Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Cinder Block Planters

I am going to admit to something here that not a lot of people know: “I HATE GARDENING!” I love the look of a nice garden, but hate doing it. For several years now I have paid my elderly neighbour in beer to cut the grass every few weeks because I hate doing that much! But something I do love looking at and making myself is what is known as a cinder block planter. Simple to make, the plants are carefree succulents and they look simply stunning. And with that in mind I bring you…

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Cinder Block Planters


Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
8 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Succulents

10 – This is my own one, that I made!

Me! It was actually me that made this! Trust me, if I can make my own that basically means anyone could have a go. It was so simple, I used X8 12″ cinder blocks and the total build price £13.60. While it might be a lot smaller than most the other ones seen here it still look amazing and everyone that comes to the front door seems to love it.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
Single Block – Cinder Block Planter With Succulents and Pebbles

9 – Simple, but yet deadly effective.

This is a great example that shows even having a single cinder block, means it looks amazing. With a nice mix of succulent plants and pebbles, it is like a little Oasis in the garden.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
1000 Block – Cinder Block Planter and Vegetable Garden

8 – The Cinder Planter Wall!

The effort needed to pull this off is far beyond anything I would be willing to do myself, but the idea of using the cinder blocks as vegetable wall garden is very, very good indeed.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
12 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Flowers and Common Plants

7 – A cinder block planter done right!

What I liked about this one is not only is the symmetrical layout awesome looking, but they have not gone through the hard work of layering the bottom. All this person has done is place the plants ans flowers into the planter using plant pots! Shame I didn’t think of doing this when I did mine.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
8 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Flowers

6 – Small, but quite frankly beautiful

This layout is showing people that it doesn’t have to be placed up against the wall like most people have done, but can, in fact, be free-standing pretty much anywhere you want it to in the garden! For this one, they have placed the plants into grow bags to give them some root growth.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
16 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Succulents

5 – It might be round the bend, but it is also pure genius

This is one of only a few I have ever seen that is not full of straight lines and corner placements. This one curving round the corner is a fantastic example of a small succulent garden placement idea.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
36 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Succulents and Hanging Plants

4 – The perfect example of it done right.

If there is one thing about this one and what I discovered when I was making my own one, it is the need for randomness. I tried several symmetrical layouts in my own garden, but it just didn’t seem to work, then bingo! I found this image, made my own random and misplaced, and suddenly it look amazing! …much like this one.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
38 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Succulents and Desert Plants

3 – A great example of how to do it right on a patio

While this one is rather large, I personally think it was well worth the effort. With a nice mix of succulents and desert plants, it is a very low maintenance garden ornament.

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
12 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Various Plants

2 – The Tower Block they call cinder

Placing a cinder planter somewhere in the garden that it will get sprayed by the lawn sprinkler is a great way to make it zero maintenance. It might give it a slightly muddy shine to it, but I think that makes it look even better!

Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters
16 Block – Cinder Block Planter With Various Planer With Flowers and Super Mario Block Theming

1 – There are good ideas and then there are ideas born of pure genius!

It might well be the nerd inside me that made this number 1, but I do also think it is beautiful, and a great way to get the kids involved. It is not only the Super Mario question blocks, it is also the colourful flowers they have used that makes this one extra special.

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  7. What did you put in the bottom to close up the hole? I am going to have to do this. So cool. Thanks for sharing

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  9. Well it is funny you should say that because just yesterday I put my foot on a sticking out part of my own cinder block planter to tie my show laces together and it broke off! Maybe it is because of all the rain we have been having.

  10. I had the idea a couple of weeks ago to make a planter out of a few cinder blocks, and I figured it must have been done before, so I Googled “cinder block planters” and it took me to your blog post. After looking at these, I continued with my own idea, freshly inspired by some of what I saw here. I’d really like to send you a picture of it, as I think you will really appreciate it. How can I do that?

  11. Thank you for some other informative site. Where else could I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect method? I’ve a undertaking that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such info.

  12. Yeah i know what he is on about, and this might well work well. Please, please, please do tell him to take a picture of it if he ever does and post is back here, because I would love to see it as much as everyone else I suspect.

  13. Livingsimplyfree sent me here. I love the block wall gardens. Sent the link to my son who actually has a yard. I’ll get one soon. He wanted to build a real wall but too expensive. This might be the solution to two of his problems. Thanks.

  14. Wow, very impressive. By the way, I’ll also work for beer! Call me. 🙂 I’ve got some of those blocks laying around and now I have a plan of how to use them in the spring! Mucho Gracias!

  15. Reblogged this on Parenting And Stuff and commented: Well, isn’t that the coolest. And another great idea to work on with the kids. Took a moment to reblog for you all to see (a great and amuzing blog with many cool posts by the way), and now running off to start working on it!

  16. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A visually interesting approach to gardening using something not garden related …

  17. Ahh! Look at the top of the blog and you will see a (how to) link, it is layered in a special way, but don’t worry I wondered the same and until I found out I just put it down to witchcraft.

  18. I didn’t even know this was a thing, and now there are at least 10 of them!? How do they get the dirt to stay in the ones that stick out in the middle?

  19. Of course, I fear nothing will be done until the beginning of spring, we have lots of snow in the garden at present. But if we get around to it I will certainly send you the URL!
    Keep up the great posts, so much fun to read and honestly truly inspirational.

  20. Great idea!!! Now if only they had one that looked like classic Mario!!! ♥ Apparently I’ll be the first & send you a pic!! 🙂 PS I think you blog is amazing!!! Now following!!! Creative idea!!! Plus very entertaining 😀

  21. I would never have thought of anything like this…I love it and plan to make some come spring. Thank you for sharing this. Hugs

  22. Mmmm…Spring seems so far away but we can dream. We did not get quite 2 feet on the South coast but close in English terms. I need to remember to stop and smell the flowers (and throw the snowballs) as I try to blaze my way to cafe owner. Thank you for visiting The Fork, one day I hope to buy you a coffee in my own cafe.

  23. You know something, I hate gardening too but your pictures and idea’s are inspirational…I shall suggest some to my partner, thanks for the great ideas!

  24. I love your blog. So you will be seeing me as much as you post. 🙂 and I always have something to say. Thanks Russell.

  25. I too love the look of a great garden, but hate to do the work. This is really great though. It’s also one that could be added to with ease. I like that. Thanks 🙂

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