Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Surfing Animals
Here is a fact about me…I can’t swim! But my dog “Alfie” loves the water, But there forth is the start to this blog, because the other day when we went to the beach, he started swimming after some poor kid on a surfboard because he had what looked like a tennis ball attached by string to it. (so he can find it if he falls off) But to Alfie it wasn’t a safety device it was his ball and sadly for me, he managed to get the “ball” and pull on it enough to make the poor kid fall in the water! Well, I was so embarrassed that I lied and told the small boy that my dog just …
Top 10 Images of Animals in Cups
I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I am a Starbucks child, I just love coffee and that is always my first port of call each and every morning before work, and I am now at the point in my life that I feel that nothing that is inside a cup is better than coffee! Am I wrong? Because tea just doesn’t cut it and cold drinks are not an option first thing in the morning. But maybe I am overlooking something that is far more amazing when it is inside a cup, maybe, just maybe we can find something sweeter than coffee if we take a quick peek at… Custom Search
Top 10 Digital Art: Animals Made of Fruit
What is a good ‘Photoshopped’ picture classed as? Is it digital art? Photo manipulation?!? Fake images!?! Well, I have to admit that I would just call it art. After all it is just a representation of what the artist is trying to portray to us, just in a digital form! So anyway, with that rather boring nerd thought discussions out the way I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Most Amazing Sea Slugs
All my younger years were spent outside, in the garden generally playing on my own. (I was never a people person when I was young) and sorry to tell you this, but I was also one of those kids that loved all things slimy! For me, slugs and snails but no puppy dog tails were my friends, they were always happy to be on me, leaving their slimy trail on my arm. But now as an adult, I understand that it was in fact quite gross, and I also understand that slugs are hated by gardeners and most adult minds! Poor slugs. But it seems that the slugs that live in the sea are far more amazing than their ground-based counterparts could ever be, so …
Top 10 Images of Animals in Drains
I only need to say the word “Goldfish” for most of you know where this is going. Yep! As a child I had a Goldfish I called Jaws (yes I know it wasn’t very unique)  and that dreaded day came when Jaws died and he was flushed down the loo never to be seen again. But growing up in children’s home means that the other kids sometimes said nasty things! I was told he would come back to life and bite my bum when I was sat on the toilet! So please hold my hand as I try to take a look at all those horrible, mutated and scary animals that live in drains and maybe try to find out just what happened to my poor old …
Top 10 Images of Animals Winking
When I was just a teenager I always remember a defining moment in my life. While babysitting for my girlfriends parents we were relaxing on the sofa and I thought everything was going my way (in a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” kind of way) But that was when something happened I will never, ever, forget. I looked at my girlfriend’s dog and it started winking at me! As if it knew what I wanted to happen that night!!! I was horrified and it completely ruined my libido. But I just had to find out if other animals could wink as well, or if it was just dogs. So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Art on Drains and Drainage Pipes
The other week I did a blog post entitled “Top 10 Art Attacked Bins” and it grew my respect of street art as a whole. There is just so many good artists out there that really no-one has ever heard of and sadly not even seen their work. In fact, many a street artist will often see their work washed away down the drain before anyone has even seen it! But it seems some street artists have been starting where most their work ends up, so without further ado I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual Bridezilla Behaviours
Today guest post if from Emma: Greetings all – my name is Emma and I blog about all things bridal at (though to be honest, my interpretation of what counts as bridal is pretty fluid…) Anyway, I heard a story at the weekend which got me thinking – what’s the best top 10 Bridezilla behaviors? Let’s start with my story. Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Butterflies
One of those things that you always remember in your life that doesn’t matter where you were or what age you were, is seeing your first butterfly, or more importantly catching your first butterfly! To open my hands and see that beautiful creature I had trapped inside of them is something that is a pure joy to remember. But it seems the butterfly’s that I remember chasing and playing with as a child are nothing compared to this lot…. Custom Search
Top 10 Examples of Lego Wall Repairs
I hate DIY myself and as I have a crack in the wall outside I have been looking at cool and unusual ways to repair it. It was then that I stumbled upon a rather unusual art form where several people have been repairing cracks and gaps in walls with the plastic Lego bricks. But is there any practical use, or it is just to make them look amazing… Custom Search