Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Painted Eggs

When I was little I can remember that I hated Easter. But not because my family couldn’t afford chocolate eggs because although we couldn’t we always got some off neighbours and relatives that were better off. No, I hated it because it was that time of year I was forced by the school art teacher into painting an Easter inspired egg! News Flash!!! I have no art skill at all! Not one bit. My eggs would always be the class laughing-stock. But looking back it seems I just needed to be a bit more of a nerd! Then maybe I might have been able to pull off one of these bad boys…


Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Painted Eggs

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Chocolate Easter Eggs


Yoda Painted Easter Egg
Yoda Painted Easter Egg

10 – “Look inside yourself and you will find….yolk?!?”

FACT: We must be a wealthy lot here in the UK because stats show in 2013 each child received an (on average) 8.8 chocolate Easter eggs! Not in my house, that is for sure.

Super Hero Painted Easter Eggs
Super Hero Painted Easter Eggs

9 – Eggvengers Scrambled

FACT: Provided that you melted down the chocolate Easter egg and sweets, then compacted all the packaging materials, studies show that Easter egg packaging is 98% air! Even if you don’t melt it down the study also shows that 40% of packaging space was not needed!

Zombie Painted Easter Eggs
Zombie Painted Easter Eggs

8 – The Walking Egg (In a twist Andrew Lincoln Played “Egg” in “This Life + 10”)

FACT: This is a sad statistic if you ask me, but a survey of 5,000 children found that 58% of them thought chocolate Easter eggs the most important part of Easter! Now here is the real bad one, over 38% of them did not know that Easter had any religious links at all!

Portal companion cube Painted Easter Eggs
Portal companion cube Painted Easter Eggs

7 – This should have made it on this blog post as well->Top 10 Portal Cube Items

FACT: Just how much chocolate is sold at Easter time? Well, sales stats show that 10% of all chocolate spending for the whole year is done at Easter time!

Angry Birds Painted Easter Eggs
Angry Birds Painted Easter Eggs

6 – Make sure you don’t start chucking them at pigs!

FACT: Despite the fact that most people associate Easter with chocolate eggs, it is obviously chicken eggs that are the most traditional food of Easter Sunday. Although I always remember having both on Easter day!

Futurama Painted Easter Eggs
Futurama Painted Easter Eggs

5 – ” My God, it’s the future. My parents, my co-workers, my girlfriend, all eggs!!!”

FACT: I am also guilty of falling into this fact, stats say that one in five children has made themselves ill by eating too many chocolate Easter Eggs.

T.A.R.D.I.S Painted Easter Eggs
T.A.R.D.I.S Painted Easter Eggs

4 – Time And Relative Dimension In Space Eggs!?! Sounds like a B-Movie to me.

FACT: 43% of all kids who will receive chocolate Easter eggs say they eat their first chocolate egg before Easter Sunday! But stats also show that 70% of what is left for Easter Sunday are eaten after 11 o’clock.

Dalek Painted Easter Eggs
Dalek Painted Easter Eggs

3 – Sorry I just can’t resist saying it….EGGSTERMINATE!!

FACT: To those of us that live here in the UK this will come as no surprise at all, but the world’s most popular chocolate Easter egg is the Cadbury’s Creme Egg. Each and every year they sells 1.5 million! ‘Hey, what’s your name? Egg. That’s a beautiful name’

Super Mario World Painted Easter Eggs
Super Mario World Painted Easter Eggs

2 – All my happy memories done as painted eggs

FACT: The world’s tallest chocolate Easter egg stood at a mouth-watering 10.39 metres height! And it weighed a jaw aching 7,200 kg. Try hiding that one for the Easter hunt!

Yoshi Eggs Painted Easter Eggs
Yoshi Eggs Painted Easter Eggs

1 – The perfect painted Easter Eggs for the Super Mario Bros.

FACT: The world’s very first chocolate egg (please note that this stat is for chocolate eggs only) was produced right here in the UK way back in 1873! Fry’s of Bristol in fact.

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  2. Love it! They are all super cute!

    Oh, T.A.R.D.I.S. has a D in it, just thought you should know!

  3. When I saw you stopped by and liked some of my poetry, I decided to check out your site, too. I couldn’t resist the title to this posting. It was like the first time I heard of the cartoon ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ or ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. How can anyone NOT watch those at least once just based on the title?

    Anyway, I have not been disappointed and, as Arnold says, “I’ll be bokk!”

  4. I loved this post — and the originality it took to think it up. You are lovely in your nerdy ways… :))))) Thanks for stopping by to read my blathering on about my husband, as well. There’s a lot we can share about the Top Ten Things. I’ll follow suit…

  5. I really like the eggs in the last picture. They would make a great table decoration. Hugs

  6. This post was great fun, and I’m amazed at the talent some people will devote to an egg. Who would want to eat those?! I think the Angry Bird eggs “cracked me up” the most, and I really liked the Dr. Who eggs as well. Happy Easter.

  7. It probably put me off playing any video games. Believe me, it was a giant relief to see him go home – if I ever thought I wanted kids, that experience put paid to that. My biological clock never made me broody and wanting a child. Wonder why?

  8. Okay…..fffffiiiiiiiiiiiine…if I HAD to choose, I go with….geesh, it really is difficult….angry birds….for some reason I instead of an Easter egg hunt, I envision an Easter egg toss….lol

  9. I LOVE IT! I’m totally making Doctor Who Easter eggs at a party I’m having this sat for the season premier of Doctor Who already so this is great inspiration!

  10. No wonder I don’t know – the only video game I know is Space Invaders when my godson from Australia was visiting. It was a hand held bit (this was about 1981) and he played it all the time – the sounds drove me crazy. I think he mastered it so well he began playing with his toes. A long 6 weeks before he went home!

  11. brilliant, its great to see the old ways are alive, the original hardboiled egg used to be painted at eostre, its almost a shame to bash its head in to get to your squiggy soldiers goo

  12. Now comments like that will never fail to make me smile from ear to ear so thank you it really is so amazing to read such things when they are aimed towards me.

  13. Russell: you are an artist. An art curator, at the very least. You collect the greatest images and set the stage for each one. I laugh. I gasp. You never fail. Thank you, sir!

  14. These easter eggs are so cute. 🙂 I like the superhero ones.:)

    They should make “Harry Potter” easter eggs. 🙂

    P.S please check out my new blog poem. Inputs are most appreciated. 🙂

  15. I love the Tardis and even that Dalek – though Yoda is a great one as well. I do have a question – what is a portal cube? Maybe I am out of the loop and too old to know this.

  16. Got you on this one, Russell!

    I already have painted Easter eggs – all I had to do was get them out of the drawer. Mine are not characters, but I do have some lovely sponge painted ones, two hand painted tissue paper decoupaged eggs, and two hand painted primitives. I will post them in a few days for you to see! I think I may also dust off my dollar store bunnies and put them out, too, along with the eggs!

    And, by the way, another great and creative post! ~Mary

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  18. Thanks! And the ONLY way to make money with a site is with ‘word-ads’ just Google it and you will find out more, but I warn you now it requires a lot of traffic to get anything out of it.

  19. First, another fun post…as usual. Second, do you get paid for hits on those other sites? Been looking into ways to make my blog pay. Would appreciate any advice. Since I write posts over 200 words I don’t get as many hits as you do, but some…hopefully enough to pay the cable and internet bill, and some beans and rice. La Semana de Santa here…and this Catholic country has all come to the beach…my beach. They don’t paint eggs…they blow up small bombs and play wiffle ball naked on the beach. So much for Easter.

  20. 😀 Where on earth do you find all this stuff? I nearly laugh my head off when I see all this 😀
    Ha, I remember when ages ago I wanted to have a special swatch watch Easter edition and the jeweller made me paint an egg, only so that I could buy that special watch 😀 It would have been one for this category!!! However, it was displayed in the jeweller’s distribution box in the middle of the city 😀 Still have to LOL when I think back 😀

  21. what’s interesting is that my teen-age boys (and husband) recognized all those eggs … the only ones I was able to identify were angry birds and Mario … Yikes.. I am getting old and a lot less nerdy!

  22. Reblogged this on lsmcreation and commented:
    It’s almost Easter and for most of us that means Easter egg decorating , hunting and lots of candy. Thought this would be a great share to add to your creative thought process. Enjoy!

  23. The Yoda one to be fair is amazing! As for the “Easter! Bah-hum-bug”-ery wait until tomorrows post and see if that changes your mind. (I am posting Easter ones all this week so you have been warned.)

  24. All great choices!
    I think angry birds though might get the biggest smile from a kid looking into their Easter basket but I am kinda fond of the Futurama set

    Eggsterminate! sheesh… 😀

  25. Eggstrordinary! (Someone already posted Eggcellent – _

    I hate coloring Easter eggs – and no one ever eats them all – but, this gallery has managed to beat my “Easter! Bah-hum-bug”-ery into submission –

    And, Yoda is my favorite – of course….LOL

  26. Haha, great. I grew into my arty thing, but I still can’t draw. These are amazing. Of everything, angry birds had to be in there. I like the zombie, a bit too ‘real’ and the Dr Who ones are pretty spec. And no, I am not going to go off and paint eggs… I’ve still a cake to cook for you. 😉

  27. Even though the noise of it used to scare the bejesus out of me as a kid it’s the Tardis, sorry TARDIS, for me. It still sets me on edge. The noise.

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