Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Motorhomes
Here in the UK we are very partial to a caravan holiday or two. Now bearing in mind the fact that I live in a VERY small village in Wales, The UK, the other day I saw one of the biggest motorhomes I have ever seen in my life! It was massive! But luckily for me, this mammoth mobile home has inspired me to try to discover just what is… Custom Search
The 10 Best Table Tennis Bars in the World
Spreading rapidly from downtown New York through the European capitals and now looming as close to our fair city as Aberystwyth and Bristol, the social table tennis bug has already shaken the established nightlife of cities across the globe. With bars like Varsity Roath and Porters already prepping the Welsh capital for the outbreak by arming their premises with tables, we at Cardiff City Table Tennis Club believe it won’t be long before the phenomenon makes a significant impact on our city. To make sure you’re ready we count down the top ten spots around the world to find that winning combination of drinks, friends and a sport that anyone can play… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual Junk Yards, Bone Yards & Stockpiles
Some people might call them beautiful, some people might say they are creepy and some might even cry at the sight of them. What you are about to see are ten of the world’s most amazing junk yards! Sometimes even junk can look beautiful… Custom Search
Top 10 Strange and Unusual Icelandic Elf Houses
Doing these top 10 lists, I get to learn about some rather amazing things that I never thought possible or just never knew existed. Today is the latter of those two as I have just found out about the Icelandic festive tradition of elf houses! Called “Huldufólk” people create amazing little houses for the village elves. But these elf houses are not for the happy, clappy, elves’s that help Santa, in fact, they are nothing like them at all… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Restaurants inside Vehicles
As a child, I remember seeing a truck stop that was inside an old double decker bus. To anyone else it would have looked like a like any other greasy spoon cafe, but to me it was something magical. So imagine my surprise the other week while on a visit to London I found another restaurant located inside a red double decker bus! So I thought I would try and discover some other amazing restaurants that are also located in old vehicles or vehicle shaped buildings… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Upside Down Buildings
Over the weeks and months of doing this blog, we have all seen some rather odd, but also rather cool thing, places and animals. But in truth it is not that hard to find those sorts of things because, in this crazy upside down world, there is crazy upside down things! Before this opening, text starts to sound more like a Lewis Carroll novel I had better get it started… Custom Search
Top 10 Narrowest, Thinnest And Super Skinny Buildings
I am not a rich person, but I am a happy one. I have a great family and a roof over my head, for me that is more than I could have asked for. But one day I hope to buy my own house! One that I can call my own, one that is my very own piece of land! Given that I am rather tall maybe I should have own one of these houses… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Lakes
Living here in Wales, UK I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful lakes to visit. From Lake Vyrnwy, Llyn Trawsfynydd and the mighty Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) in the summer they are all stunning a great place to visit and walk about. But those lakes I just mentioned are nothing compared to this lot… Custom Search
Top 10 Replica Versions of Stonehenge
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England that attracts millions of people to the UK just to see it, each and every year. I am telling you about this place because I am slightly ashamed to admit that despite once living just 2 miles away from it, I have never been to see it or touched it in my entire life! Sadly I now live hundreds of miles away from it, but maybe I don’t need to go and see it as I can just visit one of these places instead… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Places to Visit in the UK
You don’t have to go abroad to have an amazing Easter holiday – Britain is jam-packed with beautiful and unique places that are perfect for a memorable family trip. Did you know that hiring a car  can save you lots of money in travel costs? The price per passenger is a lot less than train or coach fare, as well as giving you and your family more independence? So where are the best places to visit in the UK? Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual and Strangest Wedding Venues
Today I have been to a wedding of a close friend. But not in a Church, and it wasn’t a registry office wedding! No, this was in his back garden. I am no expert on the costs of decent wedding venues, but surely there are better places to get married than your own back garden and it was not like he had a big garden to accommodate us all. If I was in charge of the venue I would definitely have picked one of these… Custom Search