Top 10 Patience of a Saint Cats Waiting
Today’s Caturday post comes from a rather amazing story I read a while back about a cat that waited over a year for their owner to return from Australia! The owner had thought that the cat had run away because he tried to get it into a carry basket to take it round a friend’s house for them to look after it while they were away(which the cat REALLY didn’t like.) But the cat lived wild of a whole year living off the kindness of strangers and the odd animal it could catch. So please do join me as I attempt to discover just what is… Custom Search
Top 10 Cats in the Sunshine
Are you having trouble with cats coming into your lawn and even your home? Well, I have been looking around the internet at images of cats (an endless task in itself) and it seems that cats can be struck down and incapacitated by simple sunshine! Some seem to enjoy it and other seem to live in fear of it. And so, on this rather none sunny Caturday here in Wales, UK  I have decided to bring you ten of the very best images of cats enjoying the sunshine and trying to avoid it… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Cats Jumping
The other week I did a post called “Top 10 Best Images of Dogs Jumping” which quite a few people seemed to enjoy. But we have to face a very well-known fact that the dog fans out there are not going to like: Cats are far better at jumping! We have all seen videos on You-Tube that seem to show cats jumping several feet in the air or onwards to what seems like an almost unnatural height… Top 10 Images of Cats Jumping BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Quotes About Jumping .. 10 – “I CAN’T LOOOOOOOK!!!” Frank Bruno once said: “Boxing is the toughest and loneliest sport in the world. You’ve got all the fans, lots of hangers-on jumping up and …
Top 10 Best Images of Cats on Dogs
Elephants chase Rhinos, Rhinos chase Horses, Horses chase Dogs, Dogs chase Cats, Cats chase Mice, Mice chase Elephants! And that is how the world works the end. What?! You want a little bit more from a Caturday blog post? Well maybe this post should be about how cats think they are top of the food chain. I once saw a cat riding a dog! It wasn’t a trick or glued to it in anyway, it was just standing on top of the poor dog while it walked around! I thought it was the strangest thing I had ever seen in my life. But it seems cats use dogs all the time for all sorts of reasons, so please do join me as we take a …
Top 10 Best Images of Cats in Boxes
Many people seem to comment on a line I have in my “about me” page, it says that my main bragging right is that I can have fun with a paper bag! I really can, but what it really means is that I can see the best in anything and anyone. It might look like a paper bag to you, but to me, it is a parachute for Action Man, something to keep some loose bits in or maybe just something to blow up and pop. But it seems cats are exactly the same! Give a cat a bag he will play with it for hours. But give them a box and suddenly it is nothing short of the best …
Top 10 Camouflage Cats Blending Into Backgrounds
Whenever I see tanks driving or Army soldiers walking down the street I look at their camouflage jackets, hats and paint jobs wondering how on earth they manage to “blend in” with such oddly coloured paint schemes. But it is exactly the same for animals, some animals are so strangely coloured it is a real mystery to me what environment they would blend in with! Given that it is in fact Caturday maybe we should look at some invisible cats! So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Emergency Response Cats
The other day I was reading a rather heartfelt story of how a dog jumped into the water and saved a small boy! It wasn’t the little boys dog the dog for whatever reason actually saved his life despite not knowing him! (maybe he thought he was a floating bone) No matter what the reason is that the dog saved his life, he did. But what about cats? Being Caturday it is time to take a look at some of the Worlds bravest cats that risk life and limb to keep us all safe. Get your courage awards at the ready as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Very Bendy and Super Stretchable Cats Stretching
Here is some good news for you, it doesn’t matter where you live in the World it is officially the weekend, and that also means that it is Caturday! So stop doing that “last little bit of work” and if you are at work, take just a small time-out and relax as I show you the awesome styles that a cat can bend its body into when they are stretching… Custom Search
Top 10 Grumpy Cats That You Wouldn’t Want to Stroke
All I seem to see on the social media sites each and every Caturday is the Grumpy cat. Grumpy cat says “good”, Grumpy cat says, “worst apocalypse ever!” He seems to express an opinion on just about everything! But he is not the “Gangnam” style of the cat world, in fact, he is nothing more than a miserable copy cat! And I am about to prove it… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Cats Hunting
Look at that lovable cat purring and maybe even rubbing its face onto the side of the laptop or screen as you read this, so adorable, so cute, maybe they know that this is my Caturday post and have come to read it with you! But at some point in your cat’s family tree his or her family would have been vicious killers ready to strike at a moments notice, hunting pray for what would have sometimes been weeks on end. And it seems that times may not have changed that much at all… Custom Search
Top 10 Cats Poking Their Tongue out
It is around this time of year when many people will already be breaking their New Year resolutions. In fact, stats say that around 80% of all New Year resolutions are broken or forgotten about in the first 7 days of the new year! But does anyone really care? The only promise you are breaking is the one to yourself and even the cat seems to be mocking you by walking around with its tongue out! And it is also Caturday so to cheer you up I bring you… Custom Search