dart boards just simply do not get any better than this.

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  1. Administrative Empathy says:

    MY old dad used to play for a “arrows” team in his local pub, so these are some great gift ideas for him.

  2. Snooker on the radio – shudder!

  3. Oh good comment! DLT that takes me back.

  4. Maybe but i bet DLT wished he came up with Golfdart!

  5. I agree. but the Zombie one is just so much better.

  6. You can indeed hire it in the US. Just ask around some play castle hire places and they should have it.

  7. mellieann85 says:

    i want the giant inflatable one for my birthday. i am sure i could find it in the states too…

  8. No problems on the “like” and apparently they are just Velcro darts they throw at the,

  9. tincup725 says:

    Thanks for the like. I think the inflatable one would be pretty sweet, though hopefully no one chucks real darts at it

  10. alic3inund3rland says:

    inflatable dart board?! very cool =D wish I could have one haha =) and a zombie one, I guess we all need to practice our aiming to make sure we hit there brains XD

  11. OK first up no problem on the follow. And no I would never spam and I also never talk work here. This is my blog to try and make people laugh not talk boring SEO work things. I am just trying to make people smile.

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