Top 10 Best Hedgehog Cakes
Growing up I always wanted to be a chef, but I had one small, tiny thing stopping me from realising my dream….Fact: I was and still am a rubbish cook! I will literally burn water I am that bad. But there was one thing I did make as a small child that was wonderful, beautiful and made me think I could be the “Le Cordon Bleu” chef I always wanted to be. If only it wasn’t the easiest cake anyone could ever make. It’s kids baking time as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Recipes and Designs of Kit Kat Cakes
Not so long ago, while at a party for my friend, his girlfriend had decided to make him a cake. Nothing unusual about that you say! We this is not meant to disrespect her in anyway but it was public knowledge that she was a terrible cook. It was always my friend that cooked all the meals and so for her to tell us she had “hand made the cake from scratch” We did not expect much. But what she had made that day was actually a commonly made cake with it’s images going viral whenever a new one was made! Enough of the talk, because it brings me the greatest pleasure to bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Recipes and Snacks to Make With Bacon
I am happy to tell you that while I do like bacon I don’t rate it as high up the food ladder as most other people do. I mean, it does taste great for sure, but can it really live up to its claim that everything is better with bacon in it? If any of these foods mentioned below makes you drool or feel hungry it means bacon has won. So let the test begin… Custom Search