Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in the Entire World
It doesn’t really matter how tall they are, all waterfalls are both beautiful and graceful in their own way. It’s just these ten you are about to read about are the tallest and going on the heights these waterfalls drop, the sound must be amazing… Custom Search
The Top 10 Longest Lakes in the Entire World
Have you ever been to a local lake? How big was it? I only ask because these ten lakes you are about to see are so big, that some of them are practically seas rather than lakes, but why are they classed as lakes? Let’s find out… Custom Search
The Top 10 Longest Rivers in the Entire World
It’s a pretty safe bet most people can name one or two of the ten longest rivers in the world, but what about 5, or 8! After reading this post you can name all ten of them and you will know just how long in miles they all are… Custom Search
Top 10 Largest Islands in the Entire World
What is an Island? According to Wiki an island is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. So not Australia, but yes to Greenland! It’s all too confusing for me, let’s just find out what then ten biggest islands are and see if we can understand why they are classes as islands along the way… Custom Search
The Top 10 Deepest Oceans and Seas in the Entire World
Surely, the deepest of the Oceans and seas are all the Oceans first right? Well, no. In fact, more than a few seas make this list before some of the Oceans. But which ones? Read on and find out, not only the deepest but also the average depth of them… Custom Search
The Top 10 Largest Oceans and Seas in the Entire World
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Top 10 Gambling Destinations Every Gambler Needs to Visit
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The Top 10 Largest Bodies in Our Solar System
You might think it is pretty simple to work out the ten largest bodies in our solar system, but due to planets not being totally spherical it is harder than you think to work out their maximum diameter, so one or two from this list might well surprise you… Custom Search
Top 10 Record Breaking Trees Around the World
All trees are magnificent plants when it comes down to how they grow, but some are more special than others. One is the tallest in the world and one is the smallest. It doesn’t matter what record these trees break, all trees are worthy of our respect. But these ten get a little bit extra… Custom Search
Top 10 Longest Water Dams in the World
There are a number of reasons countries build dams. Some are for water storage, some produce electricity and some have industrial factories inside of them, using the water to power their machines. No matter why they are built, they can be very impressive indeed… Custom Search
Top 10 Worlds Largest Clock Faces and Where to Find Them
As we draw closer to the new year people all over the world are looking to their clocks and phones to make sure the time is right. Time is something that seems to get quicker as the day’s pass in the run up to new year, but these ten clock faces never change speed and they never change size… Custom Search