Top 10 Cakes Made With Flakes

Want to know a little bit about me? Well, my favourite colour is black, I am well over 6 ft tall and my favourite chocolate bar is a Cadbury Flake! Now some people might now have heard of it, but the adverts always went like ‘only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate’ and I love it! But recently I posted an image of a hedgehog cake made entirely of them! So I had to wonder what sorts of cakes people could make with what is essentially the weakest chocolate bar you can buy! After all if you so much as drop one, despite the fact that you have had it in the fridge for a while it will crumble into millions of pieces! But what people did in fact make was far beyond my wildest dreams. So with drool in the corners on my mouth I bring you…

Top 10 Cakes Made With Flakes

Cadburys fingers and flake cake in one
Cadburys fingers and flake cake in one

10 – The finger of fun!

What is better than a cake with flake crumbles on top? What about a flake cake with biscuit fingers going around the outside! Oh my, this look amazing for sure.

Wedding Flake Cake
Wedding Flake Cake

9 – It would be a happy day no matter what day it was if I saw this!

Stop rubbing your eyes because that is no illusion it is an entire wedding cake make with flakes around the outside and flake crumbs in the middle! I would be a happy groom indeed.

Chocolate Frangelico Caramel Mousse Cake with a Cadbury's Flake on top
Chocolate Frangelico Caramel Mousse Cake with a Cadbury’s Flake on top

8 – Layer Cake!

All those layers, all those tastes! Sadly I couldn’t find the link to make them so exactly what each layer is will have to remain a mystery! Which for me adds a little bit more excitement to an already fairly amazing dessert cake.

Chocolate cake with flakes around the outside of it
Chocolate cake with flakes around the outside of it

7 – I’ll take 3!

Simple, beautiful and most probably down right tasty! What I really liked about this one is the white chocolate shavings places on top to break up the brown colours.

Wedding cake made with fruit and flakes
Wedding cake made with fruit and flakes

6 – Made for a fruitful future.

The problem with wedding cakes is they are traditionally made with fruit which I hate. But what about adding the new with the old in this amazing chocolatey flakes and fruit combo! Dare I say it, but this whole cake is actually quite… beautiful!

Caramel and flake cupcakes
Caramel and flake cupcakes

5 – Cup Cake Craziness!

This rather drool-worthy image shows what is, in my opinion, some of the best Cupcakes made with flakes you will ever see! And while the (Source) link just goes to a fellow WordPress blogger that was just talking about a day out in Brixton the whole blog is well worth looking over even if it doesn’t contain the recipe to make them.

Chocolate flake cupcakes
Chocolate flake cupcakes

4 – The perfect birthday cupcakes!

What I love about these is not the flakes, not the smarties on top but just how simple they are! Nothing amazing, nothing special, just a fantastic looking cupcake.

chocolate flake wedding cake
chocolate flake wedding cake

3 – 6 stories of pure….lushness!!!

Now this is what I call a wedding cake! Being 6 stories high makes this chocolate flake wedding cake tower with lime roses one of the best wedding cakes I have ever seen!

Virgin Megastores 10 year anniversary Flake Cake
Virgin Megastores 10 year anniversary Flake Cake

2 – Anniversary cake!

But this isn’t for a wedding anniversary but one of a shop! A virgin Megastore (remember those!) and what an amazing combo of the flakes and the strawberries. Simply stunning.

Flake cake with Maltesers on the top
Flake cake with Maltesers on the top

1 – Happy Birthday to me!

I wish! This is just about as good as it gets. Much like the Kit Kat cakes I posted about this one is a real winner and in my opinion the best ever!

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  7. I have never heard of flake before, i’ll have to try and find some so i can make these wonderful cakes

  8. How cruel is it to read this awesome post while I’ve just finished my chocolate brownie ? Now, I just want more and more chocolate (my only drug !). Thanks for posting this fantastic selection !!!

  9. Ooh, I love Flakes! They are not so easy to find here in the States. Happy to see them being used on cakes. Now I just might have to track down a Flake this weekend…

  10. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of “flake cakes”- the pic of those caramel and flake cupcakes reeled me in here. (They looked enormous! I realize it’s just the camera’s wide angle lens- but still- they look huge.) Going to have to try those. xo

  11. I personally love Cadbury Twirls, It’s all the flake deliciousness but coated in chocolate so it doesn’t crumble when you look at it. 🙂

  12. I swore blind I’d never get re-married, but after seeing those wedding cakes I think I might just have to,,,,now just to find the man to marry…..

  13. Am I the only one whose never heard of flakes candy? As much as I love chocolate, I can’t believe I missed these. Amazing cakes, by the way.

  14. Your blog is always (without fail ) making numerous people salivate in their mouths !
    Gonna get my choco fix now ! Yum !

  15. it’s been YEARS since I’ve had a flake! Born and raised in England and now I’m in the states. My mom made me a flake cake with strawberries that I ripped out of some magazine years ago. OMG – HEAVEN. Remember the flake 99 cones? wonder how much they cost now.

  16. How interesting! My sister is a bit of an Anglophile, and she L.O.V.E.S. Cadbury Flakes. I can find them in a few shops here, so I always make sure to buy some for her Christmas stocking!

  17. I love flakes too, but they don’t seem to last long enough! I remember the adverts – “Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before”. Adverts made with men in mind I think! Anyway, these cakes look great, and I would choose the malteser and flake one I think. 🙂

  18. *LOL* I am 6’4″ and 127KG (no fat) I am the biggest built nerd I know! And I work with hundreds of them. And thank you for posting it to pinterest, I really do appreciate it.

  19. I had never heard of Flake before until my husband spotted it in a store here in the U.S. He remembers it from his childhood in Jerusalem – plus many other British goodies while it was Palestine. Never too old to try new things.

    Chocolate is one of the major food groups!

  20. You just brought back wonderful memories of my trips to Ireland. I remember having homemade ice cream with a flake stuck in the side, sitting outside and enjoying.

  21. Death by Chocolate is the way to go! The six tier wedding cake is beautiful, just wonder how the cut it?? (just the way my mind works) I might have to check out ebay now and order me some, because now I’m curious.

  22. Why is everyone on the blogosphere putting up pictures of yummy things today? It’s like a conspiracy to make me me fat! These pictures look fabulous. I want me a Flake right now Russell!

  23. Send some flakes over the pond for the U.S. chocolate lovers! I’ve never heard of them before, but I agree that the six story wedding cake is the best of all. Love those lime green roses!!!! Thanks for giving me another happy lift today. 🙂

  24. This is truly devilish death by chocolate, just a suggestion, layer of tennis biscuit at base of dish, then some whipped cream (or orley whip) add Carmel then some flakey, repeat. In fridge for a couple of hours and enjoy.. Great blog as always.

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