Top 10 Images of Dogs in The Wind
As a young child, you never see the danger in doing certain things. When I was a small boy I loved travelling via train and whenever there was a pull down window in the door of the train I would stand there leaning out of the train window enjoying the views before me and the wind hitting my face and it seems that dogs feel exactly the same way… Custom Search
Top 10 Funny and Amazing Dogs Jumping As High As They Can
It doesn’t matter what you throw for them, just about all dogs will go after it. Some people throw balls, sticks, play toys and some dogs are just so full of life they chase thin air! This blog is to celebrate the pure joy of owning a dog that is so happy it will just jump for the sheer fun of it. I hope this can make at least one person smile as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Dogs with Their Heads Stuck
I have to be honest and tell you that when I was a young child I did indeed get my head stuck in a metal sieve.  I was walking around like a giant B-Movie human fly for several hours until the doctor examined me and managed to remove it by rubbing some melted butter from the hospital canteen onto my head. Sadly I also remember my mum telling me how it was “Her best sieve” and how silly I had been. It seems me and dogs have something unusual in common… Custom Search