Top 10 Funny Images of Cats In Pyjamas

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper I had a sleepover at a friend’s house (not that we got much sleep, we stayed up all night playing street fighter!) just before we had (at the very least) pretend to go to sleep his mum asked me if I had brought my “snooze suit” I didn’t know what she was on about until she called them pajamas. I had to inform her (much to the look of horror on her face) that I had never worn them and didn’t even own a set of them! (I still don’t even today) but I have started to think I am alone on this because it seems even cats wear them! So let us start our Caturday journey…


Top 10 Funny Images of Cats In Pyjamas

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Pyjamas


Cat In Yellow Spotted Pajamas
Cat In Yellow Spotted Pajamas

10 – “Can my life get any worse than this moment right here?!?”

FACT: The first people who are known to wear pyjamas were the men and women in Turkey, Iran and India, but it didn’t hit the UK or the USA until the 1800’s!

Cat In Blue and Yellow Ducks Pajamas
Cat In Blue and Yellow Ducks Pajamas

9 – “Do I look like a rubber duck and blue skies pyjama wearing cat to you?!? NO!”

FACT: Ever wondered about the name of them? Well, it turns out that the word “pyjama” comes from the 2 Persian words. The first one “pae” means “leg”, and the 2nd “jamah” simply means “clothing garment”, so basically “Pyjamas” means “Leg Clothes!”

Cat In Pink Pajamas
Cat In Pink Pajamas

8 – “You know the split second you let me go I will be hanging off your face right?!!”

FACT: When we all say we wear pajamas often this could mean just about any combination of styles, but if you look in a dictionary they are defined as night-clothes with loose pants and a loose jacket!

Cat In Yellow Patterned Pajamas
Cat In Yellow Patterned Pajamas

7 – “I’ve been sleep walking again?! I knew I shouldn’t have eaten cheese before sleeping.”

FACT: Do you like those silk pyjamas of yours? Well, news flash! There is a 95% chance that they are not made of silk at all, in fact, 95% of all PJ’s are sold in 2012 are made from rayon which is artificial silk!

Cat In blue Pajamas and slippers
Cat In blue Pyjamas and slippers

6 – “Can we talk about these new pyjamas?!? Because the fashion police are crying.”

FACT: Located in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. is a very bright and colourful pair of pyjamas worn by none other than American president Warren G. Harding (1865–1923) in the early 1920s and was the first President known to wear them.

Cat In Pink Baby Grow Pajamas
Cat In Pink Baby Grow Pajamas

5 – “What part of me being a cat do you understand?!!”

FACT: While it might not be seen as expectable, it’s not uncommon to see someone at the grocery store or walking their dog in slippers and PJs in some parts of the world including the UK! This is even stranger when considering facts 1 & 2.

Cat In Blue Pajama Pants
Cat In Blue Pajama Pants

4 – “Good luck trying to get the top half on me!”

FACT: We here in the UK didn’t get the idea or indeed fashion trend of wearing PJ’s until the latter part of the 1920s, that is almost 200 years after America!

Cat In Pink Baby Pajamas
Cat In Pink Baby Pajamas

3 – “….please kill me!”

FACT: In the late 1880s many American men donned a long night-shirt before going to bed, but after English colonialists began to settle territories in the East and found that Indian loose-fitting jackets and trousers were much more comfortable and lightweight making them better to sleep in.

Cat In Red Spotted Pajamas
Cat In Red Spotted Pajamas

2 – “Lady bug, lady bug, go to sleep – be warm and snug all wrapped up in a leaf!”

FACT: Pyjamas as still seen as something only for the bedroom because as close as January 2012, Michael Williams a commissioner in Caddo Parish Louisiana, proposed an ordinance prohibiting people from wearing pyjamas in public! Luckily it didn’t get made a law, but it shows that pyjamas have a long way to go before it is acceptable to wear them in public.

Cat In Blue Girls Pajamas
Cat In Blue Girls Pajamas

1 – “Come on kittens, get into bed and stay there like mommy told you to do an hour ago!”

FACT: In 2011 a New Mexico football player, Deshon Marman was arrested when stepping off a flight for wearing sagging pyjama pants on a plane because (and I quote) it “violated their dress code.” must have been the fashion police.

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  7. I love the caption on #5. All of the cats have “The Look” – one of those times when you don’t want to know what they are thinking. It used to be dressing cats in doll clothes, PJs certainly is another whole area to explore.

  8. Hilarious! Number 10 is my favorite because from the neck down the cat looks relaxed, but one look at that face says “When I have full range of motion your going to regret this”.

  9. This is giving me some excellent ideas to do to my own cats… I’ve only tried once to dress them up and I walked away looking like I had a fight with a lawnmower, but cat’s in pyjamas would be so worth it

  10. Oh my no, then again cats and indeed dogs should not be a substitute for children no matter how much people want them to. But then again I need the funny images!

  11. I laughed through the whole lot twice. Poor kitties! Your captions are brilliant. I imagine dogs may be more willing to be dressed up like baby dolls, but I would never have tried this with our cats. Especially the Siamese!

  12. Cats are not meant to wear anything, but it seems people are getting more and more willing to dress them up like dolls. But sometimes it is funny to see it.

  13. LOL! Thanks for your recent follow – and I don’t even want to think about what state of ‘shreddedness’ I’d be in if I tried this with my 4 month old kitten 🙂

  14. Cats aren’t meant to wear pajamas.

    You’re not alone in your non-PJ wearing ways. My dad is a non-PJ person as well.

  15. Absolutely … but that might make me a Hypocrite. Not only did we dress our cat, Rusty, in our dolls’ clothing, but we pushed him around the farm in a baby buggy! He had his eyes closed the whole time … sleeping? Embarrassed? Hiding behind eyelids in case the feral barn cats were looking?

  16. Hahahaha! This is so strange and hilarious at the same time. Makes me want to put pjd on my cat for a laugh 😉 only thing is, I value my eyes quite a bit…

  17. if curdle actually looked at these, as opposed to using my laptop as her fav preening post, she would be horrified – and ban me from doing sugary stuff next week – -for goodness sake, russel – could you not have warned us cat slaves b4 you posted 😉 do you realise how affronted our overlordsandladies might be….and the retribution……………

  18. They’re both American slang from the 1920s. If you’re ‘The Cat’s Pajamas’, you’re the best thing ever. If something is ‘The Bee’s Knees’ it’s tiny & insignificant, no big deal. I love both phrases. I dunno, maybe you could literally post the top 10 pictures of bee’s knees? Astound & confuse us!

  19. Thank you so much kayuk, it is always nice to hear from you. And those are some good choices with some good laughs from me on the number 6 comment. Have a great weekend.

  20. Love this! I’m particularly partial to:
    #10 who looks like he is resigned and is contemplating some deep philosophical theory (there’s probably a glass of wine just out of camera range);
    #8 who is definitely a transplanted alien with those orange eyes;
    #7 who obviously has murder on his mind; and
    #6 who probably just caught sight of himself in a mirror.

  21. I love all the cats, but absolutely not the pyjamas. Let the cats be cats and not dolls or toys.
    Understandable if some of the photographs got scratched, I understand the cats. Have a nice Saturday.

  22. funny….I can’t help but wonder if the photographer came away unscratched….these photos are the cat’s pajamas” sorry, couldn’t help the play on words….. 🙂

  23. Russell, I love your blog, but I am going to “unfollow” because my spyware keeps going crazy every time a new post arrives. Sorry. 🙁

  24. 1) You must immediately go out & purchase a pair of PJs. Don’t wear them to sleep in. Lounge in them. You will never want to get dressed again.

    2) So, I have to disagree with your translation that these cats are not supremely comfy. Those are looks of ‘why didn’t you put me in pjs sooner, idiot?!?’

    3) Now you have to do a Bee Knees post.

  25. Cats are creepy enough already aren’t they? No. 5 is too strange for words. More of a dog lover, myself – but not in pyjamas! Curled up by the fire perhaps? Have you blogged that yet?

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