Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Fangs

The other day I was walking down my street and saw a tabby cat walking towards me, instinctively I bend down to stroke it when I heard the cat’s owner (who was out in the front garden) telling me to be careful because their cat has a habit of biting! But strangely after a bit of research, I found out that when cats bite it is just a form of communication! I started to wonder how much a cat bite would hurt, that was when I stumbled upon this little lot…


Top 10 Best Images of Cats With Fangs

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Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

10 – “yyyeesssssss…massssssster?!?”

FACT: The cat has few molars because its diet is almost entirely carnivorous.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

9 – “Bit your neck?!?…well I thought I might start with a finger or two first.”

FACT: On the bottom jaw, the cat has 2 lower canines, 6 lower incisors, 4 lower premolars, and 2 lower molars.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

8 – “This is the biggest smile I can do!”

FACT: The incisors are to grasp the prey or food while the canines (fangs) grip the food and are used to kill prey.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

7 – “No knife to open the box? No problem, I give you the cat cutter 5000!”

FACT: The cat can feel the tiny depression at the back of the neck on its prey so the cat knows where to bite.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

6 – “Just because I am little doesn’t mean I can me a vampire cat!”

FACT: Kittens develop 26 needle-sharp milk teeth.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

5 – This cat’s nickname really is “Mr. Fangs”, I wonder why?!?

FACT: In the wild where cats eat a natural diet, the teeth are cleaned as they scrape over the bones of their prey.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

4 – “In the night I will come to you and give you a choice….choose carefully.”

FACT: The premolars (right behind the canines) and the molars (at the very back) shear, cut, and chew meat.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

3 – “Ha! I don’t need to see you know where to bite!”

FACT: These baby teeth are replaced during the first 6 months of life with 30 adult teeth.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

2 – “Your pet?…HAHAHAHHAH…no silly human I am your overlord!”

FACT: The canine teeth sit in beds of sensitive tissue that let the cat feel what it is gripping.

Cat Showing Fangs
Cat Showing Fangs

1 –  “You got what brand of cat food?!? …Well, that is unfortunate, meet my little friends!”

FACT: The cats upper jaw has 2 upper canines, 6 upper incisors, 6 upper premolars, and 2 upper molars and the upper and lower incisors are the front teeth between the canines or fangs.

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  7. One of my cats bites me when she’s hungry! I didn’t realise I was that tasty 😉

  8. Funny you should ask.. A bat makes 2 categorised sounds “echo” & “communication” it essentially sounds like a “chirping combined with a clicking”.

  9. I have the scars to prove it. They like to bite when they are playing, but it’s all in fun. I would put my hand into a fist so it was hard for the cat to get a good hold on me. I will admit the bite scars are harder to see among all the scratches. That’s how I know.

  10. Cats are not to be trusted! They are devious little imps. I kid….partially. I have two extremely sweet kitties and one spawn of satan. And yes, bites are painful and nasty! Cool post though!

  11. If you are at just the right angle, most cats have fangs that look that big. I agree with the wee cat, just because he is small doesn’t mean he can’t pack a wallop with his fangs. Ask me how I know.

  12. That is just plain scary! My cat bites me gently when we are wrestling. My dad’s cat bites a little harder and I don’t know if he is playing or not. I think so. There is also a black cat who comes around my dad’s house and we (mostly me) try to give it affection but everyone says to leave it alone that its mean. Well that would be because no one has ever been nice to it. The last time I tried to give it food and pet it after it approached me it turned jumped into the air about waisthigh and made a scary noise as if it were going to attack me. I screamed bloody murder and ran inside! We need the cat whisperer to check him out.

  13. Thank you Beverly, and they are indeed very real, and some of them very scary. Have you never seen a cat with fangs then?!? I thought they were quite common.

  14. I find it hard to believe these extreme cat fangs are real, but I learn new things every day. Just because I’ve never seen or heard of it before, doesn’t mean it’s not real. This post was not only entertaining, but educational, too! Thanks, Russell.

  15. I think Mr Fangs is going to be a very big internet hit indeed. It does have to be said that he is a rather beautiful cat! I will certainly be keeping an eye on him.

  16. Cats are very interesting, both our cats like to bite you but in a very gentle way. I think it’s a way of them telling us that they want to play, eat or are just being playful. Those teeth are very sharp, I know. Great post as always. Ivan

  17. Reblogged this on Living Fully No Matter What and commented:
    Very pleased my Sebastian makes the World’s Top 10 Best Images of Cat Fangs! Please visit this blog!!

  18. Love seeing all the kitties with fangs! Thank you SO much for including my Sebastian (Mr. Fangs – yes, I agree that it’s not very original, but he likes it!) in the Top 10!! I won’t tell him though because he already thinks he is a superstar!

  19. I’ve been bitten by a cat who bit me because she was hurt and my finger just happened to be there. My finger swelled to 3 times it’s size and was like that for almost a week. Very painful.

    BTW…#6 looks like Gene Simmons cat…lol =^.^=

  20. Number 2 is positively creepy. We had a cat many years ago. She was a bitzer, with some Siamese in her and lots of tabby. She would happily sit on someone’s lap purring away for ages, then get up, bite them and walk away. She also used to fight every dog in the neighbourhood.

  21. There is something rather scary about the ones that are smiling, it is like they are going to attack soon afterwards. Or maybe they are just genuinely nice animals!

  22. Sometimes the cat is just telling you to back off – that’s when they don’t break the skin. I had a cat that did that all the time. When they do break your skin it can be very nasty as they carry a bacteria in their mouths that can give you blood poisoning very quickly. My daughter at age 6 got bitten by a cat at noon. By 9pm she had a red line going up her arm. I got her into emerg right smartly and they gave her big-ass antibiotics for a week.

  23. I think that if they are given a caring, loving environment all animals let their guard down and do something silly, just like us humans do when happy and content.

  24. Really a delight, just fabulous. What incredible faces to love. You do a great service investigating the various aspects of cats and dogs, etc. These incredible furry things that are such a crucial part of our lives, even when seen from afar. And they are so ironic, have such great senses of humor, and can never get enough adoration. Well done.

  25. Adorable kitties! No. 7 makes me laugh out loud. Just something about the expression! And, Russell, you don’t want to know what a cat bite feels like! Try puncture! My cats have not deliberately bitten me, although I do have one little boy who used to nibble a bit too hard for attention. It’s funny you have this post today — I’ve been trying all week to get a picture of one of my cat’s fangs that are more prominent than the other cats. So far, she’s not cooperating!

  26. Great fangs! They would have done well as actors in Vampire Diaries or True Blood…heheheh

  27. Caturday are wonderful days. We don’t own our cats, even we think so. They own us and are very good for raising us too. Wonderful post. Mine are now 10 years old and they also know, what they want and what they prefer of everything. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Another fun fact: they can swallow those baby teeth– which may be why we don’t usually see them around. (Which is good, too, cuz I can barely keep up with the regular tooth fairy let alone a cat one!)

  29. I have three cats and each use teeth to communicate. They don’t bit to break the skin but more press teeth against my skin. With Mo who is elderly she does it in a manner as if to bite – that means ‘my arthritis is acting up today and petting that part hurts.’ Puss will grab the hand that is petting him and hold it in his teeth- “I’m sooooOOoooOOooo excited I need to calm down.” He can get over stimulated in petting or play and that’s his sign to calm down. Best to just talk softly to him and not pet until he initiates it again. Booths is a purring teether he keeps his mouth closed but rubs his teeth on my hand as I pet his head. It isn’t very common but if done is usually done by a male. Thank goodness he’s not a drooler while he does it. He swallows hard first then does it.

  30. Haven’t you heard? Cat bite marks are the new tattoo.

    Seriously, they can bite hard. We adopted a stray with separation anxiety, and every time we turned away from him to leave, he would bite really hard. Draw blood, bruise, the whole deal.

    Eventually we talked him out of the idea that we would abandon him like his previous slaves did. Thomas no longer bites and is an awesome cat.

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