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Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Cats love being inside things, boxes, tubes, in fact, anything that makes them feel secure from an attack on a few sides is OK by them. But one thing I am seeing more and more from other people’s Caturday posts is that cats love to sleep inside sinks! This strange behaviour seems to be limited to cats at the moment, but I am sure a few dogs have tried to pull it off, but no dog would ever make being in a sink look this good….

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

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Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

White Cat Asleep in Sink

10 – Taken from my post “Top 10 Camouflage Cats” it is still a classic image.

FACT: Sinks used to be made from mostly brass because of its toughness under extreme temperatures and other adverse conditions and they are often known to outlast less-expensive plastic faucets. They really don’t make them like they used to!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

2 Cats Resting in a Sink

9 – “Do you mind closing the door!?! I and the doll here are having hot tub time!”

FACT: Installing a new sink these days is quite a simple job! In fact in a survey of over 5,000 plumbers 71% said that the hardest part of installing a new sink is removing the old one!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Big Fluffy Cat Asleep in a Sink

8 – Little hand basins make the best beds!

FACT: There are many gadgets sinks out there on the market. Some have built-in water filters, some have touch screen temperature controls, and some even have led lights in them to visually show you the temperature of the water coming out of it!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Angry Ginger cat in a Sink

7 – “If it looks like a toilet, and it is in the toilet room then I will go to toilet inside it!!!”

FACT: Chrome is the way forward it seems when it comes to sinks because in 2012 it was the number 1 fastest growing choice of people installing new bathroom faucets.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Cat in Sink Playing With a Tooth Brush

6 – What do you mean when you say “This explains why my breath smells of cat food!”

FACT: There are in fact over 70 hotels in Dubai that have gold taps in all their bedroom sinks! And yes this is real gold, not gold-plated!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Spotted Cat in a Sink

5 – Have you heard of The cat in the Hat? Well, I am the Leopard in your sinks.

FACT: One of the latest innovations when it comes to kitchen sinks is the introduction if instant boiling water for use with making cups of tea and coffee! Poor kettles, even the sink has got it into for them.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Black Cat in a Sink

4 – “Hi! And welcome to MTV sinks.”

FACT: The average sink with go through no less than 16 months testing! This not only included temperature testing but also stress damage!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

5 Cats in a Sink

3 – “Come on you lot cough up the money, I told you 5 cats in 1 sink was impossible!”

FACT: Call it what you like, the humble sink is also known as a sinker, washbowl, hand basin or wash basin and a bath bowl!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Upside Down cat in a Sink

2 – If you are going to stick with the square sinks, I will be a square cat!

FACT: The very first sinks were known to have existed back in 1820, but back then it was just a wooden table with a hole in it, but it was called a sink none the less.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats in Sinks

Cat Hiding in a Sink

1 –  “When they go to do the washing up, it is ‘THEN’ when I will attack!”

FACT: Sinks not only “can” but “have” been made from just about anything! From metals, to plastics to carbon fibre to organic materials. But it is the humble ceramic sink that sells the most and it outsells even the closest rival plastic by as much as 82 to 1!


  1. Latisham Claurin says:

    And how many of those cats would be left in the sink if the tap was turned on?

  2. Dooley says:

    I bet these cats wouldn’t be in the sinks if the water tap was dripping!

  3. Republicou isso em very crazye comentado:
    linnndooooo maravilhoso ## biah..

  4. Mariajose says:

    dogs lol. cats creep me out lol

  5. What pets/animals do you like then? (thank you for sharing as well)

  6. Mariajose says:

    OMG! lol not a huge fan of cats but this is definitely worth sharing!

  7. cari365 says:

    Cracked me up :D! My cats do the same things! MTV Sinks…genius LOL.

  8. You missed my cats in sinks!?! Shame on you. *LOL* To be honest I just appreciate it when people take the time to read my posts.

  9. Sizi says:

    A little late getting to them but have to say these are great! Sizi

  10. They are indeed, certainly made me smile anyway.

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