Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Wearing Scarves

It’s always cold this time of year, every morning while doing the school run I do try to wrap both myself and the little one up nice and warm. I know cats have their very own fur coat on, but these cold mornings I do have to wonder if they could use a little extra help to stay warm. Maybe they need a coat, hat or just a simple scarf…

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Wearing Scarves

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Scarves

Cat Wearing Yellow and Blue Scarf
Cat Wearing Yellow and Blue Scarf

10 – “I am willing to sign the book if you buy now!”

FACT: It seems no-one really knows who was first to create the scarf, but it was thought the Ancient Romes used them to keep the sand from going into their clothes.

Cat Wearing Red Scarf
Cat Wearing Red Scarf

9 – “Cross my paw with milk and I will read your fortune!”

FACT: They were originally called ‘sudarium’ which is Latin for “Sweat cloth” so it seems that was their main purpose, to wipe the seat away from sometimes head and face.

Cat Wearing Red Santa Scarf
Cat Wearing Red Santa Scarf

8 – “If I wish real hard maybe it will become Christmas again!”

FACT: Roman soldiers wore them as a sign of rank, the different coloured scarves would represent rank Red = Coronal, Brown = Sargent.

Cat Wearing Gray Scarf
Cat Wearing Gray Scarf

7 – “Is this a scarf or a onesie?!?”

FACT: In the emperor of Russia in 1796 Pavel hated scarves so much that he shot anyone he saw wearing them! So it seems rather fitting that in the end he died by someone strangled him…yes you guessed it, using a scarf!!!

Cat Wearing Purple Scarf
Cat Wearing Purple Scarf

6 – “We’ve seen the boring snow now, I have made some of it yellow, can we go home!”

FACT: Before the 17th Century all scarves were made from luxury silks and were only for the very wealthy or well established. Us poor people had to wait until the 20th century before they started to be made of wool and, therefore, affordable.

Cat Wearing Red Scarf
Cat Wearing Red Scarf

5 – “hey human! Fill Snoopy up with another hot milk and I won’t scratch you. ”

FACT: From the 19th century onwards it was common place to wear your scarf in the colours of the political party you supported! Labour = Red, Conservatives = Blue!

Cat Wearing Blue Scarf
Cat Wearing Blue Scarf

4 – “It is so cold I just saw a squirrel drop his nuts!”

FACT: In the 19th century scarves were called ‘cache nez’, which literally translates as “hiding the nose”, I loved this fact as it is funny, weird,  but also makes perfect sense!

Cat Wearing Red Scarf
Cat Wearing Red Scarf

3 – “First you stop getting luxury kitty nibbles and now this! You really are tight.”

FACT: Louis XIV of France loves scarves so much that he actually hired a live in scarf maker! Apparently towards his death he had thousands of scarves made of various things.

Cat Wearing Red Scarf
Cat Wearing Red Scarf

2 – “Touch the giraffe and you will find out what happened to Grandma!”

FACT: In all of the very first paintings of people wearing scarves everyone wore them in the style of a tie, bow ties or cravat! There is not one painting pre-1800’s of someone wearing a scarf loosely wrapped around the neck.

Cat Wearing Scarf
Cat Wearing Scarf

1 –  “Owww, why do I have to go outside and do toilet, can’t I use your shoe again?!?”

FACT: When it comes to wearing them for fashion reasons it was soldiers who fought in the war against the Rome empire who really started to first wear them for this reason and this reason alone. It was not for warmth, not for rank, they wore them because they could.


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