Top 10 Fail Dogs Who Suck At Playing Fetch
Sometimes my dog does the silliest of things over a simple throw of the ball. He often gets himself so confused that he looses where the ball is and has to hunt for it, but it seems he is not alone… Custom Search
Top 10 Very Funny and Sometimes Naughty Dogs Copying Kids
Watching my pet dog and my little boy play I have started to notice how much the dog will copy what my little one does. At first, I thought it was something only my dog was doing, but looking around the web it seems a lot of dogs are following their little masters… Custom Search
Top 10 Dogs Who Are Having A Bad Hair Day
When us humans are having a bad hair day we visit the salon or hairdresser, but what happens when dogs suffer the same problem? They can’t pop down the local hairdressers, they need your help and only you can save them from their own mini bad hair days… Custom Search
Top 10 Gotta Catch’em All Pokemon Dogs
While we humans might be slowing going off the Pokemon Go craze our pets are just getting into it. These ten images show dogs are not just getting into the Pokemon go game, they are also getting into Pokemon cosplay… Custom Search
Top 10 Snoutastic Dogs That Looks Like Pigs
Some dogs are happy to be dogs, after all, they say a dog’s life is a good life. But it seems some dogs are not happy being a dog and have started to dress up to look like other animals. One of the most popular things a dog would like to be is a pig… Custom Search
Top 10 Non-Meat Eating Vegetarian Dogs
Did you know you can easily make your dog become a vegetarian? Simple changes in their diets and easily fool them into eating meat-free for the rest of their lives and they will never know. But some don’t need to be tricked, some just love the veggies… Custom Search
Top 10 Dogs That Have Crazy Eyes
Some dogs have cute eyes and get lots of smooths, some dogs have sad eyes and get loads of treats because of them, then there are some dogs who have eyes so crazy looking that you are not sure you should go anywhere near them… Custom Search