Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

My memories of cooking in school are not good at all. I can clearly remember what I was asked to cook so recoil is not the issue here, the problem is that I am a rubbish cook! I will never forget the day I was told to make a Swiss Roll. It was looking OK until the moment came to present it to the teacher and mine rolled out in front of him and ended up as straight as a piece of paper again with everyone around me laughing. So if I can’t make a good one myself maybe it is best that I just bring you images of how a “Cake Roll” should look like, and so without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes


Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Chocolate Cream Swiss Roll

10 – Don’t mess with the classics

This is what everyone will think of when they think of a cake roll, and with a great guide on how to make it in the image link almost anyone could make it. Unless you are me then you don’t have a hope. But there are many, many different kinds of cake roll out there as you will see in the others that are still to come.

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

ube cake roll

9 – Purple People Eaters cake of choice

What you are looking at is a cake roll made from a rather unusual ingredient called “grated purple yam” and it if you want to make a cake roll that is a little more unusual than the rest then this is it. So why not click on that image link and start hunting for those rare “yams” now!

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Pumpkin Roll Cake

8 – Pumpkins and Pecans together at last!

I have to admit that I have never ever tasted anything with Pumpkin in it. (or maybe I have and just not known) But I can make up for that by road tasting this rather amazing cake roll that is finished to perfection and offers a great recipe guide in the image link

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

festive jam and cannoli cake roll

7 – As strange as they come, but tasty to the end

This rather unusual looking cake roll just had to be included because of how unique it is. And while it is not to everyone tastes for those that do fancy having a go at making one there is a good recipe guide in the image link.

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Kawaii Deco Roll Cakes

6 – When Cake Roll and Art Collide

This is one impressive looking cake roll! And while it does requite a rather high skill level it is even harder to make than you might think because there is no recipe or build guide in the image link, but it does contain quite a few more of these “Kawaii” cake rolls that are all well worth a look.

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll

5 – “You wouldn’t like my cake when it’s angry!”

Apparently this is quite a common cake roll in various countries around the world, but I have never seen a green swiss roll in all my life! Sadly you do have to click on the image link and E-Mail the maker if you want the recipe but it might well be worthy of the effort!

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Taro Swiss Roll

4 – Getting to the root of the problems

This very unique cake roll is in fact made with “Taro Root” and while it doesn’t sound as tasty as the others it is one of the most amazing and unique cake roll you will ever see and that makes it well worthy to be on this list.  So get clicking on that image link and start using ingredients that you might never have even heard of let alone made something with!

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Cherry Polka Dots Swiss Roll

3 – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Black Polka Dot Cake Roll!

I white sponge cake roll with chocolate polka dots!?! Oh yes that is exactly what this is, and with a fairly simple to follow step-by-step guide in the image link it means we can all try and make one! Well you could, but I would make a hash of it as always.

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Oreo Swiss Roll

2 – Surely a cake roll this good is illegal!

We have seen some good looking cakes in this post so far and while this one will never win an award for looks just the mere fact that it is a cake roll made with Oreo’s makes it just about as epic as cake rolls get! Get clicking on that image link and make someone drool at your baking skills!

Top 10 Best Cake Roll Recipes

Red Velvet Cake Roll Recipe

1 – Lady in red!!! Would you like a piece of cake my love?!?

It just has to be said that red raspberries will never look any better than this. The cream, the fruit all squashed into the best looking cake roll you will ever see in your life. So get clicking on that image link and get making me one! …I mean you, make yourself one.

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