Top 10 Art on Drains and Drainage Pipes

The other week I did a blog post entitled “Top 10 Art Attacked Bins” and it grew my respect of street art as a whole. There is just so many good artists out there that really no-one has ever heard of and sadly not even seen their work. In fact, many a street artist will often see their work washed away down the drain before anyone has even seen it! But it seems some street artists have been starting where most their work ends up, so without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Art on Drains and Drainage Pipes

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Turtle Art on a Metal Drain Cover
Turtle Art on a Metal Drain Cover

10 – Artist:   Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente / Location: Paulo, Brazil

QUOTE: Fear, conformity, immorality: these are heavy burdens. They drain us of creative energy. And when we are drained of creative energy, we do not create. We procreate, but we do not create. (By David McCallum)

Skeleton Art on a Metal Drain Cover
Skeleton Art on a Metal Drain Cover

9 – Artist:  JR / Location: Paris, France

QUOTE: Happily, there’s a reversal of the brain drain occurring in Ghana now. We’re seeing a lot of – actually in Africa – we’re seeing a lot of African professionals, you know, returning to the continent to contribute their quota. (By: John Dramani Mahama)

Fox Art on a Drain Pipe
Fox Art on a Drain Pipe

8 – Artist: Ernest Zacharevic / Location: Warsaw, Poland

QUOTE: Obesity is a drain on the economy – we have to pay for the health care of fat people who are usually poor and can’t afford insurance. Obesity is, well, bad. (By: Emily Levine)

Super Mario Art under a Drain Pipe
Super Mario Art under a Drain Pipe

7 – Artist: Ned Martin / Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

QUOTE: New technologies will always demand and deserve careful navigation and difficult readjustments. But the weakening or de facto abolition of copyright will not merely roil the seas, it will drain them dry. Those who would pirate what you produce have developed an elaborate sophistry to convince you that they are your victim. They aren’t. Fight back. (By: Mark Helprin)

Oreo Cookie art on a Metal Drain Cover
Oreo Cookie art on a Metal Drain Cover

6 – Artist: Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente / Location: Paulo, Brazil

QUOTE: The ruling class is smarter than you, and they’re more creative. And if you forget that lesson, you go down the drain. Because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be around as long as they have been and as strong as they have been. (By: Al Lewis)

Fruit hat woman art on a Stone Drain Cover
Fruit hat woman art on a Stone Drain Cover

5 – Artist: Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente / Location: Paulo, Brazil

QUOTE: Real family values have gone down the drain in modern families. (By: Wes Borland)

Woman Drinking through a Straw art on a Drain Pipe
Woman Drinking through a Straw art on a Drain Pipe

4 – Artist: Mentalgassi / Location: Berlin, Germany

QUOTE: I never understood that if you sweat as much as I used to every night, you drain your body of salts. So I got very, very, seriously ill. I got to the stage where I was almost hospitalized with serious problems. (By: Roger Daltrey )

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art on a Drain Pipe
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art on a Drain Pipe

3 – Artist: Alex Atlas / Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

QUOTE: Some people never contribute anything positive to society, they may even drain our resources, but most of us try to do something better, to give back (By: Martin Yan)

Girl on a Slide, Blowing Bubble art on a Drain Pipe
Girl on a Slide, Blowing Bubble art on a Drain Pipe

2 – Artist: Banksy / Location: London, UK

QUOTE: Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy. (By: Chogyam Trungpa)

Smoking Man art on a Stone Drain Cover
Smoking Man art on a Stone Drain Cover

1 – Artist: Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente / Location: Paulo, Brazil

QUOTE: A fresh mind keeps the body fresh. Take in the ideas of the day, drain off those of yesterday. As to the morrow, time enough to consider it when it becomes today (By: Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton)

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  3. Seeing a little bit of street art while walking down the street always makes me smile. So of course I loved this post.

  4. Good to hear you like it, if you do a top 10 yourself I am happy to share it on Sundays, that is the day that I had the blog over to other people. (please do think about it)

  5. I especially like the straw sipper. How nice of these artists to brighten our world!
    Thanks for following me. (If you ever want 10 tacky bottle openers, check out the site my husband and I created, It’s a shameless plug, and you don’t have to publish it, but I just thought someone with your interests might appreciate it.)

  6. Hey there, I really enjoy your creative mind! I’ve read a couple posts and I like the way you put things together.

  7. Thank you, you words are far to kind given the fact that I just post the stuff I like to read and nothing else, well it is share day today, so I very a day off to catch up .with everyone else’s blog, including yours so I am looking forward to it

  8. The creativity of street artists + how they use everyday objects as canvas’ always brings to mind words of famous writer + poet…
    No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. ~Oscar Wilde
    Thank you for showcasing such fascinating works of art~

  9. This whole list is a celebration of specificity. I literally did not expect to be able to find a full top ten list of artfully decorated drains. I was pleasantly surprised.

  10. It’s not hard to be considered rebellious around here – they run a very tight ship. My drink of choice is lemonade and let me assure you, I have indeed had one too many as of late. I admit I push them a bit but I don’t fancy smacked legs so once I get to that point I pull back and go all charming 😀

  11. One lesson in my homeschool with my brother Hadleigh would sort that!!! I got a fail mark today just for not reciting Shakespeare properly.

  12. I replied awhile ago and it doesn’t appear to have posted… (Yes, I am under the covers writing this). I said, “nerdery abounds here indeed, Mr Deadley” 🙂 ha.

  13. No, not at all I’m afraid! I play piano and violin and I enjoy writing, and being cheeky, but unfortunately that’s the extent of my artistic abilities. Are you?

  14. My favourite is number 2) because its very simple and could make anyone smile. Ingenious. Although, Mario is in close second place. 🙂

  15. Hi!

    Thanks so much for liking my posts! In return, I shall complete the same! I love this post and I especially love the Oreo manhole cover. 🙂

    You also have many followers and likes, so, I greatly respect you!

    From Coollegoguy4

  16. lol…these are great…makes an ugly thing interesting! I’ve never seen anything like this before, I’ve seen fire hydrants painted up but this is cool, the art work is well done!

  17. Hey … love your blog … my teenage boys love it too … they usually come running when I tell them there is new post out … ha, you help me look cool… and to anyone who helps me with that, THANKS!!!! 🙂
    my favorite … girl sliding down the drain …. just sweet!

  18. Okay. I can’t take this anymore. I totally want to play. I need directions and a date (like a calendar date, not a date, date. That would tick my husband off). Do I have to think of my own or do you assign? For reals.

  19. Awesome! My son would especially get a kick out of the Super Mario Brothers one. 😉 I personally liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one, wish I could draw lol. I am just a poet with a voice. 😉 As long as it’s in good taste, I appreciate street art….it’s kind of neat to see what random people think about, you get to know them just a little bit by their art and I like that.

  20. Russell, thanks for introducing me to your blog. But, I’m not going to drink from a drain; I’m not going to do it, I’m not. OK Ok, I will, just don’t force me. Ok, force me. So there.

  21. Reblogged this on jourdorae and commented:
    Lets talk about Street Art, love it, well the good ones. I love street art, and if it wasn’t illegal I would probably drop a tag or two around my town and University. Check out this article, it’s totally awesome and anyone who does street art or appreciates it should totally check it out and show some love!

  22. Yeah–your post had more variety, though those drains were amazing! The skeleton grate is brilliant. 🙂

  23. Your posts increase in inspiration! I cannot decide which I like best..oreo? smoking sewer? red lizard-thingy?

  24. The only street art I’ve ever done is with chalk on my own sidewalk. Then the rain washed it away. Never even got a pic of it. Sad right?

  25. Tell me about it! The link ones are amazing and even better than my own selection I think, and I agree with you they really do bring a smile to your face. Have you ever done any “Street Art”?

  26. As an artist myself (acrylics) I think these are all great! I also looked at the website of the others mentioned by S Sabbion. How cool are those! I wish cities would leave them alone though. They bring smiles to faces who might need it one day. Hmmm maybe I should go visit some drains where I live. (probably get arrested! 😉 )

  27. These are great. There should be more about, should be encouraged. I don’t think I’ve spotted any in my locale. Thanks for drawing my attention to them.

  28. Love these! Number 2 used to be across the road from where I used to work. Hackney Council in their infinite wisdom, sadly, painted over it, so it’s a white wall now 🙁

  29. Omgosh.. no.. its just the one artist.. yours has more variety.. I just thought that sight could be of some inspiration for you.. 🙂

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